Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin: Moose-Huntin' Awesome! (UPDATED)

Well, I just got done watching Sarah Palin and keeping one eye on the liveblog from They ought to have copyrighted the "moose-huntin' awesome" line. I highly recommend tuning in to the TV feed and having your computer on to watch the commentary... it's like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for politics.

Democrats ought to be very, very concerned.

Here's a copy of the prepared remarks in case you missed it. But if you did, find it on the web and watch it!

A couple of choice lines, among many (and Rudy had a ton of zingers, too!):

"In politics, there are some candidates who use change to promote their careers. And then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change."

"[Obama] is a man who can give an entire speech about the wars America is fighting, and never use the word "victory" except when he's talking about his own campaign."

"I've learned quickly, these past few days, that if you're not a member in good standing of the Washington elite, then some in the media consider a candidate unqualified for that reason alone.
But here's a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion - I'm going to Washington to serve the people of this country."

"I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a "community organizer," except that you have actual responsibilities. I might add that in small towns, we don't quite know what to make of a candidate who lavishes praise on working people when they are listening, and then talks about how bitterly they cling to their religion and guns when those people aren't listening."

And that shot of little Piper fixing the hair of baby Trig? Wow.

Good-Bi-den isn't going to know what hit him. Not to mention the anointed one.

I need to bill someone for something tomorrow, so I need my sleep. But the comments are now open for any night-owls.

UPDATED: Fox has the transcript from Sarah'cuda's speech last night.


Anonymous said...

Four years ago, Obama gave a speech and a national political star was born. Tonight, Palin gave a speech and a national political star was born. Congratulations Ms. Palin!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

WOW! TA and Lou, you are both spot on. Tonight we saw a woman with the Harvard pedigree but with REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE get on the national stage and hit a home run with the bases loaded and MORE. What you cite, TA, is great. There's not enough room to get all the great stuff from her well delivered acceptance speech, but I hope that the other side now understands that Sarah Palin IS worth a second look and could easily be our VP on 11/4. I thought that Rudy had some great lines tonight, also well delivered. No, it's not going to be easy or fun in the next 58 days, but I think we have reason to be a lot more optimistic right now. Go Sarah, Go!

Anonymous said...


There's a strong difference between Senator Obama and Mayor Palin (after all, running the smallest state in the union and a town smaller then any in Northern Illinois is a great resume), Obama's remarks which you want to compare to Palin's rallied the nation around the cause of unity. Palin's remarks rallied the hardcore right wing of the Republican party around the cause of smearing Barack Obama, not electing John McCain. In these past two weeks, the true dichotomy of our two major political parties has shown itself to be true. If you watched the DNC, you would have noticed that each speech supporting Obama not only centered around the problems that have been caused by the Bush Administration during the past 8 years--there were enough problems to easily fill 4 days of speeches--but around what Obama will DO to FIX these problems. I have watched the RNC equally as close and have only seen the following two phrases:
1. John McCain is a War Hero and Ready to Lead
2. Barack Obama is a dirty liberal who wants to take your money, fool America and eat your children (oh wait, the children was referenced in discussion to Sarah Palin's teriffic parenting skills and teaching of her GOP values)

There stands one key difference between these conventions, not once in the past 2 and a half days have I heard 1 Republican (even Joe Lieberman was guilty of this) tell this nation what McCain will do as President. All we know is that he is a war hero and he is ready to take command of our military and use it to whatever end he desires. NOT ONCE have I heard how McCain will solve the problems of rising healthcare costs, a failing housing market, rising gasoline prices, developing alternative fuels, a new immigration policy, or how he will restore our status in the world community which has been all but destroyed by George W. Bush. The Republican Party is hitting the panic button on this election and the ONLY way they seem to be able to rally any semblance of support is to falsely paint Obama as something he is not, elitist. Even on the footsteps of McCain not knowing how many houses he owned!! Obama turned down 7 figure job offers from many fortune 500 companies to go work for his money as a civil rights lawyer. McCain has never worked an honest job in his life, he married a wealthy woman and has been a CAREER POLITICAN---that is clearly NOT going to change the Washington that had molded him.

