Saturday, January 30, 2010

Team America Endorses Beth Coulson for IL-10: Integrity, Accountability, Electability

I held off for quite a while in deciding whether or not to make an endorsement of this blog as to the Tenth Congressional District race for someone to step into the shoes of outgoing Congressman Mark Kirk, who is running for U.S. Senate.

One big reason was that, as the premier place for online discussion about the merits and detriments of the individual candidates for the GOP nomination for IL-10, I felt that the discussion would be freer and seem less directed if I didn't pick a side. (If you have been following my thoughts on the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate, you can see how my admitted bias comes through in my unabashed and totally committed support for Mark Kirk over his GOP opponents, even my law school classmate Patrick Hughes.) Given the importance of this seat to the GOP, and being a believer (in most cases) of the power of a primary to test and battle-harden primary candidates to (theoretically) produce the best man/woman to compete against the Dems in the general election, I held out for a long while so that this blog could be a forum for free discussion about the candidates -- and I think over the past few months, we've left few, if any, issues unaddressed.

Now that we're almost to the finish line, however, I've decided to take a position and put the official Team America stamp of approval on one of the several fine candidates who are making their bid for the nomination. While I believe that many of the candidates, including Bob Dold, Arie Friedman and Dick Green are all talented, committed Republicans, it's really Beth Coulson who I think is the obvious choice in the GOP primary.

I think Beth's credentials and record of public service pretty much speak for themselves, and I don't really want to rehash those here lest they start to sound like a list of bulleted talking points I read off a Coulson campaign flier. It's enough to say that she is the only candidate with an established record of serving the public and dedicating herself to improving the quality of life for her constituents. She is one of the most hardworking politicians that I've come to know in the course of this election cycle.

The thing that really sealed the deal for me over the course of the last months, and even weeks, of this election, is how she's conducted herself as a candidate. She's simply an honest, genuine, very humble person, and that really comes out in her campaign style. I have seen her attend numerous events for other candidates at which she came to show support for the GOP and the honored candidate, but avoided attracting attention to herself (some have criticized her for not being a more "aggressive" campaigner in that respect, but that's not who she is).

She has also avoided the negative rhetoric of her opponents, which in the last few weeks has become increasingly shrill. It's perfectly fair to attack someone on their record if you don't agree with them. But I find that I don't like the increasingly negative tone and venomous way these "comparisons" are being made. (The old adage about being able to disagree without being disagreeable has been largely cast aside by some of the candidates, it seems).

As I've said often over the years, the voters in IL-10 are, for the most part, highly educated, intelligent and generally like to think of themselves as independent, notwithstanding any party affiliation they may claim overall. Lots of ticket-splitters, and lots of people that liked Mark Kirk's mantra of "vote for the person, not the party," if I recall that one correctly. I don't think voters in the 10th are going to react well to the negativity that I've seen on the trail and arriving in my mailbox. Beth Coulson has taken the high road and stayed above all that.

Finally, I think Beth is the best fit for this district to take on the Dem nominee (and it's not clear at all right now if it will be Julie Hamos or Dan Seals) in November. Beth's opponents have ran to her right, trying to capture the conservative vote, but Beth has stayed true to her principles and ideals, even knowing that they may not be popular with every single Republican. Much as I think a hard-core idealogue can't win overall in Illinois (which is why Mark Kirk's GOP opponents are unelectable against Alexi Giannoulias), a fire-breathing right-winger can't win in IL-10. Not all of Beth's GOP primary opponents fit that description, but their tacts to the right in the course of the campaign cast serious doubt on their abiliy to appeal to a broader base of voters in November, which is necessary to win in this District. That was the secret to Mark Kirk's success, and there is only one candidate in this race that's like Mark Kirk.

So, for TA, the choice is clear: Beth Coulson to accede to Mark Kirk's seat in Congress for the 10th District seat. I hope you'll join me in voting for her on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

No, I don't think I'm gonna jump on the titanic...

Team America said...

Well, I'm not going to deny you your right to an opinion, Anon 10:13, but there isn't any polling out there to speak of. How do you know any candidate is out in front? Because THEY claim the "momentum"? Let's all see what happens Tuesday, friends.

Anonymous said...

