Monday, August 9, 2010

Residency Issues Continue to Dog Dan Seals in IL-10

For a while, I thought maybe most people had forgotten about the fact that Dan Seals, the (now) third time Democratic nominee for Illinois' 10th Congressional District, isn't a resident of the District, and can't even vote for himself. We've talked about that so many times over the past four years or so that even I decided we couldn't beat that drum anymore.

But it appears that others either have not forgotten, or are just discovering this for the first time. Check out the Chicago Daily Observer, which is hosting quite a heated debate on the issue.

For our part here at Team America, it all comes down to something pretty simple. Do you want to win an election, Dan, or not? We said years ago that simply moving into the District would take away an issue (no matter how silly an issue it may seem to you and your sycophants), so why in the world would you not do that? Things against Congressman Mark Kirk might have turned out a little differently for Dan, not to mention that he defeated a serious primary opponent, Julie Hamos, only by the skin of his teeth, earlier this year.

Instead, you are forced to endure the constant refrain of 'He can't even vote for himself' and you are forced to skate around the issue, with tortured statements on your website like:

The 10th District is Dan’s community. Dan and his wife Mia, a business executive with an MBA from the University of Chicago, have been married for eleven years. They have lived in Wilmette for seven years with their three daughters. Our district is where his children go to school and where his tax dollars are put to work. Dan is part of each community in the 10th District.

Notice what's missing? Oh, yeah, a simple statement that Seals actually lives in the 10th District. If you had fixed that issue years ago, you wouldn't have to offer up convoluted excuses for why it shouldn't matter to voters.

Sometimes I have to wonder a little if Seals really wants to be a Congressman, or if he's really more comfortable just playing perennial candidate.


Anonymous said...

1. If you look at dan's positions on the issues- anti-israel, anti-jew, wants to raise taxes, wants to kill jobs, pro corruption, his views and values don't represent our district.

2. He's unemployed. How could he be paying taxes?

3. the real issue gets to trust and when you lie about where you live we can't trust you.

4. good work keeping this story going.

Anonymous said...


I have to say I'm pretty disappointed that you would run this story again, especially after you told the Herald this:

"'By and large, on the North Shore where we have highly educated, independent voters, people don't respond well to negative campaigning because they feel they're being manipulated,' said Larry Falbe, a Mettawa trustee and author of Team America's 10th District blog."

Does this make you just another political manipulator? Or is your target audience the non-educated, non-independent readers?

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

p.s. FOKLAEAPS, you officially cemented my opinion of you as a hack that reads too much Politico and knows nothing about real politics with your "anti-Jew" comment. That was pathetic and twisted and, as a Jewish-American, I'm honestly offended by it. It would be a shame if the press found a Dold supporter/operate calling Seals 'anti-Jewish'. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

I have no part of team dold and am actually a big critic.

in case you haven't opened a newspaper your party's platform this year is bashing a man that left office 2 years ago so for team america to bring this into play is acceptable.

Seals is anti-israel and anti-jew his comments and those of his supporters support that accusation.


Anonymous said...


Please, tell me exactly how Dan Seals is "anti-Jew"? You must be getting a little senile, either that or "living in DC" (aka reading political blogs) has really turned you that ignorant. Perhaps you should consider turning off Limbaugh and Beck for a few minutes. Bees was pretty much dead on to call you a flip-flopping tool, now we can add 'bigoted' to that name.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...


we don't have to worry about your candidate flip flopping because he's always wrong. Dan's done nothing to separate himself from radical elements of his party which are openly anti-israel and have questioned our support for that nation.

I don't know what bees said and he really shouldnt be starting a gop firing squad on this blog.

It was nice to see old friends rob n and fielding melish on the blog post you linked to, looks like they've found greener pastures.


Anonymous said...

I have to say TA, it looks like a summer of GOP propaganda and the same tired attacks really seems to have hurt your hit count. Maybe we can get back to talking about real issues sometime soon. I have 2 thoughts about this:
1) Pick an issue each week, lay out the competing positions and open it up to debate. If you want, I'll even offer to write the Dem portion of the post and email it to you.
2) Ban/talk to FOKLAEAS, his mind-less rantings don't help and only turn the people that you want to convince away.

I started posting here namely to keep you in check and as a place to engage in some honest debate about issues that made me mad as hell (Iraq War, Bush Admin policies on energy/economy, etc). It really does feel like the quality of debate is down and replaced by rants by FOKLAEAS, who seems to be too engulfed in the latest Red State or Drudge rhetoric to make cogent points. This is my olive branch, let's give this district the quality of discourse it deserves.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Team America said...

CC- thanks for the comments, and your thoughts are welcome here (at least as much as Blue Wind's). ;-)

Please note, however, that I didn't start this blog just to see how high I can run the hit meter.

Fact is, so much of the stuff going around nowadays is so negative, I don't even want to engage with it. Plus, it's August and everyone (including me) has their minds on things besides politics.

I do believe candidates (not necessarily bloggers, mind you) ought to stick to the issues wherever possible. Maybe if Alexi gets up the testicular verility to engage Mark in some debates, we'll have some good go-rounds on the issues to write about.

You are also forgetting that this Blog has always been more about politics than policy. You might not care for FOKLAEAPS but he has more political insight on the races we cover here than just about anyone.