Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Real Deal Seals: Dan's Plan to Tax You Into Bankruptcy (UPDATED WITH SEALS WHINING)

While I was going to put up another page soon on Real Deal Seals, this time on Dan's Plan to Tax You Into Bankruptcy, looks like someone beat me to the punch!

As we mentioned below, the Daily Herald is now reporting that "Freedom's Watch" has started running TV ads to support Mark Kirk. The first series is hitting our boy Dan for wanting to raise taxes. Here's the ad:

It's certainly all true -- but I wish they would have provided MORE facts about Seals' tax plan.

So for any reporters out there who might be wondering if the "Freedom's Watch" ad is true or not, I welcome you to check out TA's Real Deal Seals: Dan Seals on Taxes.

Got taxes? Drink Seals.

UPDATED: Dan must be pretty freaked out by the entrance of Freedom's Watch into the 10th District. Guess he didn't see this coming. It's got him about as badly unhinged as Sarah Palin surprised Barack Obama & Co. Just this evening, I got the following e-mail from Team Seals (don't ask how I got on his mailing list). [my comments are in brackets, italicized]

To: Team America [obviously they have me under a different name, or they would not be sending this stuff to TA]

Subject: Dirty Tactics [remember this as you read the e-mail]

They're back. [whaddya mean, "they're back"? Since when has Freedom's Watch run anything in the 10th District? Was this group even around last cycle?]

A right-wing, privately funded swift-boat style ["swift boat" is Dem code for anyone who forcefully disagrees with Democratic dogma] group called Freedom's Watch made a $430,000+ cable advertising buy attacking Dan. [It's okay, I guess, that DCCC has a buy that's about 3x's larger, but let's not talk about that] You may have even seen their latest attack ad that was put on the air today throughout the 10th District of Illinois. [I hope so] Unlike 527 groups, Freedom's Watch is a 501(c)(4) organization, allowing it to conceal financial contributors. [Many of the founding donors are listed on Wikipedia, which is also where it appears the Seals staffers got a lot of their information]

Freedom's Watch is bankrolled by Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire Las Vegas Republican [and who is Jewish, by the way], and the group has been described as the successor of the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" group that attacked John Kerry's military record in 2004. [and did it successfully, we might note]

Freedom's Watch, founded and advised by former Bush White House officials [when in doubt, bring up some connection to GWB], including Karl Rove [for bonus points, throw in Rove], has a long record of distorting facts [telling the uncomfortable truth] in their advertisements, including falsely claiming that Iraq rather than Al-Qaeda was responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001. [better source this one for me, if they can] They've even been forced to pull advertisements they've run in other Congressional races for "false claims and inaccuracies." [Daily Journal, 5/7/08][I looked for this quote/source on the Internet, couldn't find it]

Freedom's Watch showed up at our Fourth of July parades to film Dan. [Hmm..., just like the Seals nutters who follow Mark Kirk around with a camera?]

The footage is coupled with their smears [uh, you mean, the facts] to attack Dan and the positive change [that's all we'll have left is "change", under his tax plan] that he will bring to Washington.

* * * [pitiful plea for money deleted] * * *

Thank you,
Team Seals

OK- so where is the "Dirty Tactics" Seals referred to in the subject line? Is it "Dirty Tactics" to talk about Seals' tax policy and how it will affect working Americans? Once more, Seals proves how Dems can dish it out but simply can't take it.


Anonymous said...

Freedom's Watch is the Republican Jewish Coalition outfit, and Bush-Cheney 04 communications guys getting together to lay it to the democrats. These guys ran the RNC operation in 2004 that was single handedly responsible for destroying Kerry's reputation so I hope Dan is ready to get slaughtered because they play mean and really tough. They have unlimited money thanks to Sheldon Adelson, and if they can turn a war hero into a traitor in 2004...

After Norm Coleman, Mark is probably their most favorite guy on a D hit list so if I was Dan I would be in desperation mode right now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28 (aka DCCC staffer),

Freedom's Watch is a 501c4 -- it has no ties to Jewish groups outside of individual donors perhaps. Also, Swift Boat Vets were the 04 527 that it John Kerry -- not Freedom's Watch.

