Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Guess the Catlady Has Sung; Mark Kirk, Bob Dold Winners (UPDATED)

Just got back from the Mark Kirk event in Wheeling, and I want to congratulate him (yes, let's call him Senator-elect) and Congressman-elect Robert Dold. Above photo, Mark waits 'backstage' to give his acceptance speech. Below, a glimpse of the high-tech Kirk for Senate technology center, or as we like to call it, the "war room," where we monitored the incoming election results, and where Mark took the concession call from Alexi Giannoulias.

Alexi Giannoulias did give a classy concession speech, but Mark gave an even better acceptance speech. The really big loser: President Obama, who did absolutely everything he could to save his old senate seat, but still fell embarrassingly short. C'est la vie. Also, a shout-out to the rest of the new Illinois Congressmen, including, perhaps, Joe Walsh, if his lead holds up.

Sheriff Mark Curran, who handily won re-election, gave me a ride home. Thanks Mark! Also, congrats to our other country-wide winners, Willard Helander, Bob Skidmore, and Roycelee Wood.

Also congrats to Lauren Turelli, Hamilton Chang and especially Dan Sugrue who ran hard races against the lies and money of Michael Madigan.

Congrats to our Lake County county board members, all of whom I believe held on for re-election, Suzi Schmidt, who pasted Michael Bond, and our State Rep. incumbents, Sandy Cole, Ed Sullivan, Jr., Sid Mathias, and JoAnn Osmond.

I guess Dan Seals is now a three-time loser. In some states that means prison for life, but in Illinois, that most likely means that Mike Madigan will just give him a no-show state job. Ain't life grand?

More in the morning. ;-)

UPDATED 11/3/10 10:30 a.m.: Seals Finally Concedes: I didn't realize it last night, but Dan Seals didn't concede until just this morning. I think our prediction was pretty much on the money on that race. Don't go away angry, Dan, just go away.


Anonymous said...


To all the DOLTS who post on this site!!!!!


-To Blue Wind, you are an in idiot of the First Magnitude! Your inanity knows no bounds...You are a flea on the elephant's ass of life. Go away. Buh-bye. Your opinions are lower than whale crap. I revel in your humiliation.

-To Ellen, I hope you can wash the tears from your eyes, and the cat feces from your hair, in time for ROBERT DOLD'S inauguration to the Congress! May your cats grow herpes sores and infect you with their pustules, you loser of life and sad excuse for a human.

-And finally, to my dear, dear friend Concerned Colonial. You lost. You were, and are, as wrong as a human can be. All of your pompous pontification was a worthless as a fart in the wind.

And for the record, it's DOLD with a D, not a T. If you and I ever cross paths, I will make sure to teach you how to spell it with the Hellen Keller technique. You are a venomous bastard, and we beat you. I hope you feel like crap, and I take great pleasure in knowing that you are pissed.

-And FOLKLEAPS...You were wrong, too...ALL THE WAY from the primary to today. I know you mean well, so I hope that you will now see the light, and support your new Congressman. No hard feelings, my friend.

Oh, good lord...Tonight will be filled with wondrous dreams. I will dream of Bob Dold's victory, and the agony of Blue Wind and Concerned Col-idiot.

The BEST revenge is living well, and kicking your enemies' asses at the ballot box!


Fielding Melish

(seriously, I am gonna think of Blue Wind and Concerned Col-idiot's anger at losing and revel in it for the foreseeable future!)

Team America said...

Felding, I'm very pleased for Bob too, and also just as pleased that we don't have to deal with Congressman Seals. But dial it back a bit, huh? Be a gracious winner.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, TA, but after months of enduring their un-provoked attacks, they have it coming to them.

If they hadn't started with the "dolt" stuff, I never would have gotten my hackles up.

If they can't dance with the big boys, then they shouldn't have called the tune.

Personal attacks on Dold will be met in kind. If they, or you, don't like it, then I will gladly go away. But make no mistake, I will not stand by and let anyone attack someone I know and respect without cause, or without provocation.

I apologize for nothing.

Fielding Melish

Anonymous said...

To be sung to the tune of 3 times a lady:
"For its one, two, THREE times a Looser ..."