Big. Surprise.

Anonymous said...


Again another great commentary - your thoughtful and insightful opinion in this race is spot on. I agree with you completely.

Brave move on your part as well - the anti-Coulsons are quite mean spririted.

Anonymous said...

I weighed my choices for the right person to fill Mark Kirk's 10th CD. Like you, I chose Beth as the person most likely to follow those very giant footprints. The nasty campaigns of some of the others made me realize that Beth Coulson isn't part of that campaign style or rhetoric. I've watched Beth over the years and I've always liked what I saw her say and do in Springfield. Perfect? Absolutely not. On balance, Beth is the right 'fit' for this district. We don't have long to wait to see who emerges as the one to take on what appears to be a Julie Hamos candidate on other side. There will be a lot to talk about on Wednesday and every day after until next November 2. And for those who didn't take advantage of early voting I hope you don't let a little snow that's predicted or the lousy weather keep you from getting out and doing what all cherish as proud Americans and that's the right to VOTE our choices. If you don't vote, if you stay home or just don't think your vote matters, think again. And for sure, don't complain if your choice didn't win. It takes votes to win, and yours might be the one that makes that all important difference.

Anonymous said...

Gee, that's great, TA. You're endorsing Coulson because she's nice and shows up at GOP functions...

And yet, the fact that she votes similarly to Julie Hamos, votes consistently to raise taxes, introduced her own cap-and-trade bill, and has voted to give rights to illegal aliens makes not a whit of difference to you?

Says a lot about you and your site.

Anonymous said...

I also bought a ticket to the Titanic, sent my money to a person in Nigeria, and bought magic beans from a guy in Bolingbrook named Drew Peterson. Oye Vey!

Anonymous said...

Whats up with those Conservative Code Red folks all over the district? That came out of nowhere. I guess thats the point of being an independent expenditure.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for this website to redirect me to

Anonymous said...

Coulson's liberal record in the House (she voted with Hamos almost 90% of the time)doesn't stand a chance against the Dems in the general. She's one of them..she is a RINO. Votes for Coulson will throw away any chance of beating Hamos or Seals in the general. A vote for Coulson= a vote for the Dems taking over Kirk's seat. TA, I've lost all respect.

Team America said...

Folks, I have no problem with taking any and all comments on our endorsements. I would just ask everyone to remember that we have endorsed good Republicans from each end of the political spectrum, from Cole, Coulson and Kirk to Sugrue and Curran. If we are going to be a big tent party, it takes all kinds, and yes, we do need to consider the electability of the candidate both as to personality and philosophy. The same person/message is not going to play in the same places.

I do have to respond to:

"Gee, that's great, TA. You're endorsing Coulson because she's nice and shows up at GOP functions..."

That's obviously not the whole package that Couslon brings to the table. But, yeah, to get elected, people by and large have to like you. People usually choose their politicians because they are people the voter can identify with and believe in, and is reflective of the voter, at least on some level.

Anonymous said...


I agree with your endorsement - Beth's campaign is the ONLY positive campaign in the 10th.

I also agree that Beth is best positioned to keep the seat in GOP hands.

Ignore the negativity - it's derived from desperation.

Anonymous said...

Does your definition of "integrity" include sending out fake Northfield Township endorsement flyers? I heard rumblings over an FEC complaint over that particular antic by Coulson. Also, claiming to be a "medical school professor" must really buff her street cred with the voters of the district.

Makes me wonder about your personal definition of "integrity", Team Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and in case I forget, I have a cat to sell you...

Anonymous said...

TA wants it both ways---> give Coulson credit for her long record of experience, but questions of her votes are off limits.

There is only one thing that can save Coulson's candidacy at this point.

8th District Committeeman said...

I find it amusing how not one single person who left a comment opposed to this endorsement had the guts to leave a screen name. It's so easy to be brave out on teh big wide interwebs!
Have the guts to stand up for the candidate you support; it's so easy to take shots at the one you don't.

Those who have nothing of value to say, usually say it loudest!

Anonymous said...

You can disagree with Team America-I am supporting Dr.Freidman, but no one here should attack his character.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dold is touring the District in a campaign bus, making 80 stops in the 6 days leading up to election day. Meeting hundreds of voters every day. He is 100% focused on lifting up his name rec and positives and getting out the vote.

