Friday, August 13, 2010

Dan Seals Follows Alexi Giannoulias In Bailing Out on Israel Forum

Looks like 10th Congressional Candidate Dan Seals is too chicken to show up to a non-partisan forum on Israel issues without mob banker Alexi Giannoulias there to offer him 'protection':

Jewish Telegraph Reports on the Giannoulias and Seals Withdrawal From Israel Forum

Illinois Senate hopeful pulls out of Israel forum
August 13, 2010

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- The Illinois Democratic Party's candidate for the U.S. Senate withdrew from a forum on Israel.

Alexi Giannoulias, the state treasurer, withdrew Monday from the Aug. 22 forum, sponsored by the Protect Our Heritage public action committee and 16 other Jewish organizations. His campaign said he had prior commitments.

The nonpartisan forum is held for Senate and House candidates. Participants can question the candidates on issues related to the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Giannoulias, his Republican opponent, Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), and other local politicians had agreed to participate in the forum months ago. Giannoulias' campaign had confirmed his availability for the forum in Northbrook, Ill., according to Protect Our Heritage.

"As Iran continues its pursuit of nuclear weapons and terrorists threaten Israel from Gaza and Lebanon, our next U.S. Senator should not be afraid to stand up for our strongest democratic ally in the Middle East," Kirk said in a statement.

Giannoulias did not respond to two phone calls from JTA seeking comment.

The day after Giannoulias withdrew, Dan Seals, a Democratic candidate for Illinois house seat, also declined to participate in the forum.

Despite repeated assurances that House candidates would at no times share the stage with Senate candidates, according to To Protect Our Heritage Seals' campagin said "Alexi Giannoulias' decision not to attend the forum creates an event inherently weighted in favor of the Republican candidates."

Seals also did not respond to JTA's request for comment.

Protect Our Heritage is a Midwestern political action committee that promotes a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.


Mark Kirk's Senate campaign applauded the decision of the forum organizers to go ahead, with or without the lame-O Dems.

The Bob Dold Campaign had this to say:

Dold: 10th District Deserves Candidates Serious on Israel

Dold Remains in Israel Policy Candidates’ Forum after Seals follows Giannoulias in Backing Out

Winnetka - Today, 10th District Congressional candidate Robert Dold expressed disappointment that his opponent Dan Seals followed Alexi Giannoulias’ lead in backing out of next week’s Israel policy candidates’ forum. Dold urged Seals to reconsider and participate in the forum so that the voters can hear the Democrat’s views on Israel and the Middle East.

The non-partisan forum, scheduled to feature U.S. Senate candidates Mark Kirk and Alexi Giannoulias, and Congressional candidates Robert Dold and Dan Seals, has been heavily promoted for months within the pro-Israel community. Alexi Giannoulias officially withdrew on August 9th, prompting Dan Seals to pull out on August 10th.

“Given the increasing threats posed by Iran’s nuclear-weapons program, Hezbollah’s build-up in Lebanon, and Hamas’ rockets in Gaza, these are extraordinarily critical times in the U.S.-Israel relationship that require candidates committed to leadership on Israel,” said Dold. “I call on Dan Seals to participate in this candidates’ forum, rather than hide his views on Israel and this Administration’s policies in the Middle East. You can't be a leader if you don't show up."

The candidates’ forum is hosted by To Protect Our Heritage, a bipartisan group that promotes a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, and sixteen other Jewish organizations. This forum was similarly held in 2000, during which both 10th District Congressional candidates at the time, Mark Kirk and Lauren Beth Gash, participated.

“The 10th District is home to one of the largest and most passionate pro-Israel communities in America and deserves candidates who recognize the special responsibility that comes with representing this District,” continued Dold. “More must be done than simply voting for pro-Israel measures; I am committed to being a pro-Israel champion in Congress who will use my voice to advocate for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.”


Sheesh. Even Lauren Beth Gash showed up to this event, and Seals can't?


Anonymous said...

What are these two guys thinking? I'm not surprised that Alexi won't appear at this Forum. Seals must be counting on the fact that Democrats in the 10th are just that: Democrats first and concerned for Israel second. Bob Dold spent a week in Israel this past May. Seals spent a scant 40 hours several years ago. never left the Jerusalem area. Bob Dold has a clear understanding of both sides of this complex issue since he spoke about meeting with Palestinians as well as Israeli leaders. I heard him present a very balanced understanding of what it's going to take to move the stalled process of peace forward. It's a Forum, not a debate, so IF Seals or Alexi really understand the issues, why not appear and let voters ask questions of all the candidates. I think that's a fair question.

