Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bob Dold Rolls With Third Radio Ad: "Back to Work"

Bob Dold, GOP candidate for the 10th Congressional District, rolls on with his third radio ad, "Back to Work":

"Meet Robert Dold. He is a father of three and a small business owner who was born and raised in Illinois’ Tenth District. He is running for Congress because he is concerned about the policies coming out of Washington."

"I’m Robert Dold. I’m a small business owner in the District and I can tell you that Washington D.C is taxing and spending us to the tipping point. We need to put people back to work, plain and simple. And Washington D.C. has created this cloud of uncertainty, whether it would be 'cap-and-trade,' the affect of the health care bill. Whatever it may be, small businesses are not investing back in their business and consequently we have one of the highest unemployment rates in recent memory. Added to that, Congress is about to implement one of the largest tax increases in a generation. There’s a better way. A better way to move forward, to create jobs and a better way to put us on the right path. So please join with me. I’m Robert Dold and I approve this message. So go to doldforcongress.com, and let's get back to work!"


Anonymous said...

I love that picture. Hahahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...


Two can play this game, look who you invited to dinner:


At least we know everyone in the audience could get a truckers license for a small fee...

Team America said...

Touche, Anon 3:13. But, first of all, Ellen started this game.
FOKLAEAPS just talked me into playing.

Plus, I graduated DePaul Law long before they had Ryan there.

Let's also remember, as we have pointed out in the past, Ryan may have been convicted, but his scandal didn't break into the open until after he was in office. Blago's many issues were more than bubbling up when he ran for re-election, and all the Dems (including our friends in the 10th) still supported him. Not to mention the "Blagojevich 26" (including Terry Link and Michael Bond) who voted against the recall amendment.

Anonymous said...

Unimpressed with the radio commercial. This is what it really says: "Hi, I'm bob dold, and Im gonna spend 60 seconds and $20k identifying a problem which I don't have a solution for. I'm gonna say indentifyable words like Washington, D.C to make it sound like I understand and have positions on political issues. Vote for me!"

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

picture is perfect, love the caption. It's going to absolutely drive the 10th dems nuts and I hope give good chuckles to the local party faithful who have had to swallow 8 years here of having to defend bush and ryan. I compare it to stealing a rival school's mascot and putting your school's own colors on it and sending them the picture.

ad is ok, but please never take that photo or caption down.


Anonymous said...

How 'bout a Seals TRUTHFUL ad?

"Hi, I'm Dan Seals. I don't live in the district and I don't have a job. In fact, I haven't had a job in about six years. I want one though and that's why I need your vote and your support. My jobs plan is to first off, get a job for myself in the U.S. Congress as a representative for a district in which I don't even live. My positions are highly flexible and I'll say or do anything (as the election cycles come and go, in order to convince you I'm anything you want me to be. Populist, Fiscal Conservative, Consultant, are all labels I'm happy to don if it'll help convince you.

I'm Dan Seals and I approved this message."

What a laugh. FYI - the D.C. crowd is already thinking of ways to explain this third defeat.

Team America said...

FOKLAEAPS - eventually I suspect we'll get tired of LBG and Blago mugging at us every time we open up the blog, so enjoy it while we have it.

CC - coming from you, "unimpressed" with respect to anything Dold puts out is practically a ringing endorsement by your standards.