We are in serious trouble as a nation and we need people with serious ideas to solve that trouble and John McCain and his buddies can wave a pair of Vietnamese prison bars in our faces all he wants, but those bars aren't going to insure people or bring them out of poverty. Those bars are not going to reverse an over $180 BILLION BUDGET DEFICIT, those bars will not bring down the price of Gasoline, those bars will not fix a No Child Left Behind program that is hurting the schools that need help the most.

So Louis, you and TA can continue to back the old man and his little Alaskan nurse, but neither of them are going to make America a better place for the majority of Americans. Sure, TA might get a few hundred dollars off his next income tax and use it to go buy a new BMW, but that money would be much better spent on teaching poor children to read or researching the technology to fuel his BMW once the oil pumps run dry. The time for petty politics and mud is over, if the GOP truely wants to better America, they are going to need a lot more the a war record
and tough talk. The time for clowning around like kids on a playground is over.
No Way. No How. No McCain.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

Colonial - get a life, Palin rocked and you could hear the Dems sputtering on MSNBC.

But I know defeat will be hard for you -- we at TA feel your pain.

Please write more 174 paragraph items to show us how scared you are.

Anonymous said...

She absolutely f---ing killed it tonight. Absolutely nailed it and as a Republican I haven't felt this good since the halcyon days of 2000-2004. The one liners were dea

Having worked in d.c. lately the biggest problem there is that it's full of preening career building fringe sob's, meet Jan Schakowsky, Obama or Biden. This woman is not at all like that and you can just see her getting in the grill of some do nothing democrat giving them hell.

She and Mac will be a great team, and I just hope we sustain the offensive from tonight.

Team America said...

Concerned Colonial- as the assigned Obama troll for this blog, I guess that's what we expected of you. "The old man and his little Alaskan nurse", huh? Well, I guess ageism and sexism is just fine when the Dems dish it out, but woe be to the GOP going after such ad hominem attacks.

After watching Governor Palin last night, hearing the early pundit buzz and scanning the headlines this morning, I don't even feel the need to respond to your drivel. But please feel free to keep commenting here so we can have a punching bag this fall.

Sarah'cuda Rocks!!!

Team America said...

BTW, CC, not that it's any of your business, but I drive an 8-year old station wagon (Mercury), not a Beemer. So go peddle class warfare over at Ellen's, we don't need any here.

Anonymous said...

Colonial- no way no how noBama got multiple "seven figure" job offers from many Fortune 500 companies when he got out of law school (even coming from Harvard). You can ask TA and Lou Atsaves what the starting salary is even today for the best first year lawyers at the biggest firms, which is around $160,000--and it was obviously a lot less back in the 80s. Certainly a comfortable salary!!! But, $1,000,000 job offers? You and your boss are living in a fantasy world.

Like TA says, better check in with headquarters to make sure they know what kind of nonsense you're trying to push here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Concerned Colonial, nice try but you're way off base today. Not one paper is giving Sarah Palin anything but HIGH marks and HIGH praise for last night. Alaska might be the smallest state but this woman has shown what it takes to lead. Can you please show us one instance where our junior senator has actually done something when he was in the IL Senate or in DC? Come on, let's hear it. The guy has the weakest resume of all. He can read a teleprompter better than most. But what has he achieved? Voting present more than 130 times in Springfield isn't an enviable record. And you do know that he never had a meeting of his Senate committee to date. Guess it's hard, CC, when he has spent the lion's share of his time on OUR DIME out there running for yet another office. So, CC, get over it. Sarah Palin HAS a record of achievements in her position as Mayor of Wasilla and surely as Gov. of Alaska. I can't wait to read your comments.

Anonymous said...

HEY FOLKS....LAY OFF CONCERNED COLONIAL...he and his kind are doing a magnificant job for our side and indeed for all of America.

See my friends, what the liberal elite like COLONIAL do not understand is that American's know Washington is broken and out of touch. Sarah Palin is a rare breath of fresh air. By denegrating women, her family, her small town roots and experience they are driving voters to her.

The American people like genuine people they don't like snobs and they will reward that in November.

I even heard some liberal blow-hard today making fun of the whole "Juneau" type small town nature of the Palin's and how "gasp" Mr. Palin even rides a snowmobile and what's a "hockey mom, isn't that a violent sport".

