Thursday, January 7, 2010

Former Congressman John Porter to Endorse Beth Coulson In IL-10 Race (UPDATED)

As we hinted at a while back, Team America has confirmed with the Beth Coulson for Congress campaign that former Congressman John Porter is going to endorse State Rep. Beth Coulson in her bid for the GOP nomination to succeed Congressman Mark Kirk in the Tenth Congressional District. As most of you know, Porter was a popular and highly-regarded congressman who was noted for his political acumen and influence, as well as his ethics and attention to serving his district for many years.

A press release will be going out to the major media later today. In it, Coulson will state that:

"Congressman Porter's endorsement of my candidacy is significant and humbling. John set a standard for ethical public service that I have sought to emulate. He was a prudent steward of taxpayer resources and an independent voice in Congress who always put the interests of our country and his constituents first."

If attorney Bill Cadigan had stayed in the race, it would have been interesting to see if Porter would have chosen sides, since Cadigan, like Mark Kirk, was a former staffer. But, with Cadigan out of the way, the path was obviously cleared for an unreserved endorsement of Coulson, who has also garnered the support of other major Republican officials and pols, such as former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar. Cadigan, by the way, has not made an endorsement, but has strongly hinted that he intends to, which might in turn be interesting if he breaks ranks with his former boss Porter and endorses someone other than Coulson.

The Coulson campaign tells me that in addition to the Porter announcement, they have a lot of activity planned for January and expect to be picking up a lot of momentum. So far, they are declining to release fundraising numbers to avoid being the first to set off the numbers reporting war for the quarter, but Team Coulson tells me that all of the significant activity they have planned for January is "already paid for."

We will bring you the press release when it is made available.

UPDATED: Here's the full Coulson press release:

Coulson Collects Another Key Endorsement: Congressman John Porter

NORTHBROOK (January 7) - Today, former longtime 10th District Republican Rep. John Porter announced his endorsement of Elizabeth Coulson for the district he previously served.

"Beth is the best fit for the 10th district and I know her to be a dedicated leader" Porter said. "She is a strong fiscal conservative at a time when Washington, DC, needs legislators who will restrain runaway federal spending."

Porter's highly sought-after endorsement by 10th Congressional District GOP candidates comes on the heels of former-Gov. Jim Edgar announcing last month that he, too, is backing Coulson.

"Beth Coulson has demonstrated herself as a thoughtful legislator with the ability to master complex public policy issues and translate them into common sense solutions," Porter said. "In particular, because of her professional background as a medical school professor, Beth would provide invaluable and much-needed insight into ongoing health care policy issues."

"Congressman Porter's endorsement of my candidacy is significant and humbling," said Coulson. "Congressman Porter set a standard for ethical public service that I have sought to emulate. He was a prudent steward of taxpayer resources and an independent voice in Congress who always put the interests of our country and his constituents first. Congressman Porter's legacy of service is well-remembered by 10th District residents and his opinion remains deeply respected. I am very thankful for his support."

Porter's endorsement follows the endorsement of the majority of Illinois Congressional Republicans including Reps. Judy Biggert, Timothy Johnson, Aaron Schock and John Shimkus and Republican members of the Illinois General Assembly including leaders State Rep. Tom Cross and State Sen. Chris Radogno. Coulson has also received the backing of numerous local elected officials and civic leaders in the 10th District. A complete list of Coulson's endorsements can be found at:


Anonymous said...

It didnt do a much for bill cadigan, well see on porter. edgar has not helped dillard at all. seems like a date of expiration on public figures and reps.

dold has to go nuclear now. no way he can make this an all positive campaign.

he'll also loan himself a lot of money if this is close.


Anonymous said...

DoldSold worked advance for Palin in 2008. Why isn't he touting this? She's the second most admired woman in the US?

Anonymous said...

I agree some endorsements don't work when they back every race under the sun, but Porter hasn't endorsed anyone and he's still held in high regard by many of those in the district. Especially the older voters (who actually vote in primaries.)
I also heard that Cadigan dropped out because Porter was endorsing Coulson. But it doesn't matter, if the Chicago Tribune also endorses Coulson, this race is over.

