Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10th District Dems Launch Mark Kirk Smear Site: So, Here's the Real Deal Seals

Someone sent me a link the other day to a new website discussing 10th District Congressman Mark Kirk. It's not very flattering, to say the least. It's called wherewasmarkkirk.com, and is proudly offered by the 10th Congressional District Democrats, led by former State Rep. and former Mark Kirk opponent Lauren Beth Gash. As is typical for the Dems, there's not much here at all about Mark Kirk's actual record. Rather, it's simply a laundry list of everything the Dems think is wrong with America, and asks why Mark Kirk hasn't ridden in on a white horse and waived a magic wand to fix everything (you know, like Barack Obama says he will do).

So, not to be outdone, we've created a new adjunct blog we call the Real Deal Seals, dedicated to debunking claims by 9th District resident and 10th District candidate Dan Seals. Visit it here.

Unlike the 10th Dems, though, we'll take a look at Seals' actual statements, positions and half-truths/exaggerations/lies. The voters of the 10th District can then decide whom to vote for (except for Dan - he can't vote for himself. It's a little thing called residency).

We're just getting it off the ground, so the main page is mostly information about Seals that TA regulars already know well, such as Seals' lies and exaggerations about his former position at GE Commerical Finance, his claim to be a Northwestern "professor," and his claim to have taught "thousands" of students in Japan. Also, we look at his campaign finances, his failed gas stunt, and other issues. Coming up, we will add more in-depth looks at his positions on Iraq, health care, Israel, taxes and that sort of stuff.

Stay tuned for more.


Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised by anything that Lauren Beth Gash would be doing these days. Like Ms. Shrill of that other Blog, these people are just obsessed with removing Congressman Kirk from office. Gash will never get over the fact that she lost in 2000. I am more than confident that you, TA, and many of your readers will be able to debunk the outright lies and distortions from this latest attack form. They can't deal with reality and truth, even when they're confronted with it as with the Daily Herald piece a week or so ago that clearly showed Mr. Kirk as Mr. Independent.
Look at it this way, TA, we only have 57 days to endure their baseless and useless new venture.

Anonymous said...

This is great, TA, and much needed. I'm not sure how many people go on the Kirk for Congress website to check the box called "FACT CHECK" to get the true Kirk positions and votes. Your doing what you're doing is just what's needed in these last 2 months. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Remember the top donor to Dan Seals is corrupt New York Congressman Charlie Rangel.

Gave $40,000 - Seals's number one guy.

Anonymous said...

Article in politico today by Josh Kraushaar, formerly of the Hill, but always a douchebag, discussing the race. Mark takes some shots at Dan, but they aren't tough and I sometimes wonder if he truly knows how to actually hit hard. He needs to find a good line of attack on Dan and just hammer him, I would go for corrupt and wedded to failure.

Anonymous said...

Seals is unemployed and backed by corrupt, criminal pols, lead by his lead donor - New York Congressman Charles Rangel.

Anonymous said...


I would strongly invite you and all your readers to go see the new documentary I.O.U.S.A., the truths are pretty frightening. I'm generally a split ticket voter (Kerry/Kirk), but the facts that the documentary reveals about policies that our congressman endorsed are downright scary. Needless to say, I'm not voting split ticket in this election.

El Rider said...

Hmmm. Where was Mark Kirk? Tell those children that he is on the Editorial Page of this morning's (9/10) Wall Street Journal on the subject of Missile Defense. The "can't hit a bullet" with a bullet crowd that has been proven wrong still wants us to have our hands tied behind our back. The members of the Democratic Party claim that they will not support "unproven weapons systems", Obama has said the same silly stuff. These people would have looked at Orville Wright in his Wright Flyer and said "that ther thang 'ill never work." I have always wondered if those people realize that the Wrights flew for the first time in Dec of 1903 and Alan Shepard played golf on the moon in Feb of 1971. Discounting human ingenuity has always been a short cut to the poor house, a lack of understanding human nature is very dangerous and more so in this dangerous world.