Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dem Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran Endorses GOP State's Attorney Mike Waller; Lambasts Dem Challenger Jacobs and Takes Heat From Terry Link

Wow, talk about opening up a can of whoopass. As we reported yesterday, Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, a Democrat, endorsed incumbent GOP State's Attorney Michael Waller. If that wasn't enough to shock you, though, you really had to hear Curran's attack on Waller's Democratic challenger, Cook County assistant state's attorney Michael Jacobs.

After lauding Waller for his 18-year record as state's attorney and 35-year legal career, Curran then took the political hatchet to Jacobs. Curran noted that Jacobs had filed for personal bankruptcy, but as his home was threatened by foreclosure, he deeded the property to his mother. Curran contended that Jacobs could not be trusted with the $17 million budget of the Lake County State's Attorney's office if he could not handle his personal finances.

Curran called Jacob's career in the Cook County State's Attorney's office (hey, don't they have a residency requirement? Just askin') undistinguished and noted that he'd never been promoted to a supervisory or management position, even though Jacobs has worked there for 20 years.

Curran even went into Jacob's personal demeanor and maturity, noting that Jacobs had been suspended for coaching football for violent and inappropriate outbursts (TA hears the 'F-Bomb' was involved) in Gurnee football.

While none of the news articles that appeared as of this writing got hold of Lake County Democratic Chairman (and 30th District State Senator) Terry Link for comment, his right-hand hatchetman, "Sneaky" Pete Couvall, didn't waste any time berating the endorsement. According to Couvall, Waller and the Lake County GOP "took advantage of a guy [Curran] who is not a politician."

Well, isn't that interesting, Pete. Do you mean that Curran simply hasn't been around long enough to know how the game is played and that he's supposed to take his orders from Terry Link, as to what he does and when he does it?

According to the Daily Herald, Curran admitted getting heat from his party's leaders after word of the pending endorsement spread. "I received an unpleasant call or two," Curran said. "I will not prostitute or whore myself on behalf of any political candidate."

Thank goodness there's at least one Democratic Lake County official who isn't scared of Terry Link. Maybe after this (and in light of the recent indictments of Link's campaign workers), more will follow as Link's formerly iron grip on the Democratic party continues to rust away.

Oh, did we mention that those two indicted petition circulators also circulated for Michael Jacobs? Well, we just did (again).


Anonymous said...

You've got to smile and have a new sense of hope after reading this post, TA. THANK YOU. Can't wait to hear what else Couvall has to say about all of this. Don't expect a peep out of Link. I have renewed respect for Mark Curran for having the guts to do what we all know is right: endorse a man with the integrity and the commitment that's neededd to serve those of us here in Lake County. Now do you suppose anyone with brains, intergrity AND a sense of right and wrong to do the same when it comes to endorsing Mark Kirk over that other guy? Do you want take a bet? Oh yes, and have you seen some of the DCCC mailing pieces in support of the The Pup? Send those fools back to school so they learn how to spell!! Somehow the word 'policiies' has become 'police' in their most current inaccurate piece slamming Kirk. Yep, this IS the silly season.

Anonymous said...

OK, let me ask a silly question here. According to the website of the Lake County Democrats, Peter Couvall no longer holds the position of Vice-Chairman or any other position.

So then how did he become the spokesman for the Lake County Democratic Party?

Just asking!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

I have renewed respect for Mark Curran for having the guts to do what we all know is right: endorse a man with the integrity and the commitment that's neededd to serve those of us here in Lake County.

This is all about a paycheck. It has nothing to do with guts. Curran's wife works for Waller. She is a supervisor who stands to be replaced if Waller loses.

Team America said...

Anon 10:21, your comment seems a bit schizophrenic. To your second point (which seems to be to be inconsistent with your first), why in the world would Jacobs replace the wife of the DEMOCRATIC sheriff if he won? At least, why would he have done that before Curran went on record for Waller? Doesn't make sense, try again.

Besides, if you're suggesting that Jacobs would immediately fire all the experienced attorneys in the office for political payback, simply because the man at the top is from the opposing party, Jacobs definitely doesn't deserve to be elected. What if Curran had fired all the sheriff's deputies when he took over from Del Re?

Anonymous said...

I am diehard republican, love Mark, love making ellen's head explode (abortion is a favorite issue), but just got the rnc tape of the palin interview on foreign affairs and she looks like a pta mom in the worst possible way. The way she does her talking points (and I have been around a number of these folks) you get the sense she is out of her league in a big way.

I hope mccain knows how to manage expectations because I can just see the media exploding on her for something.

Anonymous said...

When Couvall gets indicted, Curran will jail him. Too good to wish for.