Anonymous said...

race isnt over. coulson was blago's lackey in springfield, and whenever dold or green decides to wake up and start going after her, we will learn who is blago's choice here.

endorsement was a joke. she's fiscally conservative like todd stroger is competent.

i really think someone makes their vote because of judy biggert.not.


Anonymous said...

Did you see the United republican Fund ratings. Coulson got a 35 out of 100. On an objective scale of the following criteria, 'Limited Government'; 'Free Enterprise', 'Individual Liberty' and 'Traditional Values', Coulson received the lowest score of all the Republican legislators (senators and reps)

In addition, she scored below the average. She was more liberal than the average legislator in Springfield. She is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

She could very wll be the next Susan Garett, who switches to the Democratic Party once in office. Her campaign manager Jen is an avowed Democrat, you know what advice she would give.

Porter was a good Congressman, but he has been lobbying in DC for over ten years. It very well may be that K street steak dinners and have made him lose touch with the good folks of the 10th Congressional District.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, here is the linf to the ratings.

Anonymous said...

But when you look at the votes they baed the ratings on (which hampers the objectiveness since they chose what votes they wanted to count), she voted against all the tax and fee increases (where she got many of those points). I guess that hurts the whole "she's not fiscally conservative" argument...

D. Miller said...

The idea that Elizabeth Coulson is the right person at the right time is frankly ridiculous. Does anyone think Coulson is a fighter? I mean, not on paper (if you even believe what her people write on blogs) but in real life. The only words I can think to describe her are "anemic" and "lethargic". I've gone to a couple of forums and when she starts to talk, my brain starts to go numb.

If she wins the primary, she will get eaten alive in the general. Despite all this talk about how "conservative" she is.

Anonymous said...

issue 1. we beat up rod coulson here harder than dold or green do on the trail.

issue 2,3,4,5,6,7,8. see issue 1.

you know green's getting suckered by his delay hacks when they won't hit coulson's claim of being a fiscal hawk. She's more like a pig feeding at the springfield trough.

the hammer would have been all over her by now the way he used to destroy liberals like gephardt, martin frost and co.

fan of king louis astaves the ellen alexi and pup slayer

Anonymous said...


I resent your ludicrous accusations of Beth Coulson.

"She could very wll be the next Susan Garett, who switches to the Democratic Party once in office."

First of all, Susan Garrett was never elected as a Republican - she ran as a Democrat.

Second, Beth always ran as a Republican and despite Republicans losing all around her - independents and Republicans continued supporting her against ALL candidates Mike Madigan ran against her.

Third, since the Democrats took control of the State of Illinois in 2002 - Beth continued running as a REPUBLICAN. If she ever thought about switching it would not be NOW. She would have done it in 2006 or 2008. Beth Coulson always was and will continue to be a Republican.

In closing, your attacks on Beth are baseless and mean-spirited.

If you are supporting someone else, why don't you focus on the positive aspects of your candidate instead of lying about Beth. Your attitude is precisely why most folks stay away from politics.

Coulson Supporter

Anonymous said...

Coulson Supporter:

I can't agree with you more - this blog is getting bogged by nasty commenters. It is my understanding the "Anonymous" you speak of is from the Bob Dold campaign. Indications are his ship is

Anonymous said...

Anon just above is right, this campaign may not be over but it isn't looking good. There is a lot of time remaining and more campaigning expected from all the candidates; but when you look at the big endorsements of Porter and Edgar versus Santa Claus, it's pretty much turning into a one-sided race.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I almost forgot to add Quayle T9 go with Santa's endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Coulson did a flier with Obama and Blago and didn't endorse McCain. Coulson Supporter, Obama and Blago are Democrats, McCain is a Republican. So, Coulson's Party loyalty is certainly a legitimate question.

Anonymous said...

If Coulson were running for Mayor of Springfield or K Street, she would be the clear winner. I believe that she doesn't have the support of the 150+ precinct captains walking Arlington Heights and Palatine in the next couple of weekends, however.

Anonymous said...