Well, my friends, whoever captures the White House this year will need to win states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio and I will tell you this, there are lots of snowmobile riding, hockey moms and dads in those states and there are certainly more small towns than big cities.

So, COLONIAL, I hope you and your side dig in and keep up your attack on small town America, the American family. We'll see how far it gets you.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Colonial,

I can only respond to you here as your hero who runs the "other" blog site has been deleting my comments. You know, Ms. Free Speech herself? She is upset because I took her to task when Kirk and others were gathering items, including bottled water, for the hurricane victims. She was more concerned about recycling plastic bottles than about the victims who needed water and were without electricity and access to clean water. I called her heartless for her heartless position. The truth hurts.

So to respond to you here:

It's NOT "Mayor Palin" but GOVERNOR PALIN!

Alaska is not the "smallest" state in the Union and thus an unimportant backwater region of the USA you limo liberals like to sneer at, but the state with the greatest natural resources of all the states, including minerals and energy along with natural reserves.

Moderates who flock to McCain as a candidate are traitors in your extreme leftist Democratic eyes. The VP candidate of 2000 for the Democrats, Joseph Lieberman, endorsed McCain. McCain worked extensively with Senator Feingold (D-WI) on several matters, crossing the aisle for the good of the nation. That is but one of many examples. Obama in the State House and in the US Senate toes the party line by comparison and never reached across the aisle.

Does Obama sound like a unifier under those circumstances, or does McCain?

Democrats have controlled Congress the past 2 years. All the "problems" of this nation caused by George Bush/Republicans, remain I guess, because the aptly named "do-nothing" Congress the past two years has does nothing to "fix" these so-called problems.

Democrats deflect their failures the past two years by blaming the party that is out of power in Congress, Republicans!

So you want apologies from me? Fine!

I'm sorry the war in Iraq is winding down in our nation's favor and in favor of our allies and friends in Iraq. I'm sorry that news clashes with the campaigns of Obama and Seals on this subject,

I'm sorry the surge pushed by McCain and opposed by Obama and Seals and all of your types has succeeded, bringing peace to Iraq.

I'm sorry that gasoline prices have soared the past two years (almost doubling) under the watchful eye of the "do-nothing" Democratic Congress, which chose to adjourn rather than debate and work on solutions to our energy problems. I'm sorry I oppose sending more "do-nothing" Democrats to Washington right now, like Dan Seals.

I'm sorry that those soaring energy prices have slowed the economy, forcing many layoffs, and increasing human misery, while the "do-nothing" Congress did nothing and adjourned for summer vacation.

I'm sorry that soaring gasoline prices have been met with huge increases in heating energy costs and huge electrical bill increases, compliments of the Democrats in Springfield in rushed through those huge increases at the expense of the general public,

I'm sorry that the successes of "community organizer" Barack Obama were not extolled at the Republican Convention, just like the successes of John McCain were not extolled at the Democratic Convention,

I'm sorry that I remain skeptical of Obama's claims to fix and improve public education nationwide, having miserably failed to do so while a neighborhood community organizer, while a Springfield legislator and while a U.S. Senator, and while Obama sends HIS kids to PRIVATE SCHOOLS,

I'm sorry that Barack Obama has never singled out and attacked political corruption in Illinois within his own political party, while Palin had the AUDACITY to take on a corrupt Republican establishment in Alaska,

I'm sorry that Barack Obama, the candidate for "change" endorsed Richard Daley for Mayor, Emil Jones for Senate President, Todd Stroger for County Board President, Rod Blagojevich for Governor, and other lame instruments of the same corrupt status quo within the Illinois Democratic party, His lack of audacity in this field is mind-boggling!

