Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Caused this Mess? The Answer On Video

Earlier today we asked (somewhat rhetorically) who was to blame for the current financial mess.

This video answers everything. If you ever wanted to counter Ellen, Nancy Pelosi and every other Dem who thinks that GWB is responsible for not regulating the banks and Wall Street closely enough, watch this all the way through.

h/t: redstate.com


Anonymous said...

TA! McCain's slipping in battleground states! What do you think he can do to gain back ground?

Anonymous said...

3 weeks ago my friends on the McCain campaign were planning their white house appointments- a lot can change so be careful. 30 seconds is a career in politics, 30 days is forever.

Not smart of Mark to rip Palin yesterday, you're a GOP-act like it ,and how b.s. is it that the woman doing the v.p. debate just wrote a book praising Obama?

Anonymous said...

Dan Seals's company GE is going under.

Good work Dan!