Monday, September 8, 2008

Will Charlie Rangel's Ethic Issues Ever End? Will Dan Seals Ever Give Rangel's Money Back? (Hint: same answer for both questions) (UPDATED)

Not to keep you guessing, but it would seem the answers to today's questions are "no" on both counts. Over the weekend, the New York Times reported on yet another aspect of New York Congressman Charlie Rangel's troubled and ethically-challenged finances. This time, it's about an interest-free loan he received from a top supporter. Read all about it here.

Even Nancy Pelosi has decided enough was enough and is supporting an ethics investigation.

But, what about 10th District Dem nominee Dan Seals? Has he said anything about his mentor and patron Charlie Rangel's ethical lapses and challenged accounting practices? Has he ever asked Rangel why he wants to raised everyone's taxes, but doesn't want to pay any himself? Has he given any consideration to returning over $50,000 that he has received from Rangel? Which, by the way, makes him SEALS' TOP DONOR... (looks like someone is going to have to update the Seals-Rangel video with all this new stuff that is hitting the papers on a daily basis).

VIDEO UPDATE: Looks like someone must've been reading my mind from my original post this morning. Here's a video clip dealing with the latest in Rangel Revelations. (h/t Backyard Conservative)

Do the people of the 10th District really want a Congressman that has been bought and paid for by a guy from New York that can't keep on the right side of the tax law?

The answer to all of these questions is the same. "NO."

LAKE COUNTY UPDATE: Had a great time at the Lake County GOP picnic yesterday- so much so, that I didn't even capture any pictures, but I'll try to get someone to send me some. Along with musical entertainment, great food, and lots of stuff for the kids, we had speeches by Congressman Mark Kirk, 8th District challenger Steve Greenberg (running against Melissa Bean), and a host of other GOP stars. Lake County GOP Chairman Dan Venturi kept the program moving nicely.


Anonymous said...

I found this site from my office in New York. I wouldn't worry too much about Rangel. He has to have a good criminal lawyer to defend against our US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Anonymous said...

That is a very funny video. Dan Seals is doing so badly I almost feel sorry for him!

Team America said...

No quarter, Anon 3:59.