Thursday, January 21, 2010

Robert Dold Out with New Commerical in IL-10

Bob Dold is out with an new campaign commercial. I think it's pretty good - the name Dold is repeated over and over (voters aren't going to forget it, after this). I especially like the old guy who says if he was from Chicago, he'd vote twice (is that all?). Notice the Chicago Tribune endorsement tag at the end - it's subtle and I missed it the first time around. I'm sure, though, that he'll be trumpeting that more, soon.

They like to play the "rate it" game over at Capitol Fax Blog (which is fine if you want to comment, and I'd be foolish to try to stop you...) but I'm more interested in people's thoughts on the strategic use of cable and network TV ads in this race, for either the Dems or the GOP. So far, I have not heard of anyone in the IL-10 race doing network ad buys for the primary - it's all been cable. Is cable effective? Should candidates try to blow their wad on real TV? Does anyone ever watch real TV anymore? Doesn't Bob have great teeth?



Anonymous said...

Is Coulson on air?

Anonymous said...

Chompers suitable for Congress...good ad

Anonymous said...


Official commercial count?

Dold - 4
Coulson - 0

Hamos - 1
Seals - 0

Is that accurate?

Coulson = Terrible, lethargic campaign. She can't wrap this up without cable commercials touting Edgar, Porter, Porter again, and the Sun Times...sad. I smell upset...

Anonymous said...

Is Coulson pulling a Coakley?

- 10th District Next Door Neighbor

Anonymous said...

Dold's commercials have been running on FOX News prime-time: Baier, Smith, O'Reilly, Hannity, etc...Something tells me they get pretty good ratings, especially among likely GOP primary voters.

Anonymous said...

1. Network is too expensive. A network buy in chicago costs 250k/week. Dolt does not have that much. cable was something first done in the bush 2004 campaign after a microtargeting strategy developed by ken mehlman, one of the best rnc chiefs we've ever had. on the plus side for coulson because his fundraising has been so bad, the primary is so short and his name id is so anemic, he hasnt had the ability to hit her with ads on blago. this wont happen in the general.

2.For a republican primary fox news is the best bet. the people that watch it are hard core republicans. It costs less than the old media garbage on 2-5-7.

3. coulson does not have that much money either. they are saving it to the end. the real shock has been green. He talked all about his money. if he had serious dough hed be on the air by now. perhaps hes planning a last minute blitz but with all the campaigns out there in this market they are going to get crowded. hes a self funder and may just decide its not worth it to pour the money in.

4. the part at the end is stupid. he should have put the tribune thing on earlier to give it more play. You can tell he doesnt have a lot of money because its a name ad, rather than an issues ad where his name would get mentioned less.

5. The coulson ad will likely have some combination of edgar and porter, perhaps speaking live. that was very effective for mark and his best ads in 2000. it'll be next week. remember she only raised 130 and that included money from herself in the summer quarter. shes got polling-25k a poll, mail, staff, ect.

6. seals didnt spend that much in 2008, what he did spend was spent at the end of the primary to redo his endorsements, he ended up giving turkey's favorite lobbyist all 3 foot 2 inch jay footlik an 80-20 drubbing. hamos has been spending a lot of money, i am sure there is more to come but i think she loses this race.


Anonymous said...

Coulson's pre-primary showed she raised $22k. That is brutal. Very limited 48 hour notice activity showing late but large contributions. The only way she is getting on TV is if she testifies at the Drew Peterson trial.

Anonymous said...

wow, Green has spent a lot of money.......

Anonymous said...

Coulson is at the butt of all comments because she is the one to beat. On Air? Cable Commercials? Coakley? I get it and maybe an upset is in order. I like friedman, I like green and daddy's boy Bobby Dold. They are all good guys and exceptable.

I read this blog because of the good reporting but the comments make me ill. I am close with our future Senator Mark Kirk. I believe in good representation of our district like Kirk and Porter. Let's be the GOP that I grew up to know and not run negative ads on WLS, Dold, because you are down in the polls. Lets be Repulicans, come together and beat the dems at their game.

No matter who wins on Feb 2, maybe Coulson, Green or Dold but I am a Republican and damn proud to be one.


Be True

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear!

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden Coulson is a big GOP team player, huh. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Bob has a radio version of this ad too, I heard it on WIND this morning. It is even more effective on radio than tv, especially the tie into the the Tribunes endorsement and the quote about Congress needing people who genuinely knows how to create jobs.

Anonymous said...

No crowing about fundraising in the 10th? What is going on here?

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed in the teaparty movement when I read your facts on your blog. Then I had a thought, why don't I look it up on google and get even more information on this scandal. I don't have to tell you what I found on their website. Or, maybe you could tell me how to interpret what I thought I read on their website.I can't imagine why you would attempt to disenfranchise the future of the Republican Party. I intend to bring your blog item to the attention of all local independent patriot organizations. I will expect an immediate reply from you. My name is Harold Beadling and I am the elected Republican Precinct Committeeman in Waukegan Township, precinct

Team America said...

Anon 12:11 - here's my reply: you're either a fraud or an idiot.

First of all, there are no 'local independent patriot organizations' in Lake County because our homegrown right-wingers already have that turf locked up and would never allow their personal aspirations to consolidate power and take over the party to be stepped on by some other group(s) they don't control.

But second of all, everyone in Lake County GOP politics who knows anything about anything already knows all about this blog, and me, including the right-wingers (trust me, I'm not shy with them. We even agree on a few candidates, like Thunder Dan Sugrue). But more importantly, I don't think this blog is particularly critical of the tea party movement, except when certain people who claim to be affiliated with that movement hate on our supported candidates like Mark Kirk.

Third, nobody active in politics, not even a precinct committeemen up in Waukegan, would have to research the tea party movement on the Internet because this blog was the first place they heard about it (and which was not even the subject of this post).

Fourth, if there's any chance you are who you say you are (which I very much doubt based on your IP), go talk to your Waukegan Township Chairman and see what he thinks about this blog before you waste your time. I doubt he'll be supportive of your efforts.

So, which is it? Dem troll? Or just a moron? I will expect an immediate reply. Or, you can just peddle crazy somewhere else, thanks.