Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bob Dold Goes Up On Cable With "Back to Work" Ad

Bob Dold, GOP nominee for the 10th Congressional District, is following-up his series of get-to-know-ya radio ads with a cable TV ad, "Back to Work":

Read the Daily Herald's review here.


Anonymous said...

Decent ad. Strikes mostly the right notes, though there are some awkward moments.

The one caveat to remember is that Bob Dold and Dan Seals have very similar cash-on-hand and Bob Dold has a hell of a lot further to go than Dan Seals.

The real question is can Bob Dold stretch his campaign dollars to give him the exposure necessary to win.

Anonymous said...

93 percent of the 10th district is working, this ad and the message is not. I also find it interesting dold's flak and seals flak-mogge are both alums of the george ryan administration.