Monday, September 8, 2008

Barack Obama's Latest Endorsement: Former Drug Addict and All-Around British Wacko Russell Brand

THIS is the guy who's the latest to endorse Barack Obama for president of the world. Last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, British comedian/actor/celebutante/whatever Russell Brand took up some stage time to urge Americans to vote for Barack Obama “on behalf of the world,” and called George W. Bush a "retarded cowboy fella", which he must not have known doesn't go over too well in this country.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Obama is running for president of the United States, not the world. Don't make me repeat this again.

If you don't know Brand (and who in the U.S. did, before this?) according to the Wikipedia entry on this yo-yo:

He dresses in a flamboyant bohemian fashion describing himself as looking like an "S&M Willy Wonka." He has bipolar disorder. He is a former heroin addict, sex addict, alcoholic and has had numerous run-ins with the police, having been arrested 11 times for public indecency. During the time of his addiction, he was known for his debauchery, a notable example being his ejection from The Gilded Balloon, in Edinburgh. He has abstained from drug use since 2003 and is now a patron of the addiction charity Focus 12. His abandonment of drugs and alcohol was instigated by his agent John Noel. He did so with the help of the Hare Krishnas, to whom he feels "indebted".

Also according to Wikipedia, he apparently showed up to work at MTV dressed up as Osama Bin Laden the day after 9/11 (and was fired by MTV for it. What were they thinking asking this guy to now host a national awards show?).

I would expect Senator Obama to repudiate this endorsement any minute now. Or is Obama proud to rack up yet another "celebrity" endorsement?


Anonymous said...

TA, this whole thing just gets scarier by the second. Having the likes of this scum bag endorse Obama makes me wonder what the junior senator really IS seeking on November 4. And if you're waiting for any kind of repudiation from the Obama campaign, forget it. Watching the poll numbers move against Obama is a ray of sunshine on this otherwise gloomy day. I'm old enough to recall when solid citizens were part of the political process. This weirdo is just too much to try to understand.

kellyann1293 said...

I've not watched MTV in years, and hearing about Mr. Brand and his over-the-top idiocy only serves to confirm that I've made the right choice. He's certainly got a right to say what he wants in our wonderful country, and for now, I still have the right to say he's a disgusting pig. I hope Obama's supporters are proud of this latest endorsement.

Anonymous said...

TA: its ok to do the national stuff but your forte is telling us the shenanigans of Seals, Link and Washington.

Team America said...

I know, but on this nutbag, I couldn't resist. I have an issue with people who think that the U.S.'s "standing" in the world has been so damaged, and is such an important issue, that we need to take a friggin' poll of Europeans to decide who we can vote for for OUR president.

Note also that this was the third post of the day. 'nuf 'sed.

Don't worry, we have a lot more local stuff cooking.

Anonymous said...

Many people in this country say much worse about Dubya. "War criminal" comes to mind. Maybe that's why he has around a 30% approval rating. Some idiots never realize when someone is lying to them or just incompetent.

Team America said...

Shall we compare that to the much worse approval rating of the do-nothing Dem Congress? Try again.

Anonymous said...

Congress deserves its low rating too. Irrelevant. The comment was about Bush.

Anonymous said...

This guy is on something, but then again 90% of democratic staffers have tried something or have something so it's kind of their sop.

I am a diehard gop who signed on with mark before he was congressman kirk, worked on the hill and in previous gop administrations going back to 41, and all in, but I am really pissed and not a fan of these videos I have been seeing about Sarah Palin.

It was ok for W to go to bob jones since that was a political stunt,but to have someone in office who actually believes that junk especially with so little experience, I am starting to get a little pissed.

If we lose after november 4, we are going to have to as a party do some serious inward looking reassesments since it is clear from this campaign that all we have right now are god and the flag and that's not quite enough.

Anonymous said...

The pathetic reality is that Palin has more executive experience than McCain, Obama, and Biden combined. Thank #43 for indirectly ensuring voters are screwed regardless of the outcome. Obama is the personification of vague platitudes but, in 2008, the Republican ticket also wants to be seen as asimilar to Mr. 30%, even if that means offering substandard candidates.

Anonymous said...

All i ever hear from TA is Obama's "empty rhetoric" and "platitudes", since you all seem incapable of reading his website or his books (The Audacity of Hope would be a solid start) then I suppose it's time to answer your questions. So come on then, what is it you want to know about our next president? All I've heard from the McCain campaign, Lou, and TA is that being shotdown over Vietnam gives you an automatic ticket to become president regardless of the fact that McCain has presented NO policy options or solutions regarding the top 3 major issues of this election: the Economy, 2 Wars, and Healthcare. Then, to make it worse, McCain selects a VP who has no track record of dealing with ANY of these issues, especially the 2 Wars. If you want to attack Obama, find problems with his ideas, not who endorses him.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

P.S. Obama's plan to "raise taxes" as McCain would call it, doesn't exist. He only will let the Bush cuts expire in an effort to close the projected $400 BILLION BUDGET DEFICIT. That extra money will help us get somewhat back to a balanced budget. If only the Republicans knew what that felt like....feel free to ask Bill Clinton....

Anonymous said...


I call Obama the "personification of vague platitudes" precisely because I have listened to him speak and visited his website.

His health care proposal is typical Democratic B.S.: subsidizing for profit insurance with tax payer money to achieve universal or near universal coverage. That is corporate welfare in action.

On Iraq and foreign policy, his "position," or lack thereof, is nothing more than an assertion that the U.S. military is killing the wrong people. With Obama as President, the USA would still be the "world police" scorned by the rest of the planet. That's not the "hope" or "change" for which I'm looking. It is consistent with current U.S. interventionist policy.

I don't care what Obama or McCain says about the economy because presidents don't control that, even if they like to make promises for the votes.

If you reread my comment more closely, you'll note that I am not a fan of McCain either so, if you care to respond, please speak to Obama's shortcoming rather than attacking McCain as a distraction.