Thursday, August 26, 2010

NRSC Pledges $3.4 Million in Campaign Cash for Mark Kirk

Politico is reporting tonight that the NRSC is committing $3.4 million to Mark Kirk's senate race against Alexi Giannoulias.

Alexi's campaign representative is quoted as responding that “All the money in the world can’t help [Kirk]."

Alexi better hope that's right, 'cause he's getting a whoopin' in campaign fundraising.


Anonymous said...

I was about to post this. Alexi just raised 2 million or whatever with barry hussein here. I think in the end there will be equal amounts spent but this is a very good sign.


Team America said...

foklaeaps- I believe even Alexi's people only claimed that Obama helped raise $1 million, not two, and the Tribune told me that it was a gross figure, not net of expenses for Obama's visit, which they were sharing with the DNC. So, yeah, Obama helped Alexi with a little catch-up, but he's got a long way to go. The real question is, will the numbers move once Kirk starts spending his money in earnest?

Anonymous said...

I am not a journalist but the free media mark has had with the failure of alexi's bank. That was probably 10's of millions of dollars worth of every outlet in the state for months on end writing story after story after story about how the bank failed. then you have the blago thing which in any other state would cause mass outrage and a political bloodbath.

It hasn't happened which is troubling.

the mobster is still alive after all that so we'll see.

I really feel you've been too nice to dan seals this cycle and wonder if the good political times we are enjoying haven't softened you up. I was watching some old tribune debate footage the other night and noticed seals in january 08 telling them he had been working on some very successful consulting projects and that the reason he couldnt move into the district was that he was "too poor". His record of lies-maybe monday needs to be revisted so people remember all his lies and trash over the last 4 years.


Anonymous said...

"It hasn't happened which is troubling."

This is Illinois.

Anonymous said...

Hey TA, this is a rather interesting article I came across:

Sounds like Mr. Dold is coming down on both sides of every issue.

Thoughts from the Dold supporters?

10th District Values Voter

Anonymous said...

I read the New York Times piece earlier today. It's the New York Times, so what would you expect? Bob Dold is pro-choice, he IS a fiscal conservative, a social moderate in spite of what you Seals folks try to say about this businessman. It would seem that the writer of the piece couldn't resist the continuing jabs at Mark Kirk for no reason at all. Once again, all I'll say is that the article is from the leftie New York Times, a paper that has difficulty printing anything positive about a Republican.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Kelly Klopp had nothing to say about the times piece. Maybe she should send approved comments for supporters to the Trib for re-print. I guess double talk Bingo Bob is at it again.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

The Democrats round here love to live in the mud with the pigs. Bob Dold is talking jobs, Dan Seals et al are talking Bob Dold. May have to swing by Seals' Election Party again this year again, I so enjoyed 2008's version!!!

Anonymous said...

"barry hussein"? Really, fokleaps? Did ya think of that one all by yourself?

TA's core supporters posting here are just, well, creepy. Obtuse, you bet. Myopic, even a little xenophobic, absolutely. But consistently creepy.

Anonymous said...

Being a fiscal conservative and a social moderate does not mix according to our liberal Democratic friends. They can't understand anyone taking such positions so they constantly belittle candidates such as Dold and Kirk.

Perhaps they should listen to their Blue Dog Democratic pals who also hold fiscally conservative and socially moderate positions. But then again, the liberal Democrats don't understand them either.

Since they don't understand, they belittle.

In the meantime, Seals and his supporters are talking Dold. Dold is talking jobs and issues that concern the 10th District. Seals and his supporters are not talking about the failures of the Obama administration and the ethical lapses in Springfield.

Wonder why?

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

So, Louis, explain Sen. Michael Bond's voting record. In fact, Senator Bond is MORE fiscally conservative than his predecessor: he wrote and passed a law starting the process of eliminating a layer of government; voted against every income and sales tax increase proposed in the last 3 years; and wrote the new Telecom Bill which passed both houses unanimously. Suzi Schmidt, on the other hand, raised her pay 4 times, gave us the highest property taxes in the State of Illinois, and regularly and directly awards contributors county contracts, as well as allowing rampant nepotism in county government.

Either your generalization is wrong, or you're just defining the better of the two candidates in the 31st District: Michael Bond.