Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Breaking News... GOP Candidate Cindy Hebda Off Ballot in 59th Legislative District Says Illinois Appellate Court

This just in... Vernon Hills Trustee Cindy Hebda, who was removed from the 59th Legislative District ballot by a circuit court judge (after successfully fending off a Democratic challenge to her candidacy at the State Board of Elections level), has now had that adverse court decision confirmed by an Illinois Appellate Court panel. That means she's off the ballot for good, and the GOP contenders will be down to Green Oaks Attorney Dan Sugrue and Green Oaks businessman Mohan Mahnian, unless Hebda appeals to the Illinois Supreme Court.

Hebda could also move to have the panel reconsider their decision, but that usually isn't too successful. An appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court would not be automatic, either, as far as I know; the Supreme Court can decide not to take an appeal of this kind of case, as they please.

Regardless of how the Hebda situation turns out, the GOP is fortunate to have a choice of contenders who are all great candidates; this blog supports Dan Sugrue and we hope that he will be victorious in the primary, and in the general against whichever Dem wins the primary (Carol Senate or Elliot Hartstein).

More later as I get some additional details.


edsullivanjr said...


Cindy’s lawyers have filed an emergency order with the Illinois Supreme Court. As I am not a lawyer I have no idea of the procedures or if they will even take the case. One of the reasons for filing before the Supreme Court goes beyond Dan Sugrue and Cindy Hebda. If Cindy can be tossed off the ballot for signing a democrat petition, even though she has always voted in the Republican primary, what do you think is going to happen next election cycle? This is a terrible precedent to set.

Team America said...

Ed - I agree 100% and I was pretty shocked by the decision of the courts in light of the opposite decision with Rauschenberger on facts that would seem more "aggregious". It IS a bad precedent.

In addition, the fact that the challenge was brought by a Dem meddling in a GOP primary makes it all the harder to swallow. I've always said Hebda was a worthy candidate. This race should be decided by the voters, not the courts.

Frankly, the best possible result for Sugrue would be for Cindy to stay on the ballot and have Dan win anyway.

But, the most important thing is to have all Republicans come together to support the nominee after the primary, whether it's Cindy, Dan or Mohan.

Best of luck on the appeal, honestly.

Anonymous said...


Cindy made a mistake. Own up to it and move on. You're wasting everyone's time and hurting the party by crying foul. The Dem's filed a complaint because the rules were violated.

I can't believe a candidate running for public office would sign a petition for another candidate that's in the other party. And this is who you want as a candidate? I'm not impressed so far.

Another Republican candidate in another race told me that thousands of dollars of Republican dollars are being wasted by IRP leaders on this. We have so many other good R's running that could have used that IRP money on fall campaigning instead of wasting it on lawyers for a lost cause.

You're making things worse by going to the Illinois Supreme Court. You're turning this into an absiolute mockery.

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Who's petition did Cindy Hebda sign? I thought it was just a petition challenge.

Team America said...

I believe the issue is that Cndy Hebda actually signed Democrat Carol Sente's nomination petition before Hebda was recrutied to run for the same office. Not a problem, expect that at the top of the form petition is a statement to the effect that the signers are members of the Democrat (or Republican, as the case may be) Party. The argument is that you can't claim to be a member of one party and then run as a candidate in the same cycle for the opposing party. The SBE held overwhelmingly that that argument was not sufficient to kick Hebda off the ballot. The circuit court disagreed, and the appellate court affirmed. Now it's up to the IL. Sup. Ct to take the case, or not. They have the discretion.

Anonymous said...

Whether Cindy is on the ballot or not, the primary winner will be Mohan Manian. He's the most conservative candidate, in that race.

Conservative Veteran

edsullivanjr said...

Anon 12:17,

During the petition filing period a Speaker Madigan Staffer passing petitions for Sente knocked on Hebda's door and asked for a signature. Hebda indicated she was a Republican and asked was it legal to sign the petition. The staffer said that she only had to be a registered voter. That is what started the whole ordeal. At that time Cindy was not a candidate for State Rep.

Say what you want about Cindy signing a Democrat petition. Her signing it tells me more about Cindy than anything else. As a side note Cindy works for the Vernon Hills Park District and Sente in essence was her boss as Sente was a Park Board member.

As for owning up, Cindy already did. She could have lied and said she didn't sign the petition and then she probably wouldn't be in this spot. Once again it tells you allot about Cindy's character.

Anonymous said...

OMG - why on earth would Hebda sign a Democrat's petition? I mean really - come on already. And for the same position too?

Eddie, it's not an excuse to say it was before she was recruited. When Cindy's petitions were drawn up, did she read them? Did she understand that an issue may have been created before getting out of the gate?

This whole story gets dumber and dumber. Now we're wasting the Supreme Courts time?

Anonymous said...

TA - I love how you defend some R's but not all. Not a problem? They're in court! I think there's a problem.

Team America said...

Anon 2:43- I'm not sure I get you. Anyone can sue anyone. Doesn't mean the case has merit. On the other hand, I suppose 2 courts have already ruled against her.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Sullivan,

When the madigan staffer came to Hebda's door and Hebda identified herself as a Republican, did you expect the Madigan staffer to NOT try and get a signature? Now it's the staffer's fault for telling Hebda she only had to be a voter?

The only thing the staffer did wrong is that he (or she) forgot to ask Hebda if she planned on running for the same position Sente was running for.

Wait a minute, you're right Eddie, it's the Madigan staffer's fault.

You just can't trust those staffers.

edsullivanjr said...

Anon 2:50,

Please give my regards to Speaker Madigan. Can you please give the audience a report on Sente’s primary voting record? Oh wait she doesn’t have one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eddie,

Keep spending hard R money on an untried untested unreliable candidate.

How dumb can you and the "in crowd" at the IRP be?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sullivan,

I don't get your comment about Sente's voting record. Is that an issue for Republicans or Democrats?

Anonymous said...

As far as Hebda,

for it's one . . .

two . . .

Three strikes you're out.

One - signed a Democrat opponent's petition

Two - Circuit Court said: "You broke the rules - you're out"

Three - appeals court said: "The circuit Court got it right."

Strike four? - I don't think so.

edsullivanjr said...

Ladies and Gentlemen I believe we hit a nerve over at DPI HQ.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Sullivan,

I can understand the desire to help out the party officials with the candidate of their choice, but isn't there a point to let it go? You've lost back to back court cases already. As a Republican I am questioning how smart it is to waste money in a Republican primary battle when it could be better spent on fall campaigning against the Democrats? It sounds pretty stupid when you say you are fighting Madigan by spending money against two other Republicans that are pretty solid candidates.

The Democrats have over spent and over taxed everyone - and the corruption has spread from Chicago to Springfield like a cancer. But wait, we need to spend our limited Republican resources fighting off other Republicans that are NOT the favorites of the party elite.