At least Coulson and Dold get outside and talk with voters once in a while. Unlike Dick Green who is running one of the most cynical campaigns in memory. The sits in his mansion sending out obnoxious amounts of mailers, never shows up to anything, too scared to debate, panders on every issue. He better win this primary, because this campaign is the end of his political future if not.

Anonymous said...

She took a $1000 contribution from Individual H in the Rezko indictment. How is that integrity?

Anonymous said...

Count me in the "Lost all respect for TA" camp.

Coulson is a loser in November.

Why would the people of the 10th vote for the liberal Republican, when they can just cut to the chase and vote for the liberal Democrat?

If we want to win (especially in THIS ENVIRONMENT! Have you been following the recent trends?!?!) we have to send someone up against the Dems who is a stark contrast from their liberal - and losing - agenda.

Sending Hamos-lite will only demoralize the GOP base and provide the Dems with a walkover winner this Fall.

But then again, TA, if you want a liberal Congressperson to represent the district next fall, then that's a great endorsement.

Kudos to you. You'll get your wish.

However,I, and many others here in the 10th, are gonna bust our butts over the next 3 days to make sure you don't get your way.

Win or lose, we're sticking with principle over platitudes.

Fielding Mellish

Anonymous said...

I have been following the recent trends and guess what, we've won general elections because moderates have been going against the Hamos's and Seals's in this country. Scott Brown is a moderate who echoes the same statements of Coulson's. Kirk and Coulson have been the same kind of moderate representing this area. New Jersey's governorship was won by a moderate. Even Virginia's gubernatorial win was because McDonnell didn't talk about his conservative positions. The truth is, only Coulson can win in this environment.

Anonymous said...

Heh, if Coulson is ahead in a tracking poll, let's see it.

Anonymous said...

Beth Coulson makes Scott Brown look like Pat Buchanon.

Brown ran on stopping Obama's Health Care Takeover...Couslon voted PRESENT when Obama proposed a Single-Payer Health Bill in Illinois 6 years ago.

If Coulson didn't stand up to Obama when he was an Illinois State Senator, what makes you think she will stand up to him now that he's President?

If a fiscal conservative like Brown can get elected in a state like Massachusetts, then a fiscally conservative Republican can win anywhere, even here.

We have to give the voters a choice - especially in a year when Democrat morale will be low! - here in the 10th District.

Offering up Hamos clone will be a fool's errand.

Anonymous said...

These indictments of team america and losing all respect for our right of center blogfather are completely ridiculous. I realize gang green and dolt's dozen are upset (it must be difficult when you are a millionaire and can't buy something or a new trier heir who has earned nothing in life), but losing respect for team america is very sad. To let you know, back before scott brown in the wake of hurricane katrina in 2005 when all hell was breaking loose for the gop and the political world was collapsing, team america and king louis kept the lamp lit on catlady's blog. Since then they have broken many national stories which have kept dan seals out of congress, and set us up for our first republican senator from the north shore in 30 years.

I disagree with team america on this one, I think he's wrong, and I think he's forgetting coulson's record in springfield, but you respect him as a fellow republican and realize that we are about to have every national liberal nutwing group and democrat with their guns trained on Illinois. This district, as the most liberal of the suburbs is going to be ground zero for the wackos, and i anticipate we will see tons and tons of dirty smelly downright awful democrats invade our turf in the hopes of sending mark kirk to the private sector. You candidates have plenty of money, they have plenty of consultants, prove it out in the community not in trashing someone who would in the event your people win, be their ally in the general election. Remember the old saying newspaper reporters have bottomless barrells of ink-bloggers have endless pages of online material.

we need team america, we don't need your personal invective and vile bile.

Fan of King Louis Astaves the Ellen Alexi and Pup Slayer.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 2:05...

"(it must be difficult when you are a millionaire and can't buy something or a new trier heir who has earned nothing in life)...

...we need team america, we don't need your personal invective and vile bile."

Hypocrite much?

My advice to you...pick a lane and stick with it.

I lost respect for TA because, by picking Couslon, he has gone against everything he claims to stand for.

TA wrote good stuff in the past?