Anonymous said...

my guess

alexi: knows he is going to get clocked and that the story the next day will be in the papers "Mark Kirk demonstrated his foreign policy prowess in a debate against an overmatched alexi gianoulias who struggled to keep pace with the veteran foreign affairs expert". He sees no benefit to handing the congressman round 1 in the general election fight and wusses out. He didn't wuss out of giving loans to mobsters but jaws garango is another story.

the pup: thinks he has a lead in the race and right now doesn't want to do anything or go anywhere where he could say or do something stupid to flip that advantage. he figures he's got the advantage with jewish voters given dold's lack of foreign policy and israel experience and says why risk it.

If I was this organization, I'd have the forums as planned, give kirk and dold the chance to make the case to the voters and explain to them that alexi and the pup blew off jews and don't think they are worth their time.


Anonymous said...

The Forum WILL go forward as planned. Seals believes, as you indicate, that he has a comfortable lead in the 10th for the first time. I'm going to bet that he is as clueless about Israel as he is about his supposed lead in the polls. Not sure why he's afraid to appear at a Forum. I could understand why he wouldn't want to debate Bob Dold. I've been to several meetings where Dold has spoken with a great deal of knowledge and commitment about the US and Israel partnership. What Seals knows is next to nothing. He has the Steve Sheefey talking points and that's about it. Seals still thinks that even handedness is a goal. I don't think any of us who care about this topic will ever forget Seals statement that if trouble came to the region he, Dan Seals, would come down on the side of peace. DUH. Bob Dold is well versed and ready to pick up the mantle of leadership in the House on this subject.

Anonymous said...

=alexi: knows he is going to get clocked and that the story the next day will be in the papers "Mark Kirk demonstrated his foreign policy prowess in a debate against an overmatched alexi gianoulias who struggled to keep pace with the veteran foreign affairs expert".=

I probably would have said that a couple of months ago, too.

However, today: Kirk's "foreign policy prowess" probably won't mean much. Folks are much more focused on what's going on here in the US and locally.

Kirk will just come off as someone who's only interested in what goes on elsewhere. Giannoulias probably did him a favor.

Anonymous said...

-just come off as focused on what goes on elsewhere-

that's the point of an ISRAEL forum, to discuss what goes on elsewhere. You sound as competent as your candidate.

Dold should get an intern, put it in a chicken suit and send it to seals hq with a heads up to the press, it's mid august, congress and the legislature are out of session, they need something to cover.

As for sheffey-not a has been but a never were.


Anonymous said...

=You sound as competent as your candidate.=

Hmmm...and who's my candidate in this race?

Jumping to conclusions again, FOKLAEAPS? It sounds good though, right?

Anonymous said...


A chicken suit? really? So it all makes sense now, it's not that you don't know anything about politics because you read lots of Politico, it's that you think all politics is like the West Wing. What's next? Should Dold host his own debate when the media doesn't cover him like a real candidate? Should he hide his conservatism (MS) only to disclose it once we elect him? (which won't happen, btw)

Time for a talk that was long overdue:

Dold and Kirk are the faces for the "Republicans Don't Really Care About Israel But Talk About It To Appeal to Jewish Voters" movement. If Dold cared so much about it, why did he only go there after he declared for Congress?? Peace in Israel wasn't an issue for the first 40 years of his life?? Did it magically become more important in the last 8 months?? If this is such a "major issue" for him, why didn't he put down his bug-zapper and study it??

The Israel issue is Republican pandering at its worst, especially in the 10th. I cannot believe how many Democrats have been hoodwinked by the GOP in our district to the point where it sways elections. Let's be honest, neither Dold nor Seals will have any pull on this issue if elected as they have no seniority in a body where years of service is all that matters. Secondly, what have the Republicans done that makes them such staunch pro-Israel supporters? Did they host peace talks w/PA and Israeli leaders? NOPE, that would be the Democratic President Clinton. Did GWB do anything more then send Condi on a token trip there? NOPE, he sat with his tail between his legs, like every other issue, replaced action with typical Republican empty talk as he spent trillions of dollars and cost us thousands of lives in neighboring Iraq. At least Obama has actively engaged on the issue and has worked to some semblance of a peace negotiation where both sides realize that there is a real chance at this. But the GOP dismisses anything that resembles acting like a real, independent 3rd party mediator as being 'soft on Israel'. Please, pick up a newspaper or a book on the subject, then you might see just how ridiculous the GOP position on this issue is.