TA great talking to you at the Kirk celebration and being part of the news conference backdrop. I left SENATOR Mark Kirk's event and went to the headquarters of CONGRESSMAN Bob Dold where they were still celebrating. I left at 2:30 am when it finally broke up.

What a great night for ELEPHANTS!

Trebor of Libertville

Anonymous said...

Well, TA, this was quite a night. I'm not surprised that the classless, tasteless things with post names like Ellen, Lauren Beth, Blue Wind, CC, Nitpicker, Carl, Steve Sheffey and all the other malcontents whose bitterness, distortions, LIES and outrageous attacks have come home to roost tonight. The voters in the 10th District DO know the difference between truth and fiction and the spoke loudly tonight. For the nasty posters who refused to use Bob DOLD'S name correctly, learn that your childish antics don't fly in this district.
As for Dan Seals, your days of living off the largesse of your contributors is OVER, or at least we hope so. Had you not been such a lazy lout and shown the voters in OUR district that you did care enough to help make a difference by volunteering your time and intellect over the past 6 years, you might have had a chance at winning. In retrospect I'm glad you remained true to your form: lazy.
I hope you have the decency to congratulate Robert DOLD and SENATOR MARK KIRK. My bet is that all of you, led by Gash herself, will just get together and try some other devious way to attack and destroy.

Anonymous said...

As for team, well done. Mark has 6 years until his next campaign, he has the time to give your blog a guest post to thank the hundreds of volunteers of his who have given their hearts to his career. It wasn't all the big money.

As for fielding. This was an awful campaign that never released a poll showing it ahead. Brady brought out the conservatives and kirk brought out the moderates. Dold brought out the latest fashion from the LL Bean catalog. You won a race, in the best wave election for the gop since world war II, that's like derek rose dunking a basketball on a midget.

John Porter was also not a dold guy. I'll stand with him everyday.

As for the 10th dems, 10 years of aaron hussein freeman, kumbaya drum circles, plotting nasty attacks on team kirk, failed candidates, broken hearts. You wonder if they dont just give up and get lives and jobs.


Blue Wind said...

Yesterday was a sad day for the country and IL. As for Dold, I hope he will really be socially moderate now that he got elected. I feel good in some ways, because this year I had decided NOT to give money to Seals. He is clearly a loser. 2 years from now IL10 will need a strong progressive democrat to challenge Dold.

Congratulations to the people of the Kirk campaign. Although I believe strongly that Kirk's election in the senate is terrible for the country and for Illinois, I have to admit that he has an extremely effective campaign team and he is a smart politician.

Finally, I dont see any comments here about the (obvious) defeat of Brady. As I said, I think that "moderate" republicans should not be supporting him and should be celebrating his defeat. He is a radical.

P.S. Anon 2.16 AM. Chill out. Thank you for your kind words. I stand by all my opinions and I smile at your comments. When you are in a vitriolic mood, you are funny :)

Anonymous said...


the funny thing about kirk is that you actually agree with him on most stuff. Kirk has been for a decade what porter was, you just chose to look at him differently. One thing kirk never did was to point out that porter probably voted with gingrich 90 percent of the time yet even catwoman voted for porter back then. You'll have your shot in 6 years, but I have high hopes for him and you can at least recognize that he and not brady or pat hughes will be senator.

Fielding melish is a clown. Just as you have your bozo's we have ours. Ignore him.

I don't know what to say on brady except that the social issues firewall that seals tried desperately to build in the 10th didn't work for him the way it did for quinn in the suburbs. Quinn was able to use social issues to keep enough moderate suburban voters from voting for brady. seals was unable to do that with dold, which is why he lost a race he should have had going away.

For what it's worth, my guess would be that seals will never again dare show his face in local politics after 3 humiliations.


Anonymous said...

It is actually pretty shocking that the sleazy mammogram attack worked for Quinn. I highly doubt that Brady was going to keep women in the kitchen and let them die of breast cancer. Quinn seems like a nice guy but he is pretty out-of-touch. I just remember when I was interning for a local non-for-profit over the summer and realizing how tone deaf many of the local Democrats were in state government. The reps pandered to the crowd by promising "new revenue" so that they could get their price adjustments... You heard that right, it wasn't about the poor grannies or Latino families getting services; it was about the fact that they weren't getting their pay increases (which no one in the private sector is getting either). When I heard that, I was aghast.

