Wednesday, October 22, 2008

26th Senate Race: Dem Candidate Bill Gentes On Defense for Lying About Job

Bill Gentes, Round Lake mayor and the Dem candidate to replace retiring GOP senator Bill Peterson, is continuing to take heat for lying about his job status when interviewed by the Daily Herald for endorsements. We covered the story here. The Trib picks up the story today. The Daily Herald notes that Gentes' opponent, GOP businessman Dan Duffy from Barrington, has outfundraised Gentes by a more than 2:1 margin.

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Anonymous said...

If Gentes can lie to an editorial board, imagine the lies he can tell his constituents. I know the folks in Round Lake despise him and his antics.

But he sure fits the mold of the Dem Senators in Springfield. Liar, cheater, and those real estate deals look pretty darn fishy too...