So what?

Andrew Sullivan used to write a lot of good stuff, too.

It doesn't mean he's right now.

Team America said...

FOKLAEAPS - thank you much for your reflections on where we are and what we've been through, and sticking up for me. I knew this particular pick would not excite you, so I'm glad you're sticking with me here for the greater overall good.

To my fans who all of a sudden think I've lost all reason, then good riddance to you. We're not all going to agree on all things political, and if you can stand to be around only those that look, think and talk like you 100% of the time, you're going to have an awfully hard time finding company, much less enough people to make a (successful) political party.

I can guarantee I'll make picks in the future that you also will not agree with, so you may as well give up now, I guess, and take your ball and go home. Go start your own blog, and block comments you don't agree with like Ellen does, if your world view is so myopic and fragile that you can't handle a difference of opinions like adults.

If on the other hand, you'd like to hang around and contribute intelligently to the discourse here (for example, by explaining intelligently and factually why your favored candidate is the best), then you are welcome. Even FOKLAEAPS, as opinionated as he/she can be sometimes, understands the value of fair discussion and keeps the overall goal of defeating the Dems firmly in mind.

I think the anti-Coulson comments we've seen here over the last 20 hours frankly reinforces much of why I decided to endorse Beth - y'all need a little lesson in civility and taking the high road in politics like she tries to.

Doubt I'll be seeing you folks at the GOP unity breakfast on Wednesday, but that'll be more cinnamon rolls left for me.

Anonymous said...

TA, I applaud you, this Blog you created when all there was to deal with was the viciousness of that catlady and her buddies. I'm with you when it comes to supporting Beth Coulson. My reasons are perhaps a bit different than yours for supporting her, but if we can't have polite and decent discourse among those of us who ARE Republicans, then watch out folks, here comes the takeover by the Democrats in the 10th. How about respecting one's right to agree to disagree, but to stand together as Republicans at a time our nation needs us the most.

Beth Coulson is hardly perfect. Is anyone? Make a list of the good things she's accomplished while representing the district down in Springfield. And don't tell me that she's done nothing. She's beaten back some pretty tough opponents since she got into this insane business called politics. Nobody agrees with everything anyone says or does, but, in the end, on balance, Beth offers the best chance, the best hope we have to hold this 10th District seat with a Republican.

I guess some of you who have blasted away at Mark are the same blasters now directing your comments about TA and Beth. Civility be damned, it's your way or the highway and isn't that a shame.

One can only hope that reason, intellect, common sense and yes, civility begins to be found on this Blog or as TA advises, go over to Ellen's place or start you own page. You won't be missed over here.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's time to fold up the tent on this race. Between Coulson's name recognition, her right fit for the District's politics (i.e., liberal Republican), Dold's underwhelming, way-too-generic campaign (not to mention his bus nearly killing someone and its carbon footprint), this one is OVAAAH.

Congratulations Beth. You'll make a worthy candidate in November. Other guys, time to start licking your wounds and regretting your self-financing. Ooops.

- 10th District Next Door Neighbor

Anonymous said...

Once one of my favorite blogs, TA is now dead to me.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Team America on his selection, I disagree with Senator mark Kirk on some things, but I don't attack team america personally. coulson is an awful choice, but then so was dolt. character is what happens when the chips are down and when things were god awful, team america was flying the elephant flag. Look at cat lady's blog now-she is complaing that the democrats are trying to out republican each other. Had team america, and king louis not held ground, kirk would be dead, there would be less chance of of taking this seat (incumbents win 95 percent of elections) and we would be stuck with comrade-jan style socialism here. Ask your pals from college who live in fairfax county or wesport or new rochelle or send their kids to cranbrook who their members of congress are. democrats, because they didn't have team america's.

If I was a candidate who did not get his endorsment, the last person I would be trying to piss off right now is him because in 48 hours team america if you win is going to be one of your biggest fans. the netroots loathed hillary clinton, but she was smart enough to go to their conventions and to try to play nice. dolt and gang green are not good enough politicians to the point where they do not need team america.

