Monday, January 11, 2010

Mark Kirk 3 for 3 with Chicago Tribune Endorsement: "An Extraordinarily Effective Representative"

Yes, I know there are more newspapers in Illinois than just the Daily Herald, the Sun-Times and the Tribune, but they are the major ones I read, so as far as I am concerned, Mark Kirk has the hat trick. From the Tribune endorsement:

U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk is the favorite in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, and for very good reason. He has been an extraordinarily effective representative of the independent-minded 10th Congressional District for a decade. His track record shows he has conservative principles and he has the instincts to succeed in Washington, no matter which party is in control.

The ideological zealots will look that statement and simply shake their heads, saying "effective representative"??? Just what in the hell are you talking about? If he's not a 'true conservative,' we don't want him -- forget whether he's our chance to actually win an election.

I think the Trib has these folks' number down pretty well:

With this primary, Illinois Republicans have to decide what part of success they don't like. They don't hold a single statewide office. In the past decade, they have lost the governor's office, a U.S. Senate seat and three U.S. House seats they once controlled. In that time, Mark Kirk has enjoyed the support of voters in an area that has elected a slew of Democrats to other offices.

I'd laugh if this wasn't so obvious, and sadly, that an alarming number of folks in my party don't really seem to get it.

The good news is that it's only 22 days until we can start concentrating on bashing Alexi.


Anonymous said...

I take huge exception. I'm not one of "those" in the party. I like to think I'm a typical moderate Republican that many deem a RINO. It's particularly insulting as I was a Republican Nixon, Ford, Reagan & Bush Repupublican when many were in their diapers.

My problem with Kirk is that he has no compass. I'd prefer a leader, not triangulator. Case in point ontwo very different issues--

The Surge--against it, until it worked. Remember going to the WH and dressing down Bush? Shame.
Whoops, now he's for it- Baker/Hamilton, what's that? McCain should have told him where to put it, along with his navy rah rah stuff.

Cao n Trade- For it, then against it (when he got heat).

Mark Kirk is no profile in courage. That's what out Senate SHOULD be all about. It was semi-acceptable as a House member, as they are all pretty spineless (and the Founders knew it).

Team America said...

That's fine, Anon 6:47. You're entitled to your opinion. Now that you've gotten it out of your system, I am hopeful you get behind Kirk so we don't have to deal with 'Sexy Lexi' as our next U.S. Senator. Because that's what this all really boils down to, friend.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, it will never be out of my system. I was raised as such. In the end, we get the representation we deserve.


ANON 6:47

Anonymous said...

As a Republican trial lawyer, I come into contact with tons of activist Democratic trial lawyers. It's a pretty lonely existence on my part, but I try to make lemonade out of lemons.

I know many activist Democrat trial lawyers. They are always trying to get me to see the light so we often have some very lively political discussions.

They are bitterly unhappy that the Republican party will nominate Kirk to run against Giannoulias, who they adore. Most wisecrack that they hope we Illinois Republicans will lose our minds and nominate one of the remaining four challengers to Kirk. They don't even know their names, same for Andy Martin.

Republicans should be pleased that these Democrats are so bitterly unhappy with Kirk.

Some Republicans claim that Kirk is a Democrat in Republican clothing. They are not looking at his entire voting record. Democrats in the meantime see Kirk as a solid Republican.

Something everyone should be thinking about right about now and post primary.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

P.S: Those same Democratic activist trial lawyers have never heard any nasty or even mildly amusing rumors about the personal life of Mark Kirk that Andy Martin, Champion News and a few others keep trying to circulate. They know he is recently divorced. According to them, Kirk as a person is spot free and scandal free.

Louis G. Atsaves

Andy Martin said...

Why did Kirk flee Chicago? Why is he afraid to debate on TV?

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Mark Kirk’s campaign is “in a state of panic”

After agreeing to participate in a debate on Chicago’s Channel 7, Mark Kirk has fled the city and organized a rival event in East Peoria

“The Name You Can Trust”
Republican for U. S. Senator
30 E. Huron Street, Suite 4406
Chicago, IL 60611-4723
(866) 706-2639


Mark Kirk flees Chicago, reneges on agreement to debate on WLS-TV

Andy Martin promises a “sizzling” Channel 7 debate, with or without Mark Kirk

Kirk’s “default” is unprecedented in American politics

Martin says his “Bunker Busters” have devastated Kirk’s campaign

Martin’s next Bunker Buster will be produced January 14th, begins airing statewide on the 18th

Andy promises an “explosive” disclosure at the Channel 7 debate

“Andy’s Air Force” will continue to bombard Kirk

(CHICAGO)(January 12, 2010) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin announced Tuesday that Mark Kirk has fled the City of Chicago after agreeing to a televised debate on Channel 7 Thursday, January 14th. Mark Kirk agreed in December to participate in a Republican candidates’ debate, as part of a series of debates of Democratic and Republican Party candidates for U. S. Senator and governor produced by WLS-TV.

Kirk has apparently now withdrawn his agreement and left the City of Chicago. In disgrace.

“What does it say for ‘Gungha Kirk,’ who claims to be winning the Afghan war single-handedly, that he is afraid to debate his opponents?” Martin asks. “It says that Kirk is terrified he is losing the primary and has moved into full panic mode.

“Kirk’s East Peoria event was only announced on Monday. He is using ‘pay-to-play’ to lure county chairman to schedule a bogus ‘meeting’ as a diversionary tactic. The Bunker Busters have broken the morale of Kirk’s campaign. The candidate is afraid to appear. Kirk has not been seen at any function open to the public since returning to Illinois. He only appears at closed, controlled-access meetings. This is the media’s darling? This is the ‘establishment’ candidate? Kirk is not Illinois Tough; I am,” Martin says.

