Thursday, January 28, 2010

GOP Candidate Cindy Hebda Back on Ballot (for now) in 59th Legislative District (UPDATED)

For those of you who have been following the ups and downs of Vernon Hills Trustee Cindy Hebda's candidacy problems (she was challenged by the Democrats for having signed incumbent Democrat State Representative Carol Sente's nomination petition before Hebda had declared her own candidacy), Hebda was thrown off the ballot by a circuit court judge, whose decision was affirmed by the appellate court. Hebda's attorneys made an emergency appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court asking for a temporary stay of the lower court orders so that she would remain on the ballot while the Illinois Supreme Court reviewed the case. A review is not automatic, however; the Illinois Supremes have to agree to take the case (called "granting Certiorari" or "Cert" for us legal beagles).

In an interesting twist, today the Illinois Supreme Court GRANTED the request for a stay, so for now, Hebda is back on the ballot (she was never removed in Lake County, I'm not sure about Cook; the 59th District includes precincts in both counties). However, they have not decided (yet) whether to accept Certiorari, and they DENIED Hebda's request for an expedited review. That means, according to the court, that since the usual time when then court would convene next to hear such a motion is not until early March, unless the Sup. Ct. changes its mind, we could well have a situation where, if Hebda wins, the actual winner may be in doubt for a month or more, while the Supremes decide whether to even take the case.

Of course, the simplest result is if front-runner GOP opponent Dan Sugrue (who is endorsed by this blog) wins the primary election outright, and then it won't matter. But there's no telling at this point, as no one has any polling data, and it could be anybody's race.

Here's a copy of the Order:

It probably isn't too legible, but it says:

THIS CAUSE, coming to be heard on the motion of the Petitioner, and the Court being fully advised in the premises;

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the motion to expedite consideration of the petition for leave to appeal is denied, but this Court stays the Circuit Court and Appellate Court orders, and reinstates the Illinois State Board of Elections order denying the objection, pending disposition of the petition for leave to appeal in this court.

Order entered by the Court.

UPDATED 1/29/10 12:30 a.m.: The Daily Herald has a story up now.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if she lost by 50% after all that Republican money was wasted on lawyers?

Anonymous said...

Mohan Manian should win that primary, because he's the most conservative candidate, in that race. After the primary, he'll appeal to moderates by promoting government reforms, including term limits, for all elected officials, the ability to recall all elected officials, and special elections, to replace U.S. senators, state senators, and state reps. who resign or die in office.

Conservative Veteran

Anonymous said...

so why doesn't mohan do those things now?

Anonymous said...

I just got a Hebda flyer on my doorknob over the weekend. Hebda claims she "Endorsed". What newspaper endorsed Hebda. Does anyone know?

Team America said...

Hebda was endorsed by Pioneer Press. Tribune and Daily Herald went with Dan Sugrue.