I'm sorry that speaker after speaker last night told you specifically how McCain would move our nation forward and that you didn't listen, making you an uninformed voter,

I'm sorry that Palin's husband's DUI charge of 20+ years ago was brought into the campaign by idiot Democrats, along with the Down's Syndrome child, while Obama's cocaine usage 20+ years ago remains barely mentioned (fortunately for Obama he was not arrested for possession),

I'm sorry that as a Mayor and Governor, Palin hired and FIRED people, making her the first Mayor and the first Governor in the country to ever fire people,

I'm sorry that the people Palin fired are so unhappy to be fired, instead of being overjoyed,

I'm sorry that George W. Bush is not on the ballot this year so that you can vote against him and that the Constitution barred him from seeking a third term so that you can vote against him,

I'm sorry that you Democrats are trying to turn McCain into Bush so that you can vote against Bush,

I'm sorry that you claim that McCain "voted with Bush" 90% of the time, when I can't find George W. Bush's name on the senate roll votes the past eight years. When was our constitution changed to allow president's to vote in the U.S. Senate? I'm sorry I missed that constitutional change,

I'm sorry that the Constitution includes the rights of private citizens to own guns, something you Democrats always forget about when you demand that rights under the Constitution be protected, but only rights that only you believe in, instead of all of them,

I'm sorry that Obama stated that he would would filibuster and oppose the extension of the FISA bill, and then he voted for it,

I'm sorry that Obama promised that he would accept federal campaign funds and follow those rules, and then decided against it,

I'm sorry that Obama opposed any drilling of new oil wells, natural gas, building of nuclear power plants and seeking new and cleaner and renewable sources of energy and later decided that the nation might need to do exactly what he promised not to do,

I'm sorry that Obama, after being elected U.S. Senator from Illinois, promised that he would serve out his entire term and not seek the office of the U.S. Presidency,

I'm sorry that Obama purchased his family mansion with the assistance of convicted felon Antoin Rezko, a man convicted of multiple counts of political corruption of the pay to play culture of Democratic controlled Springfield,

I'm sorry that McCain's choice for Vice-President performed so well, dispelling the well-oiled Democratic smear campaign labeling her and her family as some backwater, moose dressing, trailer park trash chugging beers and making babies while standing barefoot in their kitchens,

I'm sorry that McCain spent over 5 years in a concentration camp being tortured and refused to buckle and sell out his country, and that you think that such character is unworthy of public office,

I'm sorry that Obama turned down all those 6 and 7 figure jobs to be a community organizer, fortunately his wife landed a job at the University of Chicago Hospitals that pays her a high 6 figure salary to make up for it,

I'm sorry that McCain finished near the bottom of his class at the military academy while Obama attended an Ivory League School. Or that Palin attended a college that was anything but ivy league. Hey! Didn't that president you despise so, George W. Bush, attend an Ivory League School? Will that make Obama as dumb as George W. Bush in your eyes?

I'm sorry that McCain is "too old" to serve as President in your eyes, and that you feel that "old people" should be locked away with nurses and cannot serve in any public office. I ran a few campaigns for an "old" State Senator who passed away this year and you are right, "old" people who are 72 years old are feeble minded and ought to all be locked away with their nurses and feed applesauce until they die. I'm also sorry that folks routinely live into their 80's now and lead active and productive lives as part of our society, instead of dying between 65-70 like they are supposed to do so in your eyes,

I'm sorry that the wildly pro-Obama media that ignores his short comings so viciously attacked Palin and her family the past five days, to the point where the TV commentators were stunned after her speech, after she proved them all dead wrong,

I'm sorry that all the political pundits and experts that declared the McCain campaign dead during the primary were 100% wrong,

I'm sorry that all the political pundits and experts who have already declared Obama the next president of the USA are suddenly running scared,

I'm sorry you feel that national security concerns are just "clowning around."

I mean, WHEW! I could tie up my priest all day in confession at this rate!

In the meantime, I'm still taking my stand and voting with my eyes open for John McCain for President, and Mark Kirk for Congress.

You can vote like your hero voted in the past: "Present."

Louis G. Atsaves

kellyann1293 said...

Well said, Mr. Atsaves.

Anonymous said...

Before I get to Louis, I will give TA the respect of apologizing for the ad-homenym attack I made against him, it was personal and unnecessary. I have no problem debating the issues and, while I did get a little heated in my last post, I will plan on sticking to just that: the issues. Also to TA, let's be honest for a second, why would the obama campaign send someone to troll a small conservative blog in a state that he will win by landslide numbers? If I truely did work for Obama (which would be hard because I have a job already), I think Politico or others would be a bit closer to my task. I am only here because there is only so much political bull***t that one person can take without feeling the need to respond. Call it what you wish, the democratic process or the exercise of the first amendment, but the very fact that I am making you and your readers question your ideals and consider their counter-points is better than the nearly 51% of this country that doesn't turn out to do something as simple as vote.

