Sunday, September 14, 2008

Keith Gray Revs Up For Race Against Terry Link

My good friend Keith Gray is really starting to turn up the heat on State Senator and Lake County Democratic Chairman Terry Link (D-Waukegan). This weekend, this billboard went up on Washington Street in downtown Waukegan, just west of the courthouse, where Terry Link will likely have to see it every day when he's in town.

Keith is also airing a 60-second ad on WKRS and WXLC. Listen to the ad here.

Meanwhile, both of Link's indicted campaign workers have now been picked up and arrested. Kenneth Davison made bail, but no word on Jerry Knight, who they picked up in Minnesota and extradited back to Lake County at the end of August.

I will try to get an update on whether Knight made bail or if Link is letting him rot in jail, and also check on when the next court date for both men is (UPDATED- court date for arraignment of both men is 9/17). The interesting question is whether either or both will flip on Pete Couvall and Link, considering that Couvall and Link are claiming that Davison and Knight 'hustled' them, and they had nothing to do with the petition forgeries.

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