Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Potpourri: ObamaCare Waivers; Kirk and Dold on the Road (UPDATED)

Wow, this ought to really frost everyone. Looks like the number of "waivers" from having ObamaCare apply to companies and UNIONS (big shocker) is shooting up precipitously... and the Obama administration is certainly not advertising it. So says Fox News:

So, the law that was supposed to bring everyone these great benefits and level the playing field, stop insurance companies from profiteering and all that other polysyllabic bullsh*t, is obviously so flawed that it can't be enforced without doing such grave damage to the economy. But here's the kicker, as the Fox segment points out: the only companies and unions are the ones who can afford to hire attorneys to get a waiver. Stunning.

In more local news, Senator-elect Mark Kirk and Congressman elect Bob Dold jointly held a town hall meeting in Arlington Heights to discuss reducing federal spending before an overflow crowd. I think the record time between being elected and reaching back out to the people on the issues that matter most bodes well for how these gentlemen intend to govern.

(((UPDATE: Here's an interesting article about the freshman congressmen heading to Washington DC for the first time. Eric Cantor, the new or soon-to-be GOP Majority Leader, sent out a 144-page memo to frosh GOP congressmen, which included a host of good tips, such as "Don't: Completely disappear from the public" between Election Day and the new Congress. "Even though you won't take office until January, many of your constituents will view you as their member of Congress." Well, it looks like Bob Dold certainly 'got the memo,' huh? END OF UPDATE)))

What else are people hearing on the street? We mentioned last this week that soon-to-be former Congresswoman Melissa Bean may already be lining up a new job, but I'd like to keep an eye on some of the other Dem losers, like Dan Seals and Michael Bond, to see what kind of cushy government job they end up with. The Dems always take care of their own, make no mistake about it, folks.

I'm going to go watch the Bears, but before I do, I wanted to give a shout-out to my high school football team, Maine South, which won over the Stevenson Patriots last night that was a nail-biter right up until the end. Go Hawks!


Anonymous said...

I think the fact that the only people that were given more than 2 hour's notice of this "town hall" were GOP committeemen and Kirk and Dold volunteers speaks volumes as to the way they will govern. They DON'T want to hear from their constituents, they want to hear the echo chamber roar. So very sad.

Anonymous said...

I find it more interesting that blue wind who talked so much stuff over here has now gone over to catlady's blog and trashed alexi and pup ad nauseum.

As far as bond and pup and alexi go I like to think their job interviews will include background google searches by their future employers which include hits to this blog.

I think this is the real concern though for the next 2 years and why brady's loss really stings. He wins I think schilling gets lumped in with costello or something to that effect in a heavily democrat district. Now it's off to the races.


Team America said...

FOKLAES - I agree that anyone actually doing reasonable due dilgence on Pup, etc., would find this blog to be of great interest, but I think it's most likely that the Dem Machine hacks who are most likely to offer them some easy job (think drafting green strategy reports for the City of Chicago, which I believe was one of Seals' so-called "consulting" jobs) in exchange for a cushy taxpayer-paid paycheck, are not going to give a wet slap over what we've said about any of those jokers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:24 you are WRONG. I got a robocall on Thursday morning for the Saturday event. I would have liked more notice but please don't fabricate the time frame on when calls were placed. Our Congressman-elect and our Senator -elect will never get your approval, I'm sure, but damn it, the election was not even 2 weeks ago and you're already carping. Geez, get a grip. What's sad, Anon, is you and your comment.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I also received robocalls twice about the townhall meeting for DOLD and KIRK.

Anon 6:24, you are already bitter? Don't you have one unbias bone in your body?

Anonymous said...

I stand by my claim of 6:24 and your evidence does not refute it. I have two co-workers in Libertyville, one who displayed a Dold sign and the other a Seals sign. They live on the same block. The Dold sign displayer received a robocall, the other did not. My nephew lives in Highwood, does not vote in primaries and will not display a yard sign for anyone. He received no robocall. This was NOT a 'town-hall' meeting; it was a post-campaign political event, billed as a town hall meeting. This was NOT an event designed to engage the general public within the 10th.

Anonymous said...

The 2-hours' notice reference came from the timing of the Kirk for Senate burst email announcing this event. And yes, I was wrong. It was 2 hours and 44 minutes notice.

Anonymous said...

Might we suggest that you amble over to Ellen's place where you belong. The event on Saturday was not area-wide but rather to the constituents in that area. They did, as I did, get a call 2 DAYS before the event, NOT 2 hours and 44 minutes. Most meetings are aimed to attract people in geographic areas in the district. I stand by MY statement. Go over to Ellen's place and carp and bitch over there.

A. Bees said...

This is all hillarious! That being said, of course they sent it to perceived supporters. Dold and Kirk have not yet been sworn in, they are not in their new elected offices and are not paying for the event with tax payer funds.

Plus, the wounds from the election are fresh. It is more likely that they will be attacked by sore losers right now.

Clearly this was a good opportunity for them to be in a Republican heavy community, show unity between Dold and Kirk and help stabilize support(more so for Dold than Kirk). These two won't be spending a lot of time together publicly over the next two years, so great time to do it and put that image in the public's mind now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, A Bees. As usual, well stated. These carping partisan Democrats wouldn't say anything positive about Senator-elect Kirk or Congressman -elect Dold if a gun were at their heads. Nasty folks who only know to attack. One would hope they heard and saw what the American public, INCLUDING this district, had to say just two weeks ago.