Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feds Say They Will Retry Blago; Will We Hear From Tony Rezko, Giannoulias, Rahm, Valerie, Others? (UPDATED x2)

The Rod Blagojevich verdict is in and the jury was able to reach a verdict on only one count, guilty of lying to the FBI. All other counts resulted in a mistrial. The prosecution reportedly will retry Blago on the other counts.

Will we hear from Tony Rezko next time around? How about Giannoulias? Rahm, Valerie, others?

Unless there is something fatally flawed about what Rezko would say if they put him on the stand, look for the Feds to hold nothing back this time and shoot all the bullets they have, up front.

UPDATED: The Chicago Tribune, for some odd reason, tries to whitewash Alexi Giannoulias' connection between Obama and Blago concerning the Senate seat appointment, back when senior White House advisor Valerie Jarrett was interested. Here's a more accurate represenation of what really happened. Remember now? We do. Let's see if this issue gets the attention it deserves in Round 2.

UPDATED x2 08/18/10 7:00 a.m.: Here's the Trib's editorial from this morning's paper, salivating for a second trial in the name of justice. In a related story, SOS Jesse White is worried about the fallout for Dems this fall:

"I just hope the people of the state of Illinois will not judge the members of the Democratic Party by the ills of the one individual," said Secretary of State Jesse White, who's running for a fourth term Nov. 2.

Yeah, Jesse. Because the Dems would never seek guilt by association by painting all Republicans as George Bush clones. Would never happen.

Senator Dick Durbin is worried for the skin of Dems, as well, especially Alexi:

“Let’s be honest, we’ve had two governors of opposite political parties who have faced prosecution for misconduct in office,” Durbin said. “And I think that most voters, although they’re probably down on most politicians, will judge candidates as individuals.”

Somebody better send Ellen of the Tenth the memo. But she apparently isn't even aware there was a trial and verdict yesterday, with more to come.


Anonymous said...

when it's ryan and the gop, the media say the party owns the convict and everyone should eat it. when it's bush and the gop, the media says the party owns the guy and everyone should eat it. when it's blago and the dems, the media makes says the party doesn't own it and no one should eat it.

it's a disgusting example of bias and hypocrisy and it's too bad because blago was the democrats guy. He wasn't a nobody that nobody sent, he was a somebody that everybody (in the democrat party) sent and the media is going to completely let them off the hook because god forbid a democrat in this state pay for its parties corruption and we get someone other than a chicago liberal in office.

they had a picture on npr of a blago press release from 2001 from a former aide of his, who is now working for


At least fox news gave the republican party $1 million today.


Anonymous said...


I don't know what planet you currently inhabit, but it must not be this one. Hypocrisy is Fox News calling itself "fair and balanced" and then Rupert Murdoch writing a fat check to the GOP. Hypocrisy is Republicans defending a "right to life" but then denying the life basic social services after one is born.

The fact is, the media was not all at hypocritical for their coverage of Blago. Every Democrat on the planet called his actions wrong and the party immediately ejected him. In constrast, your GOP buddies stuck up for and defended Mark Sanford, Mark Foley, Larry Craig (until they said he might be gay, oh no!),both George and Jack Ryan, AND you defended Bush on Iraq until the polls finally told you to stop.

(However, the GOP was conspicuously silent on Mark "misremember" Kirk and his claim to flying combat missions while serving in Congress, among other things)

There's a distinct difference between our parties and your post reminds me of it starkly. The GOP will do and say anything to win an election. We Dems do not believe in selling our souls for votes and the complete rejection of Blago and his antics by the Dem leadership, as evidenced by the reaction to the Burris appointment, proves it.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

GE which owns msnbc gave 1 million more to democrats than the gop in 2008, that's on top of the 90 percent of journalists who vote for democrats. concerned you don't know bias.

"said they were bad" after the fact, clown. as you can see on the front page, the same year blago was hauled before the feds for the charge he was convicted of, he was WARMLY embraced by local democrats. GEORGEWBUSH never came to the 10th after issues emerged in his administration. He was popular with kirk-when 90 percent of the country was liking him and before he did anything wrong. Even ellen wasn't pissed off back then enough to start a blog and that women complains if a republican says it's sunny on a cloudless day. Blago on the other was backed by democrats through all his messes. He's also been OUT of power for 2 years, so it's even harder for you not to accept blame.

what's worse is the fact that the media STILL holds the gop accountable for bush after 2 elections where the party was brutally punished and members had their careers summarily executed mostly in deep REPUBLICAN districts by REPUBLICANS.

"don't believe in selling our souls" but according to the blago trial you'll sell a senate seat.


Anonymous said...

Team America,

After 6 years I think you and I should know expecting sanity from catwoman is like expecting the truth from dan seals or marital fidelity from Bill Clinton.

Durbin is a punk. I was hoping Mark would take him out in 2002. My guess is he'll be defeated in 2014. It's worth noting that in Durbin's 41 years in Illinois politics the democrats in Illinois have never elected a governor who managed to stay out of jail.


A. Bees said...

CC -

Amazing how quickly you point fingers at Kirk "misremembering" but I don't see you hanging AG our to dry over the family loans? One minute he was the chief loan officer at the bank with the loans were made to "Jaws" Giorango, the next he wasn't but he was taking a salary... Add to that the statement that he didn't know Jaws was a criminal, but AG's brother says that they did know???? So when exactly are your going to recognize and accept that if Kirk lied then AG is just as guilty of the same flaw. If you're gonna drop attacks, then you'd better remember that both sides have a lot of issues.

Anonymous said...

"If you want to stop being offended in life, kill yourself. If you're not willing to kill yourself, then you should find a more mature way to deal with being offended than infringing on the rights of others."

So sayeth the catwoman's blog.

NBC5 previously called catwoman's site "hateist." Now its one step further down the road of complete insanity.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Remember, the Illinois Senate, led by Democrats, tried, convicted, and removed Blago in 1/4 the time of this trial, for 1/25 the cost of this trial, and, unlike this trial, reached a unanimous verdict.