Not sure why you'd make the Coleman connection, but every buzz word you've put on here appears to be a codeword sent to the Seals campaign or netroots nutsos.

How about Freedom's Watch doesn't like higher taxes, saw the DCCC lay down a big TV buy against Kirk and said to hell with this Seals big-tax guy?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28 -- why do you kneejerk blame Jews? Go back to DailyKos where Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN) says you spew terrible things against Jewish people. Didn't Kos give money to Seals? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Seals is backed by the vicious anti-semites at DailyKos. supporty Seals because of the following exchange:

Goodman: If Iran attacks Israel, whose side should we be on?

Seals: Peace.

Wrong answer. If Iran attacks Israel, we should be on the side of Israel.

No wonder anti-semites at the DailyKos back Seals.

Anonymous said...

Hardly, I am a big fan of TA and Freedoms Watch, which was founded to thwart weak on terror/anti-Israel candidates like Dan. google it. Ellen's histrionics to this point have been humorous if for the fact that they have been over minor things. These guys mean business, Ari Fleisher/Matt David and I can't wait to hear her hit the roof.

Coleman like Mark is pro-Israel and in a tough race against a non-pro Israel candidate.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is Freedom Watch is on target with their message - you don't have to look to far to see the Dems redistribution of wealth formula or the tax them to death formula. It's happening in Illinois right now - Tired of Stroger and the Dem machine sucking money out of your paychecks yet? If so, vote Republican!

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is Freedom Watch is on target with their message - you don't have to look to far to see the Dems redistribution of wealth formula or the tax them to death formula. It's happening in Illinois right now - Tired of Stroger and the Dem machine sucking money out of your paychecks yet? If so, vote Republican!

Anonymous said...

Message hits hard -- everytime someone buys anything in Cook County.

Seals needs to be cautious in going after Freedom's Watch. Fine line between partisanship and anti-Semitism.

Anonymous said...

Dan Seals does not reflect the views of the 10th district and we must not elect him.

Anonymous said...

Let's be very clear: Freedom's Watch has nothing to do with the Republican Jewish Coalition. It's a 501 C 4. Nobody from the Kirk campaign is ever asked or told what they will post on TV. Those are the rules. To say that the RJC is behind any of this is just plain not true. While Sheldon Adelson contributes to Freedom's Watch, he is no way is the total funder. It's upsetting to read posts that are fast and loose with the truth.

Anonymous said...

The idea came from an RJC meeting in miami in 2007, and it's an organization that is loaded and likely to fight hard for Mark because of his support for Israel. Adelson and a bunch of guys Bush made Ambassador to old europe and the Caribbean are the backers. Dan didn't anticipate this and doesn't have the money to fight it so it will do some of Mark's dirty work for him, though he has no links to it.

The only negative is that they don't have a great record and lost races in the south which is really hard for the GOP to do today.

Anonymous said...


Today I received another message from Working Families Win (seems like a George Soros operation) asking me to call our Congressman asking him to oppose the economic bailout. Don't these people understand everyone's IRA's and stocks will drop dramatically if Wall Street fails? We could certainly have a depression if further losses occur. Who are these people to tell residents of the Tenth District our Independent Congressman is only supporting the President?

I've talked to many people who are looking at losses in their Money Market accounts and don't know what to do. How can an anonymous group be allowed to make calls like this? When one calls Working Families Win, they are told their mailbox is full.

Anonymous said...

When this blog started, I briefly had hope that it might actually be a discussion forum for people who want to think, but I hoped for too much. It has become a Mark Kirk echo chamber and nothing more.

One can despise everything Israel does and not be anti-semetic because Israel is a country, not a religion. Some Israelis are Christian; some are Muslim.

Team America said...

Anon 8:32- let me tell you something- clearly the majority of people on this blog, including me, are pro-Kirk. BUT we welcome free discussion and we've NEVER deleted someone based on their opinion here, unlike the Other Blog- where the last documented deletion for disagreement with the host was just this morning.