“The humiliation of defaulting after agreeing to debate is shattering to the Kirk image. And the Kirkster is all image. Obviously, his 'lead' has evaporated. Kirk’s campaign is collapsing.

Anonymous said...
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Team America said...

Folks, let's be careful in responding to our pal Andy Martin, or better yet, ignore him. I don't want to have to spend the day deleting stuff that's over the top.

Remember, the only way to make a scab go away is to stop picking at it.

Anonymous said...

51 weeks until team america and I get drunk at the monocle with king louis astaves the ellen pup and alexi slayer celebrating the end of the 60 vote filibuster proof majority. We'll send you a postcard lauren beth gash with the money we save from the bush tax cuts getting extended thanks to mark kirk. You'll always have that august of 2000 when your team quit on you.

I listened to dolt on roeser now posted to the berkowitz show website, I've been in kiddie pools that were deeper than that guy. Berkowitz, much as I love him, has chris matthews disease in answering his peoples questions for them.

catlady declared deerfield jihad on julie for everything. I actually found myself agreeing with her that hamos is using the holocaust shamelessly to pander to jews. Then I remembered what catlady's friends in sprinfield like karen may, garrett, ect have done to north shore jews-1/7 of which is not doing well 7/7 of which will pay for tax hikes in the pipeline in springfield.

I really can't remember the last time I was this excited for an Illinois election. Almost like the feeling when it rains for weeks and then it's finally sunny out and you don't know what to do with yourself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, TA for saying what I would hope everyone understands. Just ignore Andrew Martin Trigona. The most pathetic photo I have seen in recent times is this guy standing all alone in front of a major Kirk event. Nobody cared. And that's the point. Don't respond to him, don't try to acknowledge him in any way. Let's just move forward knowing that Mark Kirk has earned glowing praise in all his endorsements and surely in that great profile piece in last Sunday's Tribune.

Anonymous said...

It says something very important when so many of Kirk's endorsements tart out with an excuse like "The ideological zealots will look that statement and simply shake their heads".

Even my local Republican Committeeman in his endorsement letter started off saying: "While I have not agreed with all of Mark Kirk's votes, he . . .".

But the best is when someone says: "He's our only hope for getting the seat from the Democrats".

These are not the glowing endorsements of a leader. These are apologies that we don't have anyone better to put up.

When you have three or four conservatives and one liberal, it's no secret who will win. I wonder how Kirk's cap and trade vote will play with downstate farm communities. The state's number one export is coal. How many jobs are connected to that industry? Even Obama has abandoned his home state's #1 export. Kirk gets killed South of I-80 and that's that. The newspapers know it but they need to pick a popular local name because they sell a product.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

When you listen to Mark Kirk speak he breaks down an issue tells you the key people he spoke to, what the legislation is and where it is going. It's not always right, the people aren't always the best and it's not always the right direction, but it's congressional level stuff. You listen to dolt, and he doesn't know things, he's got bare minimum, it's not a brilliant genius we are dealing with.

I don't know about indiana. I think his dad knew people in d.c. so got hooked up with the white house-unless you are a wunderkind you don't have your own network by undergrad, went to law school after bush lost and had an indiana guy put him to burton. Jesse Helms was running SFRC then not lugar, I think, so lugar wouldn't have had the jobs he does now to hire him. Lugar and Burton are also as much alike as team america and catlady. If he's a lugar guy we'd see mitch daniels who is to lugar what mark was to porter come in and give him a push. That hasn't happened. Dennison is also where a number of Kirk/Porter alumni went, good people but much smarter than this wily buck.


Crazy4glf said...

As I've said before, compared to the others running for the GOP nod (heck compared to the GOP candidates running for most prominent offices), who else is there that is somewhat decent?
Is such an endorsement news?

Also, if you don't like what Kirk says he has studied and believes in, wait 5'll change and it will be his constituents' fault.
Of course seeking the endorsement of someone who left public service for Faux News doesn't reflect well on Kirk in my view.

To the comment about 'activist' Democratic judges, why are Democrats 'activists,' though Roberts, Scalia and those of that cloth are noble, and empiricists?

Roberts essentially expects unanimous opinions (where I think that unanimous opinions, would to a degree, suggest that the court didn't need to bother with the case in the first place and can be seen as a power-grab) and Scalia doesn't see how a person of religion x isn't honored by the talismans and symbols of religion y. I guess when one is so insensitive, it is not activism, it is naivete.'

Anonymous said...

It must really eat your collective hearts out, Crazy4Golf and the other Dems who love posting on this site, that most don't share your negativism about a great guy named Mark Kirk. It sure beats me why you continue to think that we care two hoots in you know where what you folks think and say. I suggest you re-read what all the major media have said about Mark Kirk. Better yet, get over on that other blog and join old Ellen in beating the snot out of Hamos and, at times, her disdain for her hero in the White House. She'd welcome some readers.

Anonymous said...

While Ellen is trashing Hamos, because that is what she usually does to anyone who opposes her candidates, she was also claiming in an earlier posting that we were not "lucky" over the Christmas airplane bombing attempt. Ellen concluded that perhaps he really did have to go to the bathroom and that the explosive device in his underwear was impossible to set off!

So if I'm sitting in a plane next to a nut trying to set off a bomb in his underwear, all I need to do is ignore him and continue reading a magazine?

She makes Crazy sound sane by comparison!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Lou, you are the best. I'm still laughing my head off. I think that Ellen has fallen OFF the cliff, has knocked out anything left in that part of the brain that allows normal thinking. I'm still laughing about the explosives in the guy's undies. You have to admit, it's creative of sorts!