Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keith Gray Unveils New Video Ad Against State Senator Terry Link; Thieves Rob Dan Seals Office In Waukegan But Leave Poll Data Showing Seals Lagging

Waukegan businessman Keith Gray, who is challenging State Senator Terry Link in the 30th Senate District, has unveiled a new video ad. As you might expect, it's heavy on Link's problems such as the petition scandal and his ties to Rod Blagojevich.

It will be interesting to see how widespread the Gray campaign can afford to disseminate the video, but it's a nice little piece. I don't know if Terry Link has EVER done a TV ad, but we'll see if this spurs him to try some new things, after years of complacency.

10th DISTRICT CRIME WATCH: Several media outlets including the News-Sun are reporting that Dan Seals' small Waukegan campaign office was recently broken into. Apparently the thieves were persistent, and after failing at breaking in through the back, simply broke the glass in the front. They stole a bunch of computer equipment and other supplies. TA has an alibi.

Apparently no useful campaign data was stolen because Seals doesn't have any. After all, what good are internal polls showing him 22 points down to Mark Kirk?

All kidding aside, it's good no one was hurt, and considering Seals' office was right on one of main drags, Genesee Street, right across the street from the revamped Genesee Theater, it shows that Waukegan has still got a lot of work to do to make it a safer downtown where families are going to feel comfortable going for entertainment.


Anonymous said...

You have to document your sources in ads. Good line on seals, and polls, ta. I think this is probably a self-inflicted wound designed to pump air into a deflated campaign. Who else would break into a campaign, a suburban soccer mom from team kirk seeking revenge?

Any link to Mark's new ad?

Anonymous said...

I think the Seals 'break in' is a half-ass fundraising stunt by his campaign staff. Didn't you think it was odd how they detailed what they need to replace the 'stolen' items? The office is on the main street in Waukegan. The whole thing is very suspect, but so typical of Seals and his antics.

And the folks on that other blog are taking about Kirk signs on vacant property. Not so. What they fail to understand or acknowledge is that the 'vacant' land is owned by Kirk supporters who want signs on those places. One of the more notable places is just west of Rt. 41 on Rt. 22. That parcel of land belongs to a very strong Kirk fan. Watch for a pretty large 4 x 4 Kirk for Congress sign to appear very soon.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Shrill and her mom seem to implying that the breakin at the Seals office in Waukegan might just be something tied to the Kirk organization. The apple surely didn't fall far from that tree. Ellen Beth Shrill can't face reality and her mom is the ever present echo. What nonsense. Unless they have some solid proof of their accusations they ought to be careful in what they're saying. You can tell we're well into the silly season.

Team America said...

I went over to Ellen's to look for myself, and some nefarious political involvement does seem to be what she and her mom are implying.

First, trashing your own office to get publicity is the oldest trick in the book (according to one of my sage partners down the hall; apparently I'm too young and naive to have thought that would be likely.) Thus, if there is any political angle here, it's more likely Seals' own team than anyone else.

But more to the point: even overlooking the fact that no one affiliated with Kirk (or the Lake County GOP) would stoop so low, you don't go and bust up the opposition's office when you're 20 points ahead. Duh.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic is how I see it. Gill and her mom are two ladies with way too much time on their hands. And you're right, TA, in the olden days, and some of us are old enough to recall such stunts in dear old Chicago, this kind of stunt was common practice. Now that I think of it, perhaps Creamer or Rosty or the whole team over there thought it might be a clever ploy. Who knows. Let's see if there are suckers who might actually send some cash to help them out right now. Silly season is upon us. Big time.

Anonymous said...

Seals broke into his own office. It was like the time Gash ran an illegal phone operation against Kirk until she realized the fed could trace the calls.

Dems getting desperate...

Anonymous said...

Dan is from Jan's district, a less sophisticated area full of dirty tricksters and government leaches. This is only the beginning. No telling what kind of deals are being cut to ship bodies up here to ensure he gets every last bit of his 42% of the vote.

Also congratulations to the Illinois Senate on passing an ethics bill. It's always great to see grownups pretend to police themselves.