Monday, September 8, 2008

Dan Seals' Challenge to Mark Kirk Fails to Crack RealClearPolitics' Top 25 Competitive Congressional Races

Well, for all the bluster that Dan Seals has made on the campaign trail about his close run with Illinois 10th District Congressman Mark Kirk (left) in 2006, and a few groups that have labeled this race as one of the most competitive in the nation, this morning's RealClearPolitics report doesn't even have the 10th District in the top 25 of the races where the seat is likely to change.

The RCP report did have Illinois' 11th District (Jerry Weller's open seat) as #17, stating: "Rep. Jerry Weller, a member of the GOP class of 1994, is retiring, and it never helps when the winner of the GOP primary drops out. The replacement candidate, concrete company general manager Martin Ozinga (R), has proven a remarkable fundraiser, which he'll need to be against state Senate Majority Leader Debbie Halvorson (D), a top Democratic recruit with more than $900,000 in the bank by the end of June. Halvorson is favored, but Ozinga has impressed so far."

The GOP has already figured out that Debbie Halvorson is ALSO a beneficiary of scandal-plagued NY Congressman Charlie Rangel's tainted campaign largess (to the tune of about $40,000, at least).


Anonymous said...

Great news for a Monday morning, TA, but we still have a lot of work to do in the next 58 days. The fact that Seals has nothing to show for the past 3 years is finally beginning to take hold with some of his former supporters who are now on the Kirk team. I happened to see the Seal's 'interview' on the Oscar Adler cable program. The best way to describe it would be pathetic. Not only does he totally distort our Congressman's positions on everything from choice to the most recent equal pay for women issue, he's still harping on the Iraq war and George Bush. As I said, pathetic would be the best way to describe it. And as for the Rangel money, don't hold your breath, TA, Dan and his crew have no intention of returning it. They've already spent it!

Anonymous said...

Dan Seals should give back the $40,000 in dirty money he got from the corrupt Charlie Rangel.

Rangel is Seals's number one donor.