NOW, on to Louis. As long as we are airing our apologies, let me join the fun. And I will do it all using something you hate: fact. I am horribly sorry that the Republican Party or John McCain himself has been unable to produce even 1 concrete solution and present either at the convention or during speeches that are meant for policy, not for smear.

I am horribly sorry that you didn't know that Alaska has the smallest population of any state in the union, giving Palin power over less people then the mayors of Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and others.

I am horribly sorry that Joe Lieberman committed political suicide by endorsing John McCain, even though I am a big fan of Joe Lieberman and voted for him in 2000. But it's very easy to forget how many Republicans are supporting Obama including Rep. Jim Leach of Iowa and the influential Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. Another is former Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chafee.

I am horribly sorry that McCain is not the same guy that helped write the Bi-Partisan Campaign Finance Reform Act. That McCain was a true moderate who was for stem-cell research and honest government. Candidate McCain (as Biden calls him) has thrown his true beliefs to the curb in favor of beliefs that will "rally the GOP base" a.k.a. The Bible Belt Kooks. Let's be honest here for a second, we all know McCain's record is much more liberal then you would like, that is why he is being forced into reinventing himself as War Hero McGuns to rally the crazies to your cause.

I am horribly sorry that you forgot how the Senate works and, because of that, the GOP is definately to blame for the past 8 years (including the last two). If Bush doesn't veto SCHIP, we have a healthcare plan that covers every middle and lower class child. If Bush doesn't veto the timetable 3 separate times, then our men and women would already be returning home with honor and Iraq would be secured by its own soliders. If Bush doesn't threaten to veto a BIPARTISAN immigration bill, then we could be securing our boarders and providing illegal immigrants with a chance to come out from the shadows and be a part of our nation(that includes paying income taxes).

I am horribly sorry that John McCain was mysteriously absent on the 8 times that a vote was taken to give tax credits to fund alternative fuel research--with 6 of them coming BEFORE he declared his candidacy. Especially considering off-shore drilling is in no way, shape or form a short-term or long-term solution to high gas prices.

I'm horribly sorry that the "do-nothing" Congress cannot do much if the 3 Republicans that it needs to reach 60 and stop the GOP fillibuster on important energy legislation are either too scared of facing the wrath of "the base" or too stubborn to vote their conscious and not their partyline.

I'm horribly sorry that the soaring energy prices cannot be decreased until we build more refineries, which will not happen until members of the GOP stop pandering to big oil and use the rediculous subsidies they gave out in 2004 as leverage to force oil companies to expand refining capacity. The problem here Lou isn't our supply of oil, it's that our refineries are 30 years old and are at max capacity. So we either pass legislation that raises fuel economy standards (blocked by Bush and the GOP) or we build more refineries (also blocked by Bush and the GOP).

I'm horribly sorry that you have no respect for people who bring politics to the grassroots level by fighting for poor people. Community organizing was the reason that our nation even came into being, if it weren't for a few good patriots who went into their communities and inspired the average person to a higher standard of life, then we would not be here. Community organizers are the reasons we ended slavery, gave women the voting rights they deserved, and saw African-Americans gain the equality that they deserved. Lou, go ahead and insult community organizers, it shows who the true elitists are.

I'm horribly sorry that Barack Obama actually had to work for his money and that he and Michelle did well enough in high school to be able to attend our best universities on scholarships. And, as a result, Michelle Obama was offered a good job because she was qualified for it. I'm sorry that McCain and Palin don't share that work ethic.

I'm sorry that McCain was 5th to last in his class at Annapolis and was shot down in Vietnam because he disobeyed a direct order. I'll concede that he did nothing short of heroic in not selling our nation out, but resisting torture doesn't automatically make you qualified to be president. If it does, I think half of the people that Bush had tortured in Gitmo and Abu Gahrib will be running for Senate in 2010.

I'm horribly sorry that McCain DID vote with George W. Bush 90% of the time, using that figure (as most people can figure out) on bills that Bush endorsed or help write. Go check your constitution, the President IS allowed to advise congress and Bush had no shame in doing so--especially when it came to signing statements that altered every important law passed in the last 2 years and made them useless.

