Friday, January 15, 2010

Mark Kirk Nabs Another Endorsement: Northwest Herald Calls Kirk "The Clear Choice"

Congressman Mark Kirk has won yet another endorsement from a significant newspaper in the race for the GOP nomination for Illinois' U.S. Senate seat; this time, the Northwest Herald. The NWH said:

Kirk is not just the clear choice for U.S. Senate in this primary – he might be the best candidate Illinois Republicans have offered for a Senate seat in a long time.

In fact, given the bumbling by Democrats of Roland Burris’s appointment to Barack Obama’s vacant seat, Kirk has a good shot at becoming Illinois’ first Republican senator since Peter Fitzgerald.

He has a strong record of fighting against earmarks, and makes reducing the national debt and balancing the budget focal points of his campaign. As a Navy reservist, his input on the ongoing war is valuable.

Newspaper editors will tell you that they make their decisions strictly on the merits of the individual candidate. But there's something that they usually don't admit to, and that's that newspaper editors also like to be "right," i.e., they like to endorse the candidates they think will win.

So far, I've not seen any papers that have endorsed any of the 2nd or 3rd tier candidates that are running against Kirk. And I doubt we will.

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Anonymous said...

the big endorsements come sunday in the trib and sun-times for this seat. If they go with coulson it's because dold and green didn't tie her enough to the mess in springfield, which should have been their entire campaigns. If they go with dold or green it's because they are disgusted with the state of play. I think the sun-times goes with her because they are a liberal paper and are more in love with springfield. Dold has a shot with the tribune which is virulently anti-establishment and may buy his business experience argument, but given that he has a mouse sized mind and isn't that quick and flunked their editorial board, I think they might go with coulson but with regrets.