On the statewide level I just don't get why IL residents don't see that level of being out of touch. That being said the federal House races were really satisfying... Seal just cannot win; IL 10th residents don't like him. And also Joe Walsh might win, which would be the big shock race of the night. I guess the IL 8th residents don't like to be intimidated by Bean's staffers when they ask her pointed questions.

A. Bees said...

I hear a lot people talking about why appears to have lost the mansion. Many people pointing to ads and message, but I think those arguments are misguided.

Brady lost the ground war and badly.

Let's use Lake County as an example.

Kirk - 114,000 votes
Topinka - 116,706 votes
Rutherford - 113,180 votes
Brady - 101,818 votes

If Brady has spent time in Lake County and concentrated on the collar counties, he would have won this race. While message makes a difference, the reality is that he had downstate wrapped up 3 months ago and about half of the downstate counties population is smaller than the population of Waukegan. Counties don't vote, people do.

This was a monumental ground war failure and it falls on his campaign staff.

If he had worked Lake County and stayed close to the other Republicans in the county, he would be the next governor.

Anonymous said...

Sticks and stones, Folkleaps, sticks and stones.

You're 0-2 on Dold...I don't blame you for being bitter. Hard to be a self-described sage when you can't see things two feet in front of your face.

If I'm a clown, then you're the village (dare I say, District?) idiot.

Yours truly, and with undying affection,

Fielding Melish

Anonymous said...

I agree with your categorization of Lexi's concession speech. It was all class. If he had shown that class during the election, he may have won.

Anonymous said...


you're funny. Your candidate underachieved compared to kirk in 2008, was written off by the party for being a substandard candidate, got the same vote as the guy who got outspent 300-1 next door and you're lee atwater!

In every wave there are flukes and dolt will unquestionably be one.

a.bees, the rga went all out for brady. He never presented an agenda and let quinn define him as a zealot in chicago.


Anonymous said...


Well, this has certainly been an interesting election to say the least. As you can well imagine, I am nothing short of enraged/shocked that Seals and Bean lost, especially because of the extraordinarily inferior candidates that ran against them. I have to say that my predictions were turned upside down, as I thought Alexi would squeak by Kirk (the lead he had for much of the night filled me with a lot of false hope) and I thought that Quinn would be destroyed by Brady.

I am excited that both May and Sente won, but it doesn't replace my utter confusion at how Dolt (yes, I'm still calling him Dolt) could have beaten Seals.

I never thought FOKLAES and I would see eye-to-eye on something, but he is dead on in his assessment of Dolt. In the past, Seals ran terrible campaigns and did not make the difficult task of unseating Kirk any easier for himself. This time, Seals dominated the narrative, forced Dolt to play defense on a whole host of issues, not to mention Dolt's inept campaign making mistake after mistake. I do not understand how a guy who's closing argument was a bad jingle and a talking Seal managed to win this election. All I can say is that I plan on starting today in finding a candidate to keep Dolt to 1 term.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Team America said...

CC- well, sorry to have helped burst your Alexi bubble, but if you had paid attention to how the results were coming in, you would have been very wary about banking on Alexi maintaining his 'lead', since all of the City and Cook County votes came in very early.

Whatever anyone wants to say about Dold, he worked his butt off to win this election, so to the victor goes the spoils.

Team America said...

Oh, one more thing...

What's the grand total of the money that the DCCC has now wasted on Seals over three cycles? Something north of $8 million? Great ROI.... not.

A. Bees said...

CC -

I actually think that in retrospect the key to this campaign was John McGovern. John knows and has always said that the 10th district hates a negative campaign.

Dold's little jingle stood out amongst an onslaught of attack ads and people recognized that... Additionally, this highly educated district does follows how the candidates define themselves, not how their opponents do. Therefore the constant attacks on abortion were floundering. Also, Seals tried to run on social issues, not the economy. Couple all of that with the fact that Seals, as a two time loser, was already defined in the minds of many voters and we should have been able to realize how Dold was winning this race.

