Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RNC Starts Off With Red Meat From Fred Thompson

The RNC got off to a great start with former U.S. Senator, former presidential candidate and actor Fred Thompson. See the CNN video here. Thompson rightly pointed out, among other things, the "state of panic" that the selection of Governor Sarah Palin has the 'other side' in. Fred also recounted McCain's experience as a war hero, and I had no idea the challenges (to use a very mild word) McCain went through as a POW in Vietman, including the beatings and other torture McCain survived, for FIVE AND A HALF YEARS. Wow.

Of course, the news that Governor Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant took many by surprise and raised the issue of whether McCain's vetting process was sufficient. But, there could be quite a silver lining in this supposed cloud, as it is sure to highlight the differences between Barack Obama and his notion that a baby is a "burden," with the attitude of Governor Palin and her family, which has evidenced an outpouring of support and love for her daughter, and a firm commitment that is consistent with her espoused beliefs. And, for anyone who thought that McCain and Palin were going to shrink from this controversy, it is being reported this morning that the father of Palin's future granddaughter will attend the RNC! That's called putting your beliefs on the front line, unlike the other side, which, if anything, is even worse than the Clintons when it comes to shifting political views to fit the poll taken that day.

So far, the biggest downside of the convention is that Mark Kirk was not able to address the convention due to the hasty rescheduling caused by the amazing GOP response to hurricane Gustav. But, unlike Dan Seals, his opponent, at least Kirk was invited to address the nation at his convention.

As the RNC momentum builds, let's see if the bounce McCain gets is enough to bring him even again with Obama in the polls, and we'll go from there... All I know is that back home in Lake County, the requests for McCain signs is so high that we simply can't keep up with demand. That's a very good sign.


Anonymous said...

"If Vietnamese torturers couldn't break John McCain, the angry left has no chance."

Dan Seals is a card carrying member of the angry left.

Sorry Dan - get a job.

Anonymous said...

If Fred Thompson had shown the fire during his short aborted primary campaign that he showed last night we might have had a different candidate. He was awesome!