Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fox News: Former Governor Jim Edgar Dishes on Mark Kirk

As we all know, former Governor Jim Edgar was one of the very first Republicans to come out and endorse Congressman Mark Kirk's U.S. Senate run. You may remember that announcement last summer:

Tuesday will be the first test of the strength of Mark Kirk's candidacy, and Jim Edgar is even more enthusiastic today about the chances for the GOP to regain ground in Illinois than any of us could have hoped to be on that lovely summer day when Mark first announced his candidacy.

Edgar noted, "I think this election is the best opportunity we've had as a party in Illinois in over a decade, and I think we have a real good shot at winning this senate seat that was [once] occupied by President Obama. Mark Kirk is, I think everyone feels that he will be the Republican nominee, he is currently a Congressman and he comes from a predominantly Democratic district, so he has the ability to reach over and get independents and Democrats, which is critical to win Illinois."


I should also mention that Governor Edgar has also endorsed State Rep. Beth Coulson to fill Kirk's old spot in the 10th District.


Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that Hughes spent so much on expensive consultants that he ran out of money?

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the Bath Coulson gets almost all of her money from PACs?

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that Beth Coulson votes with Julie Hamos 87% of the time?

Anonymous said...

Wow, more talking points from the Dold campaign!

Ever noticed that more Dold staffers are commenting against Coulson than praising their own candidate?

Anonymous said...

Funny, I thought this Post was on Jim Edgar's praise of Mark Kirk. Yep, the Dold staffers just don't take the hint. This is about Mark Kirk, so take a hike, get lost, go occupy yourselves with something other than bashing Beth Coulson. You remind me of what used to be the mantra of Ellen Beth Gill. Here's a thought: go and start your own Blog. Hopefully after Tuesday you'll gain a bit of maturity and just move along. You're boring and you're also nasty little folks.

Anonymous said...


Again, attack the messengers, not the message.

Can anyone refute the facts?

Anonymous said...


This is 2010...not 1990. Let's run a campaign commensurate with this decade please.

Wild Bill said...

Anon 11:07,

Shouldn't the anon poster who makes the charge
cite his or her sources so it can be debated?

I remember how Seals always accused Kirk of voting
with Bush 90% of the time to make him look like a
right-wing Republican.

Anonymous said...

Kirk and Bush usually agree because both of them are too liberal.

Conservative Veteran