Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sun-Times Goes With Beth Coulson, Julie Hamos in IL-10

I'm still somewhat glazed in wonder at the great Scott Brown win from last night, but I should not neglect the latest round of endorsements in IL-10, this time from the Sun-Times.

Given that the Tribune gave the nod to Bob Dold in an endorsement that raised eyebrows with many political insiders, the question now is, has the pendulum swung back for State Rep. Beth Coulson? The Sun-Times says:

A physical therapist, Coulson has focused on health-care issues in Springfield, working on legislation ranging from providing a safe haven for abandoned babies to extending the time that young adults, a key group among the uninsured, can stay covered under their parents' insurance policies. That record, combined with her intelligence, work ethic and ability to reach across the aisle, would make Coulson, if ultimately elected, a player as Congress continues to reshape the nation's medical delivery system. Coulson sees the health-care legislation pending in Congress as flawed and prefers free-market solutions such as letting Americans buy insurance across state lines.

The Sun-Times also went with Julie Hamos, who, despite her liberal philosophy and many other flaws (that I'm sure we'll be getting into if she wins the primary), she's at least held a job and made some accomplishments in her years as a state rep, unlike two-time loser Dan Seals. The Sun-Times seems to agree:

You'd think Democrat party leaders might appreciate Seals' valiant effort against long odds.

And maybe they do -- but not enough to stick with him this time.

Now that Kirk is running for the Senate, throwing his seat in Congress up for grabs, Seals is being bigfooted in the Democratic primary by a contender with far more party backing, funding and experience -- state Rep. Julie Hamos.

We look forward to a long day of the Coulson and Dold folks shooting at each other here. Just remember that we're all Republicans, kids, and we still have to play with each other in the GOP sandbox on February 3rd.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Beth.

-Dold fan


Anonymous said...

The Sun Times also endorsed Todd Stroger last time.

Anonymous said...

Not good news for dolts people, this continues a narrative that has her as the candidate who can do this and shuts down his momentum.

I am sure he's got a dan burton thing coming which wont play well in a general-ask porter what the clinton impeachment which burton lead- did for his career. I am sure there will be other news and notes.

The shots pup has been taking in the press this week are great. I think he lost all 4 endorsements are really really bad news for his campaign. I am sure he will do something sketchy like take a line and say ah ha! they really do like me like coulson did on her mailers. Hamos is going to really lay in this week, I am guessing she has 1 million to his 500k, and well see if she can get a poll showing her up.

to the dems that read this. good work on pulling a bucky dent or buckner last night.

yeah and the tribune endorsed obama, and in his house race the year mark first ran.

more time thinking of ideas, less time brushing dolt's teeth.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Team Coulson!

Your candidate is the clear choice for victory in the fall and you (the Team) are a great group of workers!!

Keep the momentum going!

Anonymous said...

Frankly the best thing in the newspaper this morning is a neil steinberg hit on dan seals in the suntimes. The thing is worth a post just because it prints what team and king louis have been saying for 5 years since the days of catlady's blog.

the quotes are great.

"Golly. Hard to argue with that one, though being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives seems an awfully . . . ahhh . . . indirect way of helping one's children."

another hit

"I'm sure those who face actual problems, and even those who are doing well, wouldn't mind a congressman who isn't spouting feel-good gibberish."

the line

"then the best thing that could happen is for him to be returned to the business world on Feb. 2, where he can better guarantee their well-being by earning boatloads of private sector money for college and by not having to commute back and forth to Washington."

First the tribune yesterday, now the scum-times. people are finally using our talking points. Old media might just need to last to may.


Anonymous said...

Why can't the Doldson bloggers on TA recognize one of the big lessons from last night? You need good charismatic candidates to win elections!
Vote Friedman or we will go down the tubes.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Sun Times is the tabloid news of Chicago. It's great for sports but isn't a reliable news source. Sun Times owns the Pioneer Press, so they predictably both went with Coulson. Also,the rumor is that they invited her to the newsroom for an individual meeting with the editorial board, while the other candidates were given a 5-minute phone interview with one editor. So of course they had their minds made up before even considering any of the other candidates. their choice: always the most liberal of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

hey 11:00am anon (DOLD)

Why not just take TA's advice and give it up. A lot of us could say some pretty pithy things about thr Trib's process, gaming and political bent, if we wanted to...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:00,

Not sure if you noticed, but the two papers don't really act in synch. Look at Lapinski. The Pioneer Press endorsed Dan but the Sun-Times went in another direction.

And I'm glad Dold's team gave you the talking points to start another rumor against Beth. Good one there!

Anonymous said...

I'm another Friedman guy and I would like to point out that while you all are sitting there fat and happy because of some liberal media nods people like me are out every weekend canvassing and handing out stuff and talking for Arie. Between the two of them I have never met a Dold or Coulson volunteer, just a couple of paid staffers. We will see whose supporters are excited and energized come Feb. 2nd, until then please sit around and keep congratulating yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Tribune isn't a tabloid obamamania fest in every issue?

The colonel is long gone. And value of paper endorsements beyond the fifty judges!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Beth

Anonymous said...

Start another rumor against Bethy? How is calling the Sun Times a tabloid starting a rumor against Bethy?
The other "rumors" you might have heard are probably fact, like how she sponsored cap and trade and then denied it (the truth is on the IL legislature web site). That's just a straight fact.

Anonymous said...

And she was in fact invited to a private meeting with the editorial board. The other candidates got a 5 minute phone interview. I'm just saying. They picked the Springfield Insider Politician without a second thought. shame on the Sun Times.

Anonymous said...

