Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get On The Bus With Bob Dold in IL-10

This is a little different for a congressional candidate, at least up here in IL-10. From the Bob Dold for Congress Campaign:

Dear Friends,

Today Dold for Congress will embark on a mission that will take us throughout the district to meet face-to-face with thousands of voters over the next six days leading up to Election Day. As part of the Get America Back to Work Tour, Robert and his supporters will ride around the district in a giant Dold-themed tour bus visiting small businesses, restaurants, train stations, senior communities, and anywhere and everywhere voters can be found. We will be making more than 60 stops during the tour, and will be picking up supporters along the way. We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us at any time during the tour for this very special event. To view the bus tour schedule click here.

We’ve come a long way since Robert’s announcement in September of his run for Congress, and Election Day is now less than one week away. We are going to move full-steam ahead through the finish line by taking our strong grassroots campaign further than ever with the Get America Back to Work Tour. The tour is an opportunity to spread Robert’s message of bringing small business common sense change to Washington to thousands of voters across the district. [snip]


Kelley Folino

Dold for Congress


Anonymous said...

Once again. Dold is the best candidate, but is playing "candidate". Coulson is a weak candidate but is the candidate.


Anonymous said...

Arie is my candidate. Coulson is blah, Green is scary.

Dold will wake up on the morning of Feb 3 and ask himself....I made a music video, I rented a bus that had my name in lights, I run my daddy's business...."what went wrong?"


Anonymous said...

Arie Friedman will be an important member of Congressman Dold's team.

Anonymous said...

Lauren Beth Gash did this in 2000. She had school busses with her sad blue and green signs go all over the district, with emphasis on wilmette. It didnt help.

It doesn't give dolt what he really needs which is ideas and a whole new person and campaign.


Anonymous said...

He could have spent the same money on broadcast television and had a better impact than this joke of a campaign gimmick.

I was split on my vote before, but I think I'll vote Green now. The schedule's a joke, too, with stops that just dont make sense. Who stops at an empty train station at 5:30 in the morning or goes to a station after 6 on a Friday? I'm out of the office by 3:30 at the end the week, always!

Waste of money.

Anonymous said...

May favorite trick here is the old, "Gee whiz, I was going to vote for so-and-so, but now I'm voting for Green, or Rin Tin Tin, or Gary Condit."

Really? You were, but now you're not? Oh, no! What a loss! What damage has been wrought! I can't believe these independent voices of reason are changing their minds because of a bus tour!

Maybe you guys should switch to another phony line of attack, like, "I don't still live in my parent's basement and blog all day about how I am now changing my mind about my vote in my underwear while watching General Hospital and eating peanut butter out of a jar with my finger."

Fielding Mellish

Anonymous said...

Dold and Friedman have run the most creative campaigns of all of the 10th GOP candidates.

Dold and Friedman also have the best personal magnetism of the bunch, making the bus tour a positive for Dold. One on one with voters, they both do very well.

To stand out from the pack, sometimes you have to be a little creative.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It is advertising all over the district, serves an efficient logisitical purpose, and demonstrates campaign strength. It certainly is different than Scott Brown's green pick-up truck...but, distictive nonetheless. He will win (repeat) because he simply outworked BC. They will not pause until the last polling station closes Tuesday night. Go Team Dold!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about outdoing Beth. I'm a small business owner up in Libertyville and there was a great turnout for her small business walk day. Having 40 business owners going door to door in support of Beth is better in a campaign than cheesy mobile billboards that people will probably view as over-the-top.

Anonymous said...

I think Dold told about 30 small businesspersons in Libertyville about Beth Coulson's votes to increase sales taxes today as part of his bus tour. I doubt they are too impressed by Beth Coulson after today.

Anonymous said...

I'm a member of Libertyville MainStreet. Mr. Dold was unimpressive and insincere.

Ms. Coulson will do fine.

Anonymous said...

It cracks me up to see Dold's staff on here trashing Coulson's record when they have nothing to back up their bosses empty promises. Where is Dold's taxpayer pledge? Coulson signed one, even Green signed one. But Dold won't even do that.

He'll say anything to get elected, no matter how dishonest it is.

Anonymous said...

Hey team america--

too much time on kirk & hughes polls and nonsense.

Why so quiet on 10th GOP policy issues?

lets talk substance, electability and sincerity of our GOP slate with three days left????

Anonymous said...

For the record, I am a Green supporter. That being said, Dold did sign the ATR no new taxes pledge early on in his campaign. So did Green. So did Cadigan. So did Arie.

Beth is the only one to sign it within a week of Election Day. Beth, the ATR pledge is the FIRST thing you do in a Republican primary, not the last.

I guess your Dem team wouldnt understand that.