Kudos to his campaign for a brilliant race.

On the other hand, I am baffled by Walsh beating Bean.

Anonymous said...


I shared the concern about going negative against Dold, but it was the best course of action given the other possible strategies. It's a shame because there is some great information out there about the record of Rose Pest and Dolt's ties to the pest industry which I and others intend to bring to light in future elections.

More than anything else, Seals was a victim of having a strong republican campaign (Kirk) that was going to turn out voters. At the end of the day, the people who voted in the 10th were not exclusively going to the polls for Seals/Dold, but many were going to support Kirk and even a few more conservative voters who normally stay home may have turned out for Brady. Dan was, more than anything else, another victim of the other races and of national conditions, which is a shame because he ran an outstanding campaign this time and was running against a complete buffoon.

Bees, like you, I simply cannot fathom how Bean lost. I had the chance to intern for her a few years ago and there is not a more thoughtful or pragmatic member of Congress out there. She's an outstanding leader and hope that she tries for her seat again in 2012 or runs for state-wide office.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

Folkhero, please don't come knocking on any doors. capish.

A. Bees said...


While I am not one who thinks that Bean is an amazing member of Congress, or even an above average member, the Walsh campaign never really got off the ground. This one race is truly indicative of the national wave and coattail votes.

I certainly hope Walsh impresses me in the future.

Anonymous said...


yes the enemy of an enemy is a friend. Dold knows how to model the latest in mens fashionware from ll bean and brush his teeth, other than that, not a bright light. when you cant figure out where you stand on abortion-I have no words on that.

I dont know bean, but it never seemed like that district ever embraced her. Her image was more of someone working to win wall street donations and work her way up than actually doing anything for her district. She's physically awful to look at. I would think she would try again against dold in 2012 given that she lives in the 10th, but according to her financial disclosure forms she's in debt and has college age kids which means shes likely going to take a job in the obama administration or cash out with some financial services deal.

As for pup and alexi, those job hunts should be fun. A mob banker and 41 year old 3 time failed candidate with more dirt on him than a grave 6 feet under.


Anonymous said...

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh, one of the sweet victories. Reading's stubborn idiocy. So sweet to my eyes.

CC, you are a real class act. Had Dan Seals not surrounded himself with evil people like yourself, he might be Congressman. I, for one, am so glad that the people of the 10th rejected your hat politics.

Congressman Dold with a 'D' not an 'E'

Blue Wind said...

Concerned Colonial,
You are defending the indefensible. Dan Seals is a terrible candiate and he blew at least 2 elections he should have easily won (2008 and 2010). He does not have fire in his belly. He is weak. I had met him in person in 2008 in a fund raiser, while he was running against Kirk in 2008. At that time I told him the obvious. That he should be much more aggressive and go on the attack. Of course, he never did. He needs to forget politics once and for all. Total loser.

A. Bees said...

TA -
I have to disagree with you on one point....let's not send Dan Seals packing... given the last three elections, let's keep him around a little longer!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Bean's apparent loss to Walsh:

When you don't listen to your constituents, hide from debates, and say you are pro-business while voting for very anti-business legislation it should be no shock that you lose.

She had the money and the commercials but Joe had the army of foot soldiers, the tea party and Northern Illinois Patriots working their tails of for him. And don't forget/underestimate the horse trailer.

Enough said!

Trebor of Libertyville

Anonymous said...

Hey... I think that the dissing on Dold is very unfair. The IL-10 is much more liberal than the IL-8. The only reason why Crane lost the district to Bean was because of personal issues, such as his DUI conviction. The IL-8 includes all the rural areas in western Lake County and a large chunk of McHenry, so there's your reason why Walsh won.

I think that the Walsh race was nationalized; many of the races in conservative districts went to Republicans by default. It was more a vote against Bean, who made some dumb mistakes, than a vote for Walsh. On the other hand, Dold, who is in a moderate district with quite a few "white people" bastions really did have to work his butt off to win the seat. And he did it despite being written off by lots of national pundits. Also, let's not diss his margin. Didn't a certain guy who got a promotion win the IL-10 by 2 points in 2000??