I'm horribly sorry that being 72 years old and having 4 bouts with cancer makes a person's health a legitimate concern; therefore, making the fact the Palin isn't even close to qualified to be President a MAJOR issue.

And finally, I am horribly sorry that you have stood for one of the most corrupt, flawed, and insulting administrations in the history of this great nation. Nearly every policy or program that Bush enacted has failed. No Child Left Behind, a security "fence" that doesn't even cover the whole border, an energy policy....oh wait...there isn't one and, most imporantly, a healthcare "policy" that has made wealthy insurance companies richer and made healthcare more expensive. If you are satisfied by this mockery of governing, then I pity you. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are not only the change this country needs, but are the change that the people of this nation deserve.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

P.S. I am horribly sorry that Ellen has deleted your posts, I can't say I agree with her on that or on many other things for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Colonial,

"Horribly sorry?" Wow! Talk about one-upmanship! Me, I was just plain ol' sorry! : -)

Not sure about your "facts" as they appear to be stretched to the breaking point but thanks for clarification that when you meant "smallest" state for Alaska you were referring to population, and not geography. I am assuming you agree that Palin is a "Governor" now of a State, and no longer a "Mayor."

So when does the President vote in the United States Senate again? I still can find no record of such votes by George W. Bush in the U.S. Senate. I also cannot locate any Constitutional Amendments permitting Bush to cast such votes.

Considering that Obama taught Constitutional Law for a while, I would have assumed that he would have corrected himself and his campaign over the 90% voting with George Bush falsehood they continue to spread by now, since George Bush does NOT vote in the Senate along with John McCain and the other 99 senators.

I know Democrats cannot govern. Please don't alibi for them. The Democratic majorities in the House and Senate claim with audacity that they are helpless and can do nothing even though they are majorities. They really are hopeless, not helpless. Democrats have also proved their inability to govern in Springfield, Cook County and Chicago governments.

Speaking of health issues, didn't Biden have one or two brain aneuysms and surgery? Sounds more serious than McCain's skin problems. McCain's treatable skin condition is not a fear inducing item for me, only for you Democratic fearmongers.

Sorry you dislike McCain's military record and service to his country so much that you still try to disparage it.

Sorry too that Palin disappointed you with her performance. Like many Democrats, you were waiting for her to prove that she could not survive being on the national stage and that she would fall flat on her face. She not only survived, she took over and owned that stage for over 30 minutes!

As I indicated earlier, a new national political star was born yesterday. And not a single moose was harmed by her during that speech. The only thing bruised was the massive ego of Barack Obama! : -)

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Watching McCain's speech, dissapointing is an understatement.

Team America said...

These things start slow. Go over to and join the party.

Anonymous said...

How can you honestly support this guy? Cutting taxes in recession isn't realistic, especially with a $450 Billion budget deficit. He's spoon-feeding lies and these idiots are buying them.

Team America said...

Hello??? McFly??? Government DOESN'T grow the economy. Government DOESN'T create jobs. Cutting taxes on businesses (which, considering we have the 2d highest corp. tax rate in the world, according to McCain) is what will help beat back the recession by GROWING the economy. Raising taxes will bring everything to a grinding halt. If you think this is a recession, under Obama, you will have seen nothing, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead, cut taxes and then we can basque in the beauty of stag-flation, just as we did under Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Colonial, I wasn't going to give your rant any credence by responding to it, but I am highly offended by your statement "aka the bible belt kooks". So I am a kook because I choose to read the Bible, as, I might add, did many of our colonial Founding Fathers? So your democrat ideals now allow you to decide for the rest of us what we are allowed to think? You cry about constitutional rights for people who are not citizens of our country and therefore not covered by our Constitution. Yet I noticed you failed to denigrate them for reading the Koran, didn't call them koran belt kooks. Oh I forgot, they are freedom fighters. Are you operating under the principle of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend?" You hate bush so much that anyone who would resist him must be ok? Anyhow, I am too tense right now for a friday morning. Theres a beautiful weekend coming up. Colonial, go sell crazy somewhere else. We're all stocked up here.

Anonymous said...

Louis, YOU ROCK. Baxter's Mom