Maybe fielding and his company can explain to me where dolt and gang green were the last 10 years. If they have the time and money to run for office now, why weren't they there taking on melissa bean-also a 10th district resident, or any one of the local hacks who represent the area in springfield? It's a sense of disgusting entitlement that they waited to engage the battle until things were looking good or they had a plum within reach. Team america engaged when the cards were against him and did so at the lowest level. Also raising a young family is not an excuse since both men are now running for a job that would keep them away from their families just as much as before and both have spent personal funds that could be used for their children's futures.

More team, less I.


Andy Quinn said...

TA, I regularly read and respect your opinions. However, this endorsement is completely wrongheaded. Coulson stands for the Springfield establishment. Watching her own videos posted online of speeches is like bearing witness to a political train wreck: she resorts to the vaguest of fourth-grade student council platitudes, instructing us to "bring her ideas and we will work on reforms to these big issues." Are you kidding?

Coulson stands for getting elected, where Kirk stood for principles. Just because they both happen to fall in similar sectors of the political spectrum doesn't make them similar candidates, TA: integrity, passion, and personal expertise extending outside professional politics. Kirk had all three, Dold has all three, and Coulson? Three strikes and she's out of my primary ballot.

Elizabeth Coulson said...

I want to thank TeamAmerica10th for your kind words. This endorsement is truly humbling as it comes from someone who represents the pulse of this community. I also want to thank TA for providing a forum for people of all parts of the Republican spectrum to discuss the issues that matter to us all.

I am proud of the grassroots support that has driven my campaign and if I am honored enough to be your next Representative, I give you my word that I will continue listening to the opinions and ideas of community leaders and residents – it is what drives my performance in public service. My campaign will continue to press on with our positive message of honest, responsive, fiscal conservative representation and I look forward to the work we can ALL do to put this country back on the right track.

Again, my sincere appreciation to TA!

- Beth Coulson

Anonymous said...


I chastised you for ignoring the 10 race & belaboring the Kirk polls ets. Wow, didn't expect this.

Yes, you could have stayed out, but made the hard call to take a stand. I applaud you.

I'm surmising, like some of us who aren't in any wa affiliatd with one "camp," that this was an unfiltered, pragmatic endorsement.

While I don't agree with Rep. Coluson on all issues--- she has earned the nomination & is tactically our best shot.

To hell with the those that can't (at a minimum) appreciate your thought process.

Mr. B.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that when the GOP pits a dem lite against a lefty, they still lose: Topinka vs. Blago, and McCain v. Obama.
Nuff said?

Team America said...

Anon 4:39, that's a pretty shallow analysis, not to mention wrong. Topinka lost because she reminded everyone of the crazy dog lady down the street and, by the way, got buried with about 20mil in advertising by Blago (What's she thinking?) who was able to cast her as "George Ryan's treasurer" and make it stick in the minds of voters, even though it wasn't accurate. Topinka's loss had nothing (or at least almost nothing) to do with her position on the issues.

As for McCain, the country wanted so very badly to repudiate George Bush, there was very little chance for the GOP no matter who ran, and McCain made some whopper mistakes (recall 'suspending' his campaign to deal with the financial crisis?) as well as going up against Obama's brilliant campaigning. Again, McCain didn't lose because not enough conservatives voted for him (considering Palin was also on the ticket, I doubt you'd find ANY conservative that would say they did not vote the GOP ticket last cycle).

So those races are relevant to Kirk and Coulson how? Your turn.

Anonymous said...

Beth couldn't be a worse choice. She had 15 years in springfield, the state was corrupt, she didn't stop anything, she helped the democrats to destroy the state. You have to be blind and stupid to think that we're better off now than we were 15 years ago. When the blago trial hits, the democrats will use her record against her and in a year where we are supposed to be on offense for once, the gop will be stuck defending her record of junk. Her union support is a deal killer for me, and its embarassing that the wealthiest, best educated part of the district-new trier can't do better.

In the previous generation new trier produced a gop defense secretary, a gop u.s. senator, a conservative gun activist, several gop ambassadors, and the best we can do now coming out of new trier is dick green who belongs on a city council, dolt who is just awful and braindead and coulson who frankly has no spine. mark kirk was at least strong on national defense and fiscally conservative. That she is not.

