Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fox News: Mark Kirk is the Overwhelming Favorite

Fox News reported yesterday that, as we all knew, all public non-partisan polls show Kirk with a double-digit lead over all of his GOP opponents. It's now just a week before the primary.

Unfortunately for Pat Hughes, Kirk's 'closest' primary competitor, with only $22K in the bank as of January 13th, he simply doesn't have the money to challenge Kirk for the undecided vote (which turns out to be not that much, overall). Of course, squandering his campaign funds on consultants rather than direct voter contact has left Hughes in a position where he simply can't compete with Kirk, who is on radio, cable TV and doing direct mail, especially downstate where Kirk, a Congressman from northern Illinois, tends to be less known.

Also, as we noted yesterday, we have learned that President Obama himself is starting to get rather nervous about Kirk becoming the GOP nominee and what that might mean for the Dems' chances to hold on to the seat that was formerly held by Obama. I'd say anything that makes powerhouse political operative David Axelrod nervous is a very good thing for Republicans.


Adam Smith said...

When will one of the wing-nuts answer this simple question...

If you rushed from all corners of the country to support Scott Brown, a classic RINO if there ever was one, why is Mark Kirk seen as the devil incarnate?

The support of Scott Brown by some of the extreme right tea partiers and other ultra-conservatives was a rare moment of clairty in an otherwise delusional existence.

Fortunately, there is not one unified tea party organization. Some of the tea partiers are supporting Kirk, or, at least, focused on more appropriate races. As the Trib poll showed, half of the Republicans who support the tea party movement are already supporting Kirk. Many more will follow after next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Adam. For all those who stand there, kicking and screaming that Mark Kirk isn't perfect, well, get over it. He WILL win next Tuesday, he WILL win with the kind of broad support that he has earned over the past 10 years. We have an unprecedented opportunity to make more history since this is Illinois, folks. This is the home base for corruption, smoke filled rooms and back door deals. Mark Kirk represents the most hopeful signs that we can elect a man of integrity who will bring distinction and balance. The fact that Mark Kirk is gaining support from every part of this State shows that his message is resonating in every single county. It's about time.

Anonymous said...

this is better. the money quote is at 4:10. charlie cook saying mark kirk will win the general. Also please note that when they talk about conservative candidates for senate, pat hughes name does not come off. So much for those consultants.


it is from this afternoons hardball. charlie cook is the top dc analyst.