Sunday, August 22, 2010

Will the "Top of the Ticket" Be the Key in IL-10 in November 2010? (UPDATED x1)

Here is a video segment overview from ABC Channel 7 on the Robert Dold - Dan Seals matchup in Illinois' 10th District to replace outgoing Congressman Mark Kirk. It's not bad, for a TV segment, although it doesn't get into the issues much- Dold focuses on job creation, Seals tries to portray Dold as a right-wing fanatic. If anything, I sometimes wish Bob would show a little more fanaticism, he sure seems laid back in the video clips, ha ha.

In any case, the video segment ends on the note of the mounting voter malaise that seems to be increasingly evident this cycle, mostly on the Dem side. If the "top of the ticket" decides this race based in voter enthusiasm and turnout, things bode well for the GOP, as Bill Brady is currently trouncing Gov. Quinn in the polls by a wide margin.

UPDATED: Looks like Gov. Quinn just had to can his chief of staff amid ethics concerns. It's not looking good for the 'accidental governor.'


Anonymous said...

Seals has a tired old message that hasn't changed much in roughly six years. So he tries to claim that the Tea Party "endorsed" Dold or that Dold "endorsed" the Tea Party. That Dold is too conservative for the district by misstating Dold's positions?

Tell us about yourself Dan. What exactly do you stand for other than "working for the community" while refusing to move into it.

For all that name recognition, Seals is only 3 points up in the We Ask America poll at this stage of the game? That's pretty sad.

Dold is one incredible campaigner who keeps plugging away and sneaking up on "experts" in politics. Ask those who he beat in the primary and those who supported those other candidates in the primary.

Anonymous said...

the seals part was horrible. His campaign office looks like a trailer.

Brady got 5 percent of the vote in lake county in his race and if memory serves didn't get many endorsements from local gop groups in the primary. His winning margins were in the deep south of the state and plummer won't help him at all in the area. mark barely won here as a social moderate, I am not sure how well a socially conservative brady will do. Dold will win more on mark's coattails than bradys if they translate.

If anyone goes I'd love to see video of the israel debate tonight.


Anonymous said...

Rep. Kirk isn't a social moderate. He's a social liberal. His latest rating from Planned Parenthood is 100%, and his latest grade from Gun Owners of America is F-. He voted against an amendment that would have banned gay marriage.

Conservative Veteran

Anonymous said...

dold apparently went to an event last week hosted by an extremist left wing group that wants to get rid of the tough policies implemented by congressman kirk to fight the war on terror. Perhaps his supporters on here could defend this awful piece of scheduling.

Retired generals disappointed over Kirk's no-show at meeting


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:25 at the start of the comments was written by me.

Sorry about that. I don't post anonymously.

Quinn fired his media consultants on Friday and his Chief of Staff quit today under an ethics cloud? After nearly 40 years in state and local politics, he remains Captain Chaos!

Louis G. Atsaves

A. Bees said...

@ Conservative Veteran

Ok, put your little litmus test away and come back to reality.

Kirk is a moderate. If you want a liberal, compare his voting record against Schakowsky, or Kucinich, or Danny Davis.

Just because one or two groups give a grade and you don't like that group just means that you disagree with him on AN ISSUE.

Also remember that many times those grades are politically motivated. There are times when groups like those are contacted by the preferred candidate and are asked to change the grade. It happens all the time and they do it all the time.

Cammie Novara said...

When I navigated to the hilarious Yes We Scam! B.S. We Can Believe In! Obama Approval Plummets piece on Hubpages I determined that Team America's web visitors should be able to discuss this:

Anonymous said...

It suddenly occurred to me.

Giannoulias and Seals backed out of the debate featuring Israel and Jewish-American issues that was to be held this past Sunday.

Giannoulias claimed he never confirmed. The organizers disputed this claim. Giannoulias then claimed that he was booked elsewhere.

Sunday night he showed up unannounced (and not "booked") at my Church's annual Greek Festival, located at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church of Chicago, 2727 West Winona Street, Chicago, Illinois, shaking hands and trying to sway the masses. Until he started walking towards the grill area (where I was) and was met with various shouts of "Go Kirk!" I confess, I was one of the seven who shouted "Go Kirk!"

He looked up all startled, then turned and vamoosed rather than come over to shake our hands.

Broke my heart! :-)

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Lou, one of my friends, also a strong Kirk supporter, is a member of your Church, was at the event and confirms everything you've stated. I know that the gentleman who has started the Greek Americans for Kirk was there as well. I know I'm butchering his name, so please excuse me, but Nick Hatzopolous is quite a special person to have started that program. There is growing Kirk support from within the Greek community for Mark Kirk. I can imagine how Alexi felt at being rebuffed at a fun event like the festival.
It's also a shame that neither Alexi nor Seals would participate in the Forum this past Sunday. We all know where and what Seals stands for on those issues. Now we have a pretty good idea of Alexi's commitment as well.
We all have a lot of work to do in the next 70 days to help get Mark Kirk elected to the Senate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:12, his name is Nick Hatzopoulos and we are buddies. More people actually mispronounce my last name instead of his, hard to believe!

There are more of us Greek-Americans who support Kirk than the general public realizes.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lou, I wasn't far off in my spelling of Nick's last name! I know you're right about the strength of many within the Greek community supporting Mark for Senate. I know that there's another Greek fest this week-end. Let's see if Alexi fares better this week-end. Perhaps if he was a part of his community he would have earned the support he's now seeking. Lessons learned.

A. Bees said...

There is also a large community of Kirk supporters from the churches in Lake County. My father-in-law was a priest in Lake County for many years and Mark visited with him and the church a few times. Mark's knowledge of Greece, the people and the language definitely won the hearts of many Greek Americans.