I recently met Coulson. It is hard to envision her winning any race this year. She is not likable nor redeeming politically in any way. I find her trite, obnoxious and full of something other than credibility. I am not with another candidate as of yet. I am waiting for tonight's debate.

I am not sure if Dold or any of the others have what it takes or not, but I am 100% sure Coulson is not someone who I am prepared to help in any way. If any of you are thinking about supporting Coulson, please meet her or hear will be considerably underwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 3:08

a bit harsh but accurate. at least you are honest.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but when I listened to Beth speak on the Tribune website, she seemed highly informed. Admittedly, she is not charismatic but Beth sure did know more than the other two. I'd much rather have someone know what they are talking about than stumble over a simple question of whether you are pro-life or pro-choice.

Anonymous said...

Beth is a proven winner and has taken everything Mike Madigan and the Springfield Dems have thrown at her. I am QUITE sure she can handle Hamos--a fellow State Rep from a neighboring Coulson district.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Beth took every thing Madigan threw at her and voted for most of it. Is that the type of representation we want?

Anonymous said...

Keep up with he talking points, guys. It will be interesting to see how many republican primary voters vote for Coulson becuase she "took on Mike Madigan."

Anonymous said...

maybe 2

Anonymous said...

Beth Coulson's Party loyalty. She accepted defeat in 2008 and did a combined mailer with Obama. How can we be sure she wont crumble in the face of a Democratic majority in the U.S. House?

Beth Coulson's charisma. When I heard her speak she was completely underwhelming and wasn't even trying to hide her obvious liberal views. She preferred to hide behind promises of campaign money and big name endorsements rather than a tangible conservative message.

If Mark Kirk wasn't worried about his own election he would quickly endorse Dold or Green who are much better candidates to represent IL-10. If Coulson is our candidate for the general election, it is a lose-lose.

Anonymous said...

Flashback to 2000, when Coulson declined to endorse Mark Kirk for Congress or George Bush for President on Jeff Berkowitz’s TV show, “Public Affairs.” She brushed off the subject as if it were no big deal, and refused to endorse (even though Kirk’s opponent was Lauren Beth Gash, a Democrat) because she said she didn’t have enough information about them on some of the “issues that were important to her,” and that her voters were very sophisticated and “they usually choose to make their own decisions.”
Why does Coulson need Porter’s endorsement if her voters can make their own decisions? Why do her voters need the advice of a political figure who hasn’t lived in the district for the last ten years? I highly doubt that Porter even knows enough about Coulson to give her a legitimate endorsement. He left Illinois in 2001 for Washington, so how much can he say firsthand about her performance in the House over the last decade?

Anonymous said...

As a DC lobbyist, Porter clearly wants to be a kingmaker.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Dold's campaign manager is sore about not getting Porter's endorsement and wants to try the lobbyist angle. You know none of Dold's staffers, or Kelly, would be trying knocking down a Porter endorsement if they could've added him alongside Santa Claus and Dan Quayle. It would have made the list somewhat respectful.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Some pretty sore losers out there. Folks - get a grip!

Beth earned Congressman Porter's endorsement, as well as many others.

Beth continues to run as a Republican as she did in the beginning and will do in the future.

But most importantly, Beth represents her district well and that's why, despite Mike Madigan and the Democrats efforts to defeat her, she continues to prevail.

Stop the nonsense already. If you are not supporting Beth then discuss why you are supporting Dold or whoever. But this noise is getting obnoxious!

Another Coulson Supporter

Anonymous said...

lets be clear, if pupmeister and beth run, she will be considered the blago democrat given her ties to him. we will have to apologize for blago. us! king louis not catlady will have to tell his peeps why his candidate was blago's pal.

her campaign is run by a machine thug. 15 yard penalty for boneheadness. on the plus side she'll get 1,939,932 dead people to the polls.

porter endorsed because he knows her. not for her record.

dolt has no one to blame but himself, he's spent his entire life grooming his teeth for this moment and he's let it get away from him.


Anonymous said...

As a former Cadigan supporter, I am disappointed by this endorsement of Coulsen, as is Bill. The Congressman has been too long in the Washington echo chamber to have a real perspective on the candidates in the race. Sadly, his life is now in Washington, not the District.

