Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pioneer Press Says Beth Coulson Has the "Winning Formula" For IL-10

The Pioneer Press has endorsed 10th Congressional District GOP candidate and current State Representative Beth Coulson to succeed the seat being vacated by outgoing Congressman Mark Kirk, who is running for U.S. Senate. The Pioneer Press said:

First, Coulson's positions on various budget issues put her squarely within the Republican mainstream, despite the protestations of her critics. She backs tax credits for job creation, advocates the elimination of the estate tax, backs tort reform and opposes both versions of the current health care bills while advocating more incremental changes to the current insurance system.

But Coulson, the state House member from the 17th District, has also become a champion of health care efforts in the General Assembly, a product of her physical therapy training. She led the way for legislation to provide safe haven options for mothers who might otherwise decide to abandon their babies. She has worked to expand the state's drug programs for seniors.

We see her overall legislative experience and her demonstrated commitment to health care issues as a winning formula in Washington and for 10th District residents.

On the Dem side, the Pioneer Press endorsed Coulson's fellow State Rep. Julie Hamos over two-time l-o-s-e-r Dan Seals.

Lynne Stiefel at Pioneer Press has a nice wrap-up of some of the IL-10 candidates' positions here.

Pioneer Press also came in for Dirk Beveridge in the 8th Congressional District race for the GOP nomination to defeat incumbent Melissa Bean. Pioneer has some more 8th District news here.

GOP LEADERSHIP TEAM FUNDRAISER: Meanwhile, in other political happenings, there will be a massive fundraiser tonight for the GOP Leadership Team, which is Sheriff Mark Curran, County Treasurer Bob Skidmore, County Clerk Willard Helander, and Supt. of Schools Roycealee Woods. It will be held at the Country Squire in Greyslake, beginning at 5:30 p.m.. Tickets are $50 but larger donations are gratefully accepted. TA will be there, so I hope to see y'all come out.

We'll no doubt be talking a lot about the county-wide races in the months to come, as Sheriff Mark Curran, who jumped sides from the Dems last year as a matter of "conscience," as he put it, has a huge red target on his back put there by State Senator and Dem County Chairman Terry Link. If anyone thought Link was going to forgive Curran, listen here.

TA hears that the Dems asked just about every cop in the county to run against Curran but no one of any worth wanted to take on the challenge. They ended up finding two blokes who will duke it out in the primary. Neither looks like much of a threat to Curran, who is a media darling and is doing a great job, to boot.


D. Miller said...

Ok, if the pioneer press says Coulson is our best hope, I am completely going to jump ship and get on her team. Not.

Anonymous said...

Golly, I'm so surprised a media outlet picked the RINO.

Team America said...

Well, hopefully some of the papers will endorse Dan Sugrue for 59th State Rep, who is a conservative candidate. Maybe that will make you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Heck yea it would. Go Thunder Dan!

Anonymous said...

The Trib endorsed Attorney General Jim Ryan for Governor. I do believe he is a conservative and as a moderate, I will be supporting him because he can win and he's a good man.

Coulson Supporter

Anonymous said...

This is not a shock. The only paper never to endorse Mark Kirk is the pioneer press. They are locally focused and stupid which is what you get with a once a week rag. they care about who gets 5 grand for the stop sign in downtown glencoe more than the direction of the state or country.

I love the Hamos endorsement, so much for pup


D. Miller said...

The Pioneer Press endorsement is a joke. A few weeks ago after one of the forums, I heard Dr. Arie talking about his session. They actually asked him questions about the space program's Orion project. Aside from that being a dumb question, he thought they really didn't know anything about the project in the first place and were just trying to trip him up. Guess they forgot most military pilots are also space buffs.


Anonymous said...

If the Pioneer Press endorsement is so bad, then why trash it? If no one follows the endorsement or reads the paper, then why not let it run its course and move on?

Because it's an endorsement against your favored candidate that you hate it so much. If they had endorsed Dold or Friedman, then you would be touting it as momentum, and you know it!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:25 you are spot on correct. Those who despise Coulson and Hamos will lash out as you've seen. In truth, endorsements ARE important to those who are not political wonks. Our Congressman has always gotten the endorsements of the major papers in the greater Chicago area. Don't ever think it doesn't help or doesn't matter. Yes, I believe Kirk earned and deserved those endorsements, but I'm sure someone will come charging about my comments the second they're posted. Bottom line: be an informed voter, do your own homework and know who you're supporting and why you want that person to win. It's not about a party label, folks, it's about the BEST person to send to Washington. If you rely on the opinions of others and neglect to do your own discovery then you deserve what you get.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:25 and 10;29:

Thank goodness their are still rational folks posting on this blog - I was beginning to feel extremely alone!

Your spot on with the endorsements - it's about who is the best person to represent us in Congress. Period.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Friedman and Dole and the guy who looks like Col. Sanders. Porter, Edgar and the Pioneer Press. It's the RINO parade and leftist media behind Coulson.

What is comical is that Friedman's backround as a physician, vet and being Jewish makes him the best general election candidate. The fact he's the most conservative is a bonus for us hard R's. But congrats to all three non-endorsed candidates.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I thought the Tribune endorsed McKenna, not Ryan for Governor. The Daily Herald endorsed Ryan for Governor.

Please feel free to correct me if I am in error here.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Mr. Atsaves,

You are correct - it was the Daily Herald!