Monday, September 15, 2008

New Mark Kirk Poll Shows He Maintains Huge Lead Over Seals; New Attack Ad Goes Up Courtesy of DCCC

10th District Congressman Mark Kirk's campaign has released a new poll showing he maintains about a 22 point lead over Dem challenger Dan Seals after months of steady, if uninspired, campaigning by Seals. Also, as expected, DCCC has rolled in with the first of its attack ads, but puts up a sophomoric "Kirk = Bush" piece playing off Kirk as a "rubber stamp." The problem with this is that for anyone who knows Mark Kirk (which is a LOT of voters in the 10th District), they KNOW Kirk is anything but a rubber stamp. DCCC is going to have to do a lot better than this to drive down Kirk's stellar favorables (63%!)

I'm in the middle of trying to do some actual work today, so for now, I'll send you over to Capitol Fax Blog, where Rich Miller has a nice wrap-up and discussion going, including a link to the video, if you are curious to see a real hack piece. Check back here later for more.


Anonymous said...

Rangel also stopped the divorce of his wife of 40 years because she was prepared to testify against him in his income tax evasion case.

Anonymous said...

Mark was up 25 on Dan the last time we did this drill, in OCTOBER.

Granted that included Mark Foley, Bush, and everything else, but this time Dan will have money, a motivated bunch of Obama thugs, and who knows what else.

Anonymous said...

It kind of weird that Seals was able to get all the way up to 46% last time and now nobody knows who he is again -- and don't seem to care.

That's got be demoralizing. Major uphill battle for Seals to do any better than he did last time.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people "forgot" who Dan Deals is. They just know him much better this time around!

Anonymous said...

You've got to check out the FACT CHECK response to the vicious DCCC attack on our Congressman. It's brilliant. Nobody gives a rat's you know what that comes from the DCCC. And, for good measure, nobody cares what Seals says or does since he's as sleezy and off base as his mentors and close friends like Creamer, Rosty, Rangel and their buddies who like spreading the kind of attack nonsense that proves who and what the Pup happens to be. How many ways can you spell LOSER.

Anonymous said...

TA -

You gotta put up this video!

Anonymous said...

Seals only has corrupt friends. Why is Seals silent on:

Blagojevich corruption

Stroger corruption

Link corruption and

The corruption of Seals's top donor, Chairman Rangel who was asked to resign yesterday.