Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cook Report Downgrades Dan Seals; The Pup Releases Final Dying Gasp

My my, how quickly things can change. Just a few short months ago, Dan Seals was bursting with joy as the Cook Political Report upgraded the IL-10 race for Congress to "Toss-Up" -- meaning the pundits had no clear indication of who would win in November.

Dan's had a few problems since then. His number one donor, Charlie Rangel, racked up a few legal and ethical problems. He and Tammy Duckworth broke the law by using state resources for a campaign event. Freedom's Watch decided to make a "substantial" TV buy to let voters know about Dan's plan to tax us into bankruptcy. And now Dan trails Mark Kirk by 22 points.

So it's no wonder the leading political pundit in America -- the Cook Political Report -- the same one Dan screamed about in June -- has downgraded IL-10 from "Toss-Up" to "Lean Republican," giving Mark Kirk the clear edge going into November.

Dan took the news pretty hard. So he released a silly negative ad that allegedly contains little snippets of voice attributed to Mark Kirk. There's no context given to the excerpts or video to prove the voice belongs to Kirk, but the hit itself is pretty silly. Take a look:

The Kirk camp posted a response the other night. Frankly, I'm not clear on what Seals thinks is damning about calling Bush "decisive." I don't hear Kirk saying he agreed with Bush's decisions -- only that Bush is decisive (see the Daily Herald's take on whether Kirk usually agrees with Bush or not). Does Dan think Bush has been indecisive? I doubt it. There are many legitimate criticisms of this administration -- I don't think indecisiveness is one of them.

I also liked how the Daily Herald yesterday pointed out that Dan doesn't always "back the Obama agenda."

The ad doesn't tell voters anything about Dan. And it doesn't really ding Kirk beyond a photo of him with Bush. It appears to be the last gasp from a dying campaign -- it's heartbreaking to watch.


Anonymous said...

I agree- what does Seals gain by Kirk calling Bush decisive? Bush is and I think Kirk stating that just enforces Kirk’s argument that he’s a true independent in this race.

Anonymous said...

I know Barack Obama, I voted against Barack Obama, Dan, you're no Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

Now we have a flood of Democrats giving back the dirty money from corrupt New York Congressman Charlie Rangel - Dan Seals's Number One Contributor.

Congressman Udall (D-CO) just called on Dan Seals's top contributor to resign from Congress.

Think about $500,000 in media is coming Dan Seals's way on this issue?!

Anonymous said...

I think the Seals/10th Dems are also having some odd moments. The October newsletter, out today, has the lead article written by that odd ball, Steve Sheffey, debunking all of Mark Kirk's endorsements leading off with Planned Parenthood, League of Conservation Voters, etc. Talk about pathetic. Their candidate would have given everything in the arsenal to have been given any endorsement from anyone other than unions around here. Sheffey presents a dying gasp in his weird article. The Tribune piece, also out today, doesn't really praise the Pup, it just talks more about the race. I still believe we have a rough and tough race to the finish line and we should take nothing for granted. We won't. Let's all plan on attending the October 19 debate, 2 p.m at Deerfield High School. A large Kirk cheering section should be our priority. Mark it down. Be there.

Anonymous said...

Mark should send out a press release every day from now until the election calling on Dan to release his taxes and refund all his dirty money in the best interest of a free and honest campaign.

This would
1. Give mark a big free media burst.
2.Crush Dan's good government kidneys.

For someone that once considered herself Senate material, Lauren Beth Gash has fallen quite hard to be at the end of a lost pro-abortion endorsement.

Publia said...

I find it troubling that well after over 2 years of campaigning Dan Seals reamains completely unknown locally. I have spoken to one person who has ever seen him where he supposedly lives--Wilmette--and that was campaigning at a train station. Seals appears to have an utter lack of ties to any local institutions with the possible exception of the local Democrat party. Other than a gas station sighting during his gas-for-votes stunt, has anyone ever seen him at a civic group? A club? On the street? At a house of worship? A local school where his children would theoretically attend? I am not talking about campaign appearances, I am talking about personal involvment in the local community. Why has he never been seen except in a campaigning context and does he even really live in the nearby 9th Congressional District at all?

Anonymous said...

Where are the Republicans on this board???

Earlier this year, Mark Kirk was advocating for the government to bailout banks and irresponsible borrowers by using our taxes to buy up junk mortgages. He got his wish in this summer's $300bn housing bill.

Today he voted for $700 bn more in this toxic bailout bill.

You guys on this board are complete sellouts to longstanding Republican principles of fiscal responsibility and the free market.

I can understand if Mark Kirk has to be a social liberal in this district. I can understand if he talks about leaving Iraq. But if I can't trust him to be a conservative on economic issues, what is he good for???!!!