Unfortunately for people of this district, Dold will continue to pander to jewish donors and voters as if he knows anything about it. HE DOESN'T. Nothing in his trust-fund baby background would even remotely suggest that he is in a position to lead or possibly contribute on this issue. It's another Republican-typical distractor to pander to me and my fellow Jews with regards to Israel. This should not be an issue in this race and Dold's use of it is pathetic. If he wants to talk about something he has experience in, talk about catching flies, washing Dan Quayle's d*** or using pesticides. Bingo Bob Dolt has no place trying to assert himself on Israel.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

TA--sorry for the multiple posts, computer was being weird on me, please delete all of the posts after the 1st one.



Team America said...

CC- it may not be your fault, this has happened before to others. I'm trying to fix it.

Anonymous said...

CC, your ignorance on so many levels is gauling. What you DON'T know can and will fill volumes. I'll begin with your false claim that had Bob DOLD been concerned about Israel he would have visited there before age 40. Are you aware that more non-Jews than Jews have made trips to Israel? That's a proven fact. Dold's parents have been to Israel, and while that does not transfer anything to him, it's just a piece of information. The fact and the truth is clear. Bob Dold spent a week in Israel getting to meet Israelis and Palestinians. Seals spent a few hours with a tour guide and said he went to Israel. What Seals knows is nothing, I have no idea who advises him other than a misfit named Steve Sheffey who has shown his true partisan Democrat colors more than anything else. What does it mean to be pro-Israel? There are Democrats and Republicans of all stripes who lay claim to that title. Being pro-Israel has more to do with understanding the true issue rather than a very nebulous term.
That aside, Bob Dold does understand that this entire issue has nothing to do with Israel giving up land for peace. If YOU have studied the issue, CC, you will know the facts on the ground since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. War broke out the very next day. There were not settlements. All that happened was the establishment of the State. The Arab world did not, does not, will never want the STATE of Israel. Period.
You cite the Democratic party as true believers and supporters of Israel. BS. The Republicans and the Democrats support Israel. There are some Democrats in the House who have never voted yes on any Israel related issue. There are also some Republicans who can't support the State of Israel. Know your facts, CC, before you spout off.
Mark Kirk was a supporter of Israel's right to exist and her place on this planet long before he became Congressman Kirk. Check his years with his predecessor, John Porter. Check what he did to promote Israel's right to exist in 1995 when he was Counsel to the International Relations Committee. That was long before he became Congressman Kirk. Know your facts, CC, before you distort proven facts about the past.
Kirk has never pandered to the Jews in the 10th. He has earned their respect and support by what he has done, not by what he says.
I have no idea who you are but I know that you are a partisan on your side of the aisle. That's fine, but don't make statements that have no relevance to truth.
Seals is ill equipeed to appear at a Forum and answer questions. That's a shame but it's also revealing. As for Alexi, at some point in the next 80 days he will have to come face to face with Kirk and discuss issues, including the Middle East.
Your totally false, stupidly ignorant statement that Repubicans here or in DC are pandering to the Jewish community makes me understand that you spout off from some foolish playbook given to you. I'd like to think you're more knowledgeable than what you've posted today.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:24--

Before we do this, I need to know: are you a Dolt staffer or the same Kirk troll that I've beaten around this blog for years?

We'll do this point by point:
1) Dold's parents having gone to Israel means nothing. If this was an issue that really, truly mattered to him, he would have gone years ago and not when he decided to run for public office in a heavily Jewish district. It's not like the trust-fund baby couldn't afford to go in the past...Further, if the issue really mattered to Dolt, then he would have studied it or made it a priority to learn more about it, instead of taking a photo-op, token trip there AFTER he declared for Congress. It's pandering at its worst, no matter what side of the aisle you may be on.

