Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alexi's Headache: Roland Burris to Appeal Special Election Procedure

As we've anticipated for weeks, Roland Burris isn't going away quietly, regardless of the damage he might do to the Democrats, or to Alexi Giannoulias's chances to win election to the U.S. Senate.

Politico reports:

Illinois Sen. Roland Burris is moving ahead with a legal challenge to a judge’s decision blocking new candidates from filing to run in a special election for the final months of President Barack Obama’s old Senate term.

Burris filed a notice Wednesday evening indicating that he will appeal U.S. District Judge John Grady’s ruling that the parties’ nominees for the Nov. 2 general election would automatically be placed on the ballot as nominees for a special election to serve between Election Day and the start of the next Congress.

That decision would make Democratic state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias and Republican Rep. Mark Kirk the major-party candidates in a special. But Burris wants the option of running for the seat himself, in order to serve an additional few weeks in his appointed office.

I guess maybe President Obama should have said a few words to Senator Burris when Obama jetted in to save Alexi's fundraising bacon. But, then, since when has Burris ever listed to anyone?

That's what I've been counting on...

h/t Capitol Fax Blog


A. Bees said...

My question is whether the court system will address this in time for all of the ballots to be printed with the correct candidates on them. I would say that time is not on Roland Burris' side.

Anonymous said...

this will confuse people and gives the democrats another headache to deal with which is fine by me. Remember in 2000 democrat voters had trouble in florida with the butterfly ballot and since this impacts their party and involves african american voters, it could be a big help.

the larger story to me right now is that mark took some pretty ugly blows over the last 3 months that a republican in a state like this generally can't afford to take if he has any hope of winning-and the congressman is still standing in and fighting.

the bobby rush thing yesterday where he questioned support for alexi can only hurt him-it's NEVER a good thing for a democrat if he has to worry about his african american base.

One other thing, it's my hope that mark will use the audio of obama attacking bankers last january in a hit ad on alexi this fall-nothing worse for a democrat from illinois getting hit in an ad by his president. I also hope republicans will use the blago line from the wiretaps "f--- all of you" as that pretty much sums up what the democrat message to us has been for 8 years.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Folklaeaps. I'm sure Mark will run that by the Kraken. Hehehe

Anonymous said...

If anyone saw the ABC local news at 4 PM Thursday you saw protesters holding a huge sign that quoted the Manchurian Candidate (president with a small p) saying we didn't need bankers in the Senate. His name and date of the comment followed the quote. Great sign!

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see voters reaction when they see TWO U.S. Senate races they need to vote on with TWO sets of candidates, mostly the same.

When I explain this to voters who are understandably confused, they get pretty angry. When I remind them that Democrats opposed holding a special election last year, well . . .

Thanks Democrats!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Folklaeaps. I'm sure Mark will run that by the Kraken. Hehehe

Don't forget the "'Hey, Sexy Lexi" Exie'", too.

So many women and just ONE decision to make. Oh, what's a boy to do?

Gosh, would someone throw the baby out with the bath water already?

And THAT'S coming from a Republican.

A REAL one.

Anonymous said...

concerned, blue wind, and the rest of the crazies have been very very quiet here lately. considering they only have 11 weeks left to have their say until mark is elected and they can't stop him for 6 years, I think the photo is the reason they have been mute.

Usually it's said a picture is worth 1,000 words. In this case it's worth the 1,000 words that won't be said because their really is no defense for them or it.


Anonymous said...


The reason I've been "quiet" has little to do with the photo of Blago and more to do with the fact that I have a life beyond sparring with you and TA on this blog. To be honest, I am both sick and tired of Roland Burris. The man should have never served in the Senate and his entire tenure is a stain on our state. I agree with both of you on this one, Burris' strongheaded, race card bull#*@! can only help Kirk.

I still believe that Alexi can win this thing based on demographics (as I've explained about 50 times: Alexi wins city, Kirk wins collar areas but can't carry downstate--especially with a tea party candidate on the ballot) and he got a big hand when Kirk's character attacks lost their teeth due to his "misremembering" of a number of issues.

Three months is a long time and I still find it hard to believe that Kirk can win, but this Burris business is no help. Best case scenario is that JJ Jr and Rush, et al get behind Alexi and publically ask Burris not to run. But, that won't happen as Burris is a pal and happens to be the only non-white Senator. I dislike the race card as much as the next person, so we can only hope Burris steps aside sooner rather than later.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

Actually Folkleaeps, the lack of action is because this blog is a boring broken record and you, in particular, are an officious, narrow-minded, elitist, pompous blow-hard. Add to that TA's removal of any comments that cut to the heart of some issues in the 10th, and all the readers are left with is your one-sided mono-drone.

At least Lake County Eye has a little creativity. TA just has ....... you and Louis. Yawn.

Team America said...

Um, Anon 5:49, I think you are confusing this Blog with Ellen. The number of comments I've had to delete on this blog over the last 3+ years is probably less than 10, and I've never deleted anyone for just disagreeing with Lou. Just ask Blue Wind.

But if you're bored, by all means go elsewhere.

Blue Wind said...

Anon 5:49,
TA is right. He does not delete comments of people who disagree with him, unless they cross a line. He lets people like me post here, although I am sure he does not enjoy my comments or appreciate my views. In fact, he has resisted calls from "hardliners" here who have asked him repeatedly to ban me because I disagree with them. Now FOLKLEAPS can not and should not be taken seriously. He is confused and politically uneducated.

TA, I have a question for you. What is Kirk's position on proposition 8? Does he have one? I am really curious to know where he stands on that.

Anonymous said...

this blog practically destroyed seals for congress in 2006 and 2008 and was the most effective media weapon in the local gop arsenal for the last decade even more so than kirk for congress/senate so calling it a broken record-you must be deaf because the daily herald sure seems to hear it.

for the gay rights people, if you read the national press, the gop has largely avoided gay issues this year because your party's stewardship of the economy and spending has been so bad that we find that a much richer target. for the record the congressman has generally been the best friend the gay community has had in the gop on capitol hill. i expect that to change as a senator as its an issue he'll be watching his right flank on.


Blue Wind said...

"this blog practically destroyed seals for congress in 2006 and 2008 and was the most effective media weapon in the local gop arsenal"

What are you drinking? Seriously... It must be real strong.

Anonymous said...

lol But between the "hater" comments, the "ban everyone who doesn't agree with us" comments and Vertolli's posts, it might have done that to Kirk's Senate campaign.

Anonymous said...

team america's blog broke stories on seals on

resume padding
gas stunt

and that's off the top of my head.

team seals reads this thing religiously because they know its usually the first to break stories out of the local gop.

No one read kimberlys comments here and hopefully team kirk will find a neutral intermediary to graciously prevent her from putting the campaign off message for the next 3 months the way she did last week.