Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Since You Brought It Up, Where's YOUR Courage to Say "NO", Dan Seals?

Dan Seals gets his own words in his new commercial thrown back at him in the face of his lack of "courage" to say "no" to the more than $55,000 in contributions he's taken from ethically-challenged Congressman Charlie Rangel.

Guess for some people, money trumps guts every time.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked Mr. Seals what he thinks of Rangel's troubles? Other Democrats, like Rep. Sander Levin of Michigan, are standing by Charlie.

If Mr. Seals won't give back all that money, he must approve of Charlie's actions.

Anonymous said...

The front page of ROLL CALL is filled with Rangel stories. And yes, Sander Levin, that's Senator Carl Levin's brother, IS standing by old Charlie. We haven't heard what transpired in that closed door meeting with Pelosi last night. One look at who would succeed Rangel as head of Ways and Means gives one a real Excedrin headache. Perhaps that's why there's a lot of foot dragging. Pete Stark is a loose cannon. Others in line also have a lot of "baggage". Bottom line for those of us back here in the 10th: Seals is in 'bed' with some odd bedfellows, over and over and over.

Anonymous said...

Dan looks like a pre-pubescent intern in his latest commercial whining about W. The media will not care about this campaign until late, and the fact that Obama is slipping big time nationally will hurt dan.

One last point, if you look at Mark's polls from 2006 he was up much bigger until Dan aired ads, and he will be hit a lot harder this time so he has to do better than he's done so far. It means going nuclear, and getting smart. I would go for Israel myself.

I know he beat Comrade Gash in 2000, but that was a different environment and McGovern is a lot smarter than the current team.

Anonymous said...

Seals is sleaze

Anonymous said...


When will the next installment of Real Deal Seals come out?

We are on pins and needles.

Team America said...

There's been a lot going on lately, as you can tell, and I can't outsource to the DCCC like Seals. That being said, give me a couple days and we'll get the good stuff up. Seals, being a weasel, is also hard to pin down on some of these issues.