My problem with Coulson is that she can't win. She has no grass roots support, was able to win no Township endorsements - including her own, has no support among donors, and generates no excitement among voters. And my friends in DC say that the folks at the NRCC are concerned she may actually win, because they don't think she is the right "brand" for the new face of the Republican party.

I just don't think that she has proved she has what it takes. I know I'll be attacked here, but this is my candid take. The reason I supported Bill is that he approached the campaign in a dignified way. Lets try to keep this discussion that way.

Open Minded and Undecided.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:35

What I find funny is how you point out all of your problems with Coulson...but you supported Cadigan?

Now tell me, which one of those issues did Cadigan outshine Coulson on?

You are clearly complaining about Beth because she locked down John Porter (huge endorsement!) and Cadigan didn't.

In case you didn't realize...Cadigan couldn't win. He had no grass roots support, was able to win no Township endorsements - including his own, has no support among donors, and generates no excitement among voters. And MY friends in DC say that the folks at the NRCC are excited she may actually win, because they think she is the right "brand" for the new face of the Republican party.

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, this Republican Primary is over.

In one corner, weighing in with Governor Jim Edgar, Congressman Aaron Schock, and Congressman John Porter we've got Elizabeth Coulson.

In the other corner, standing with Santa Claus and Dan Qualye we've got Bob Dold and his pest control sprays.

Enough said...Coulson wins by 3-5 points in the worst case scenario.

Anonymous said...

Nice pot shot. I was trying to keep my comments dignified.

Your post makes you sound like you are upset because your man Dick Green is out of the race.

At least I put my allegiance up front. Why not do the same.

Anonymous said...

Coulson can get all the endorsements she wants...The problem is, in the real world of real politics, she has no grassroots support and she hasn't shown any ability to raise money.

Endorsements are when Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean.

You can whistle past the graveyard all you want, but Dold is doing the groundwork to win.

In fact...I seem to recall, in a fairly recent Democratic Primary, where the supposed front-runner, "It's Her Time," wife of a former president somehow got beat by a young upstart community organizer from the City of Chicago.

She had the endorsements, the connections, the favors-to-call in...and she lost to a better ground game and a grassroots network of people who would walk across broken glass to vote for their guy.

Sound familiar?

Fielding Mellish

Anonymous said...

fielding on what planet do you live where dolt is considered on par with Mark Kirk?

He's an andy hochberg with brown rather than black hair. At least hochberg could have won the jews in glencoe. dolt is an intellectual zero who has run one of the worst campaigns in recent memory. Perhaps oberweis was worse. John Edwards comes to mind, but edwards at least pretended to be about something and was a self made man.

I don't know of kelly and haven't read roll call to learn of his consultants but his messaging is awful and his unwillingess and inability to knock coulson down is reminiscent of polish generals at the start of world war II who were overwhelmed and overmatched. I'm sick of canned gop politicians like him and greenburg and mcsweeney and jim goulka and lauzen and hastert II who makes me sick.

as for coulson i look at hamos and ask myself what's the difference?then I go into my head, think of next october as dan seals runs ads accusing her of being the big spending blago loving democrat and say why didn't we go with a republican when we had the chance? She's a zero on national security has yet to explain why she hired a democrat hack to run her campaign and has slept with the unions.

FRIEDMAN FOR Congress, a doctor with a prescription to fix Washington.

I don't get porter quitting on cadigan. my view of him just zeroed out. Bill deserved better.


Anonymous said...

FOLKhero endorsed Cadigan before he endorsed Friedman. 0 for 2, bigboy. Get out of your mom's basement and onto the Coulson train before it leaves the staton....

Nancy said...


She can deny, deny, deny all she wants but the proof that she's been a huge supporter of cap and trade is on the IL Legislature Web site. Bottom line: Coulson is bad for small business. If we want to bring back jobs to the 10th District, we can't have a Congressman (or woman) who supports harming small businesses. Here are the links to the cap and trade bills she sponsored.

House Bill 422, The IL Clean Car Act

HB 5254, the Global Warming Response Act