If you have a different opinion, you're welcome to share and debate with us. Otherwise, don't complain if you can't meet the challenge of intelligent discussion. As long as you're polite and respectful of others, you won't get deleted, which is a much better shake than many get over at Ellen's.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dan, poor whining Dan can dish it out but he seems to not be able to take it. Poor whining Dan. I'm sick and tired of getting those damn calls on my phone from the Soros backed goons under the guise of Working Families Win. Win what? They distort Mark Kirk's positions but that's fine with old whining Dan. Get over it.

And to continue to whine about Freedom's Watch, to say that it's all a bunch of rich Jewish folks is just way over the line. Stop it.
I'd love to see an end to all of the outside pressures in politics.
I'd love to see spending limits in campaigns. When you think of Obama and McCain spending almost a BILLION DOLLARS in the presidential campaign it makes one wonder where and when does it stop. And in this district both the Kirk and the Seals campaigns are raising and spending obscene amounts of money. Limits are surely in order. Dream on, it won't happen in my lifetime, but it should.

So, whine on, Dan. Ask for your $43 to help combat those nasty folks who just want to talk about your plans for our future. What's good for the goose, Dan, is surely good for the gander. Get a life. Better yet, Dan, get a damn job and stop your whining. With each passing day you become more and more irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Hey, TA, Ellen is as big a whiner as Dan. Did you read her current tirade? Somehow she doesn't want to recognize the huge media buy from the DCCC attacking Mark. And she somehow has forgotten about the incessant phone calls from that group calling themselves Working Families win. She doesn't suffer from dementia, but she sure suffers something close to it. She and her couple of cronies plus her ever loyal mom show their true colors. She continues to become more and more harsh and vindictive. I wonder if she has taken to kicking that cat of hers in desperation.

Anonymous said...

Ellen has been on a tirade and has been busy deleting me and others who have a view that differs with hers.

So to summarize her positions, the Seals campaign office break in was a Republican Watergate thing, the Freedom Watch purchase is so nefarious on behalf of Mark Kirk that she is spitting blood, Planned Parenthood and the League of Conservation Voters are idiots for endorsing Mark Kirk and Ellen is fearful for her life, being stalked and harass by evil Republicans.

And so life goes on for the owner of "Democat."

It is all so breath taking over there!

Louis G. Atsaves

Team America said...

LOL, Lou, I think you pretty much summed up the state of panic over there.

Anonymous said...

Lou and TA, it's not even 9 a.m and I'm already in a laughing good mood thanks to the two of you. Can you just imagine what Ellen and her gang of followers, all 5 of them, are doing right now: wringing their hands, pummeliing the cat, trying to figure out what in the hell is going on that is disruptingting their fool proof plan to oust Mark Kirk. Deleting comments is just the tip of what she's doing over there. 40 days to go, guys. This is almost getting to be fun. Almost. Not quite. We need to remain focused and totally committed to getting out the vote to forever silence these weird folks. And then maybe Dan will get a life, a job, and become a participating member of the 9th Congressional District. Hey, I can dream can't I?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the look on Caryn Garber's face when Ellen is defeated yet again. For Democat's sake I hope there are no sharp objects around.

Mark has 4 million for 5 weeks,time to start the bombing raids.

Anonymous said...

It's simply amazing that the responders on that other blog are going nuts over the Freedom's Watch TV spots. They don't seem to deal with the fact that the George Soros funded goons who keep on pummeling the district with phone messages that are way over the top, the DCCC spreading mailing pieces that are bordering on funny, but caustic, as being perfectly fine. Once again, it's their way or the highway. Well, get used to it over there since more is coming. They sure are bad "sports" at the very least. They also can't seem to deal with all of the endorsements that Mark Kirk keeps receiving. What about that can't they understand. Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, the Brady Campaign, NEA, way too many to list again and again. Mark Kirk has earned those endorsements as a result of his votes which are out there for all to see. But not to the followers of the Ellen Beth Gill form of whatever she's spewing these days. 40 more days of this nutty stuff and then hopefully all of them will find something or someone else to annoy.