Hopefully the next chair will do better at recruiting. Team America is a good soldier, but this is ick.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Sen. Rauschenberger call Topinka "topinkavich" because her and blago lined up on so many issues. That was one reason she was a weak candidate, and thus no fundraising.
In that respect, Coulson on various social issues, cap and trade, and a mixed record on taxes provides many parallels to a democrat (hamos or the pup) platform and makes her a weak candidate. There needs to be distinctions (that's what made Scott Brown a sucess)
When the Republican and dem. are that close, who are the lib's gonna vote for? The dem. I just don't see dems in the 10th crossing over for coulson like they did for Kirk.
As far as McCain v. Obama. Yes, putting Palin on the ticket kept Mccain in it. If he has picked Lieberman as his VP, it would have been a Mondale quality landslide.

Anon 4:39.

easy said...

TA and I agree. Coulson is the best pick. Hope she finds a new media firm for the general, she's gonna need it.

she is a proven winner.

Anonymous said...

Political elite are doing ok, broken government doesn't hurt them too much. Coulson has spent her entire campaign courting political elites--politicians, lobbyists, political media. She says that she listens, but she fails to mention that she is only listening to the political class. Check out her website--no events.

Dick Green hasn't gotten out of his basement.

Arie Friedman is everywhere and would have been an excellent choice had he gotten in earlier.

Robert Dold is the only candidate who can win that has been out and about, talking with business owners and their employees, talking with people on the street, holding listening tour events..

Robert Dold is the best choice for those outside the political insider class. He is slightly more fiscally conservative than Mark and slightly more conservative socially, but he is well within the mainstream of the 10th District voter.

With all due respect to former governors, bloggers, and whatever FOKLEAS is, Robert Dold is the best pick for this District.

Anonymous said...

Mark was barely within the mainstream of the district, and that's with 10 years of good will. This is a liberal district and dolt is (like the rest of his campaign)stuck in 1985 or whenever it was that he changed microphones for quayle.

He's shawn margaret donnelly with different plumbing.


Anonymous said...

FOKLAEPS, this will prolly drive you ballistic but Beth Coulson also took a contribution in 2008 from Kirk Fordham,a guy who was at the heart of the House page scandal a few years earlier.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:04:

Yes, Friedman might have been..

Robert aka is not the alternative here:

1) His resume is uber thin when you peel back the layers. His Washington experience is Dan Qualye and Dan Burton. Both millstones in the general and not exactly "policy grooming" steps (ie. VIP advance andv "investigating pols." More like
2) His local resume is weaker. He's not "making a payroll." Please, that business is on auto pilot and his parents are the owners. Spare me the small business, I feel your pain, stuff.
3) He is articulate, but waffer thin deep. He's not an original thinker. He will be eaten alive under the kleig lights.
4) He's unvetted. Pat Brady didn't recruit him. He's never met the guy.
5) His big momentum is North Shore money and operating in a vacuum as eveybody else was scared off by redistricting. Any other year he'd be fighting against battleships.
6) I agree on the point about fighting the fight in the last few years. The only known activity that I heard was a staff gig at the GOP show for McCain in MN. Somebody on this blog said it was Palin. I hope Hamos and Pup don't have that pic in their manila folder.

I mean no ill will, SERIOUSLY, but this is the big leagues-- and one of the highest profile CD's in the US of A.

Not a beuaty contest.

Anonymous said...

Folkhero, you are living in 2008. Did you see what happened in NY/Mass/VA? This is 2010 baby and the 10th swings. You were wrong about Cadigan, you are wrong about Arie ($38,000), and you a wrong about Dold.

Being out in DC makes it hard for you to have your finger on the pulse. Its understandable.

Anonymous said...

Go Beth Go!

Way to go TA!

I am so happy you went for Beth.

I am glad you were able to look through Dold's negative attacks on Beth Coulson.

A truly great endorsement if I may say so myself.

By the way, to everyone who says Coulson isn't in the lead right now...why would BOTH Dold and Green be attacking her?

Green sends me a mailer with negatives on Dold and Coulson. Hmmm...

Dold sends me a mailer with negatives on Coulson. Hmmm...

Coulson sends me a mailer with nothing other than SOLUTIONS and a POSITIVE message. Hmmm...


*Coulson may even win by 5%.