I search all over the Illinois legislature website and nowhere do I see a cap and trade bill. Maybe it's because there is none? But how can that be when Dold tells everyone there is a cap and trade bill? Dold would never mislead people? I mean he is pro-whatever-you-want-me-to-be-on-abortion.

Anonymous said...

this is where you lose street cred: what took you soon long to complain about the suntimes then?

Oh, because u didn't get the endorsement? Doubt you would have posted, if otherwise.

While I'm pro-choice, watching dold stumble over Roe v Wade during the trib video (and be "tutored" by the trib board) was
rather glaring. He needs to stand up and not try to finesse. As a newcomer, that's a lousy first impression in professional politics. The only thing the guy stands for-- is winning and another merit badge called Member of Congress. Where's the TRUE passion for policy & people?

Although Kirk is pretty tranparent in his self serving suburban agenda, at least he's an accomplished wonk.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Friedman guy, team Dld has walked more than 150 precincts, including two walks of more than 20 people last weekend, one in Palatine and the other in Vernon.

Anonymous said...

There was no Illinois "cap-and-trade" bill - just another Dold invention. What has Dold ever accomplished in his life, compared to Coulson?? Pioneer Press, Herald, and Sun-Times have greater circulation in the 10th than does the dying Tribune these days!

Anonymous said...

"team Dld has walked more than 150 precincts, including two walks of more than 20 people last weekend, one in Palatine and the other in Vernon."

wow. "Team Dold" has a larger paid staff than I knew. Is that why he is out of money?

Anonymous said...

Coulson SPONSORED HB 422, the Illinois Clean Car Act, in 2008, and HB 5254, the Global Warming Response Act, in 2009.

House Bill 422, The IL Clean Car Act

HB 5254, the Global Warming Response Act

There are your cap and trade bills that Bethy sponsored my friend. Straight from the Illinois Legislature. Ms. Coulson's name is clearly spelled out at the top of each page.

You can run but you can't hide from the truth. She's bad for small business and great for the Dems.

Anonymous said...

Ground game, baby. + Ruth has her army out for Dold. :-) mock all you want.

Anonymous said...

Is that the army that was scratching out the "preferred" candidates names? Because that's what my precinct committeewoman did.

Anonymous said...

Wow...A liberal paper endorsed a liberal politician.

I am shocked.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that army. The same army that for every person who is supposedly scratching out the names, there are at least 20 who are checking Dold.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's funny...The Illinois GA website shows there is NO HB5254 for 2009. Guess Dold's staff is caught in ANOTHER lie.

And HB422 in 2008, according to the IL GA website, did the following:
Amends the Children with Disabilities Article of the School Code.

Now, stop making things up!

Anonymous said...

Also, to add on to my previous comment, the second link doesn't work (so it must be true) and what does a clean car have to do with cap and trade.

Remember, cap and trade means to cap carbon emissions of businesses and trade credits with other companies. Car Emissions means they have to be of a certain standard. Reading the bill of the first link you provided (which was not from 2008), it says it raises to California standards. Last I checked, those emissions standards are the same in a number of other states. How is that a cap and trade when it doesn't cap Illinois businesses or trade the so-called "carbon credits?"

Another distortion from the Dold campaign.

Anonymous said...

HB 5254, the Global Warming Response Act is from 2008 not 2009. The fact remains, despite the redfaced screeching from Anon 6:33/6:37, that Coulson sponsored the bill. You would think she would be proud of it! Notice however, no defense of the bill, just yells of DISTORTION.

The bill inter alia "Require[d] that the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency {} propose a statewide greenhouse gas emission level that is equivalent to the 1990 emission level."
Not an unnoble goal as it would appear to reduce emissions in illinois, but there are consequences to such policy. A one size fits all approach, would hurt Illinois manufacturing, and business. Coulson thinks the government is the best way to reduce emissions, Dold thinks that businesses should be encouraged to make common sense business decisions to reduce energy consumption such as grants.

This is a legitimate difference between the candidates. Coulson seems to is running from her worldview that reducing emissions is more important than saving manufacturing jobs in Illinois although both are important, while Dold embraces his believe that jobs are more important than government attempts to reduce greenhouse emissions, although both are important.

There is no right answer here-jobs/economy & environment are all important, IMO. But Coulson should stop running from her record and come clean (pun!!) and defend her record- its nothing to be ashamed of...right?

Anonymous said...

Coulson's squad continues to deny that she co-sponsored the cap and trade legislation when the facts are laid out in plain sight. Even if the link doesn't work for you, can search the bill on the IL Legislature web site and find it yourself.

suggestion: get out and start campaigning instead of wasting your time

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me again why it is important to reduce "greenhouse" gasses? And why if that is important the solution isn't nuclear power?

Anonymous said...

You folks realize that you are way too "inside baseball" for most voters, even primary voters. The bottom line is that Coulson has better name recognition than Dold, but this is really going to come down to television ads in the final two weeks. Coulson has the edge now, but Dold can erase it with good ads.

By the way, the other three have no chance. I mean, come on. Wake up and smell the coffee. They might be great guys, but they are dead in the water. The doctor? Probably a fine guy but zero name recognition. And yes, I'm Jewish and his last name might sway an undecided Jewish voter to vote for him purely because he has a Jewish last name (which, by the way, isn't a good reason to vote for someone), but there's one problem with that: Most Jewish folks in the 10th District will be voting in the DEMOCRATIC primary. The other two, Green and the other guy, come on? The game is over.

- 10th District Next Door Neighbor

Anonymous said...

It's pathetic to hear Bob Dold rip Coulson on his radio ads. She has accomplished so much more in life than he has! A sad case.

Anonymous said...

Again, Coulson's trolls are running from her record.... no defense of her Global Warming Bill, no substative refutation of the contrast ads....just whining and personal attacks.