Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dan Seals Holds True to Democrats' Usual Double Standard and Criticizes "Washington Hit Men"

The first rule of the Kirk campaign is that "there is no calvary," in other words, Mark Kirk knew that he would be on his own in terms of funding his own campaign this cycle. Not because the national party didn't want to support him, of course, but they needed to spend their more limited resources (compared to the Dems) on those candidates that could not help themselves as well as Kirk can.

Well, it looks like some calvary has indeed arrived, after all, in the form of a TV ad buy from Freedom's Watch, which is an independent political group in the same vein as TA understands that Roll Call reports that the first ad buy is $430,000.

Dan Seals, of course, believes that he is the only candidate entitled to benefit from the support of outside groups, and issued a statement saying, "Washington hit men will do or say anything to distract voters."

Uh, excuse me??? This is the same Dan Seals that soundly criticized the national Democrats for not coming to his aid in the last election? This is the candidate that has gladly accepted the help of the DCCC in the form of a $1.4 million ad buy, plus lots of poorly-crafted mailers that have been blanketing the district lately?

What's that about "Washington hit-men" again, Dan? Is that the glass house you live in shattering I hear?

IN OTHER DEM HYPOCRISY: The News Sun noted the rejection of several Democratic hopefuls to be placed on the fall ballot after their petitions were ruled invalid for various problems, as we reported earlier. The News-Sun reported that Terry Link, Lake County Democratic Chairman, had the following response to this embarrassing defeat:

"Inadvertently, some mistakes were made" in the challenged candidacies. "It wasn't like, 'Oh, we're going to go out and defraud anybody,'" Link added. "If they won the case, they won the case," he said. "Now the electors won't have a choice in those races."

Oh, boo-hoo, those poor electors that won't have a choice. Was Terry Link concerned when he challenged his own opponent, Keith Gray's petitions? That would have removed the electors' "choice" at the ballot, for sure.

Or Kathy Ryg's opponent Dan Sugrue? Or even the Dem's objections to the poor Green Guy, David Kalbfleisch, who was trying to run in the 10th District race with Mark Kirk and Dan Seals?

No, folks, it's just another example of how the rules of law, ethics, morality or fairness just don't seem to apply to Terry Link, Dan Seals, and other Dems.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Link is going to blame the Republicans or that union for this mess up as well...

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget about the Republicans challenging 10th congressional independent candidate Allan Stevo. His case goes before a federal appellate court today.