Any other perdictions that actually have thought put into them? Please share.


Anonymous said...

Beth COulson's fans do a lot of complaining about contrast ads, but they never engage the substance of them. Coulson did vote to raise sales taxes. To say so, isn't negative campaigning as Coulson is presumably proud of her voting record, right?

Anonymous said...

-Green---> 16%
-Folkhero----> 2%

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:06

Dold by 6 points?


I respectfully disagree. Appreciate the thought though.


Anonymous said...

Her negatives are WAY up in the last week. You'll be surprised. She may finish third. Ask Rita Mullens.

Anonymous said...

this is getting silly...All of you decry the attacks on Coulson (really, more like pointing out facts), yet you cannot refute any of the statistics!

And TA, you are perfectly within your rights to endorse her...However, I am also perfectly within my rights to think that you wouldn't know conservative principles if they came up and bit you.

Enjoyed the blog for the past few weeks...But now on to other, more sensibly conservative sites.

TA has jumped the shark.

Matt Damon...Matt Damon, indeed.

Team America said...

No sweat. Just be sure to come back after the elections and let us know how all your "sensible" friends feel about never winning any elections because you can't field any electible candidates.

Oh, also, be sure to ask the 'sensibles' how much they like Scott Brown now. The conservatives made him, ya know.

Anonymous said...

All the candidates are social moderates in this race, there is not a social conservative amongst them. TA simply picked the most fiscally moderate candidate of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

The funniest thing is seeing a campaign staffer attack an opponent because they didn't put a calendar on the webpage.

It's really silly to think not having a calendar means she isn't going anywhere. I guess Kirk has no chance, either, since he doesn't have a calendar on his website.

Anonymous said...

Beth Coulson is a principled leader and has showed time and time again she can win against whatever Mike Madigan threw at her. She will be our next Congresswoman from the 10th District. She is the right person at the right time and I whole-heartedly endorse Beth.

I also endorse Kirk Dillard for Governor and Jason Plummer for Lt. Gov.

Tim Stratton

Anonymous said...

Coulson has never won a competitive primary before.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Kirk Fordham, he was apparently a nice guy what happened with him and foley was awful. He worked for tom reynolds as well, who also got whacked.

I am glad the team america bashing has ended. On tuesday night when the media starts having a feeding frenzy on alexi-they need a new fish to fry, you will realize how bad you were to go after team america.

You can tell in about 5 minutes who has the stuff. Dolt doesn't have it. coulson has more baggage than kaehlers.

I am looking forward to this race being over. I dont ever recall a comment threat over 20, and most of it was team america, I, tikun, baxters mom and king louis. We certainly weren't as nasty. This race feels more like a new trier cat fight over whose kids


Anonymous said...

get to be lead roll. Dolt's people and coulsons chicago thugs are most in for blame.


Trebor in Libertyville said...

While I will actively support the Republican candidate in the 10th, I feel TA is wrong in his endorsement. Bob Dold and Dr. Arie Friedman are both strong candidates with real world experience,integrity and electability. In this era of anger at long time politicians, Coulson is just one more who has spent time in Springfield - almost all her endorsements are other politicos. Her outside fundraising has been much weaker than in the past. Both Dold and Friedman are outside breaths of fresh air that will appeal across the 10th. It was a tough choice but Thursday I early voted for ROBERT DOLD and urge other 10th district votes to do the same.
Let's keep the 10th REPUBLICAN!
- Trebor in Libertyville

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have been so quiet around here lately. I have been busy campaigning.

You struck quite a nerve with your endorsement TA. That's why you get paid the big bucks to author this blog! :-)

That nerve seems to be the same one I've experienced going door to door. Folks out there are pretty angry, riled, disgusted, frustrated and confused. They want to send a message but aren't sure who the messenger should be at times.

The positions of voters have hardened the past 2-3 weeks and they now for the most part are supporting candidates with a degree of passion. The undecided I'm running across seem to be leaning towards Dold and Friedman.

Once upon a time you insisted that everyone identify themselves using at least an alias. It's hard to sort out the comments now around here with everyone being "anonymous." At least before you could figure out the logic of an alias poster over several postings. Now it's one big blur.

Louis G. Atsaves