2)If you will notice, I did not defend Seals on Israel. Dan has never claimed to be an expert in US foreign policy, his background is in economics, business and economic policy. Dold similarly has no background in foreign policy and would NEVER be in a position to "lead on the issue" as he claims he would. In fact, an economic debate would be much more relevant for the two given the times and to drag Israel into this campaign is 100% pandering by Dold in a year where economics should and do matter. Although, we can hardly call Dold an expert on economic policy, considered he was handed a cushy position at the family business and has never had to do anything more then sit a few rooms down from daddy while daddy ran the company. The man's never earned anything for himself in his life.

3) I agree, this isn't about 'land for peace', its about finding a settlement that both sides can compromise on and agree to. While some extreme groups may deny Israel's right to exist, the country is not going anywhere anytime soon (thanks to their military strength, international recognition and our backing) and the PA/PLO have finally began to accept this fact. Israel cannot expect a peace where they give up nothing, its unrealistic and I applaud Obama for being willing to show honesty w/Bini on this point. Neither Dold nor Kirk will acknowledge this, for fear of not being able to effectively pander to me and my friends on this issue.

4) I agree with you that this is an issue with bi-partisan support, which makes the moves by Kirk and Dold even more sickening. Kirk has 100% gone to this district with his "i served in intelligence reserve (i think??) and therefore am an accomplished Israel expert" thing many times. Although he points to votes in Congress, which his vote would never change the outcome on Israel, there is not 1 substantive thing that Kirk has done to show that he is a leader on the issue. If he were, he would be invited to discussions at the White House or be involved with the Israeli leadership directly. He has no achievements to show for it after 10 years (except those he "misremembers").

This was my whole point: Israel should not be an issue in this election as neither candidate has any true experience with it. Dold's making it an issue is an example of Republican tricks to deceive voters into voting for a pro-life, pro-gun, trust fund baby conservative who is not right for this district.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

CC, be clear on this: I am not a Robert Dold staffer nor am I a Mark Kirk staffer. It is sad that you continue to mis-write Mr. Dold's name. Grow up.
What you know about the history of the State of Israel can fill a thimble. That you blindly follow the man currently in the White House and state that he has some positive ways to advance the agenda called peace in the region tells me that you are blind to truth and reality.
Read Max Dimont's book, Jews, God and Israel for some background material before you even begin to engage in any kind of intelligent discussion on the topic.
As for what Mark Kirk as a CONGRESSMAN has given to Israel over the past 11 years, I would be happy to show you a letter from the previous Prime Minister lauding Kirk for what his leadership in the US House has given to the State of Israel. IF TA agrees, I will gladly post it on this Blog.
Beginning with Eyes in the Sky technology in 2002, to his most recent achievement of the X Band Radar System, Mark Kirk has done more to help ensure Israel's future on this planet than any member of Congress, past or present. How ignorant of proven facts are you, CC? You and Blue are Democrats and that's fine. But don't think that you have a right to characterize Mark Kirk's total commitment to Israel as pandering to anyone.
Mark Kirk is going to win this election on November 2. I believe that with all my heart. Nobody thought he had a chance in 2000. Your candidate is still reeling from her defeat. Alexi is a flawed kid who you never bother to state benefitted from HIS father's largesse as a Bank owner. How come you charge after Bob Dold for working in his family business that has been IN that family for over 150 years? Why is that an issue but the ownership of Broadways Bank by Alexi's late dad not at issue? I'll wait for that answer from your or Blue.
You folks are just hard core Democrats. I get it. TA is right when he says thatthere are those of us who will vote for a person who isn't perfect, who IS, but who IS much more qualified to move over to the US Senate and hit the ground running than both of your candidates combined. Seals is a guy who hasn't held a job in several years. Great. He does have an education. So what's the deal? Why can't he keep and/or find a job? As for Alexi. Well, one day, many years in the future, this kid might mature enough to be able to run for office. In the meantime, I'd like the money I invested in his Bright Start fund for my kid's college education to be refunded. He's definitely a work in progress.

Anonymous said...

dold kills bugs for a living, what were you expecting a man in that line of work to do for israel? name me 3 things barack obama did for israel before he decided to run for office. It's clear you had a big gulp of hypocrisy with your cheerios this morning.

sending an intern in a chicken suit to an opponents hq is a common political tactic. in 04 lots of republicans brought flip flops and dolphin (flipper) outfits to kerry events. it's great theater. and that was before politico (born 2006) existed.

dan is bashing the israel and jewish community once again. weak.