Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lake County GOP Attacks Invasion of Misleading Tax Mailers of Dem County Board Candidates

The busy beavers at the Lake County GOP on are the attack again, this time railing against a series of misleading mailers that were sent out on behalf of the Democratic challengers to five incumbent GOP County Board members. The issue is that the very similar mailers all condemn high property taxes and suggest that the "County Assessor" should be forced to reassess home values based on more recent data. View a sample of one of the mailers here.

The problem is that we up here in Lake County have a different system than in Cook County, and our assessments are done by Township Assessors that are independent of the County Board. Oof.

So, either the Dem candidates didn't read the mailers before someone (the Cook County Dems, perhaps?) sent them out, or none of them understand the tax system in their own county. Double oof.

Finally (triple oof?), it's also very odd that the mailers are all practically identical, but they are identified as being paid for by the individual candidates' campaigns. Some of the names of the campaigns do not even appear to be correct. Given the mistakes made by confusing the Cook County tax system with Lake County's someone (MSM, anyone?) should ask these candidates who designed, paid for, and approved these mailers...


Anonymous said...


Check out the catwoman's blog. I think the Tribune endorsement sent the Seals camp over the edge. She's lost it!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:25, I think someone should send help over to the catwoman's place quickly. Her recent posts are not only over the edge but they're outrageous and corrupt. That woman is seriously taking all that's unfolding harder than one could imagine. I'm wondering how she can hold a job when her mind is so cluttered and focused on the destruction of another human being. Sad. Life is way too short for all of this.

Anonymous said...


If you can't get help at Charter, please get help somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I just looked at catwoman's blog. When did she start "moderating" all comments (also known as not allowing any comments with a different point of view)? Is there any wonder why there are no posts over there?

Girlfriend needs some Thorazine. STAT.

Anonymous said...

Glad you pointed this out TA. The Democrats running for County Board have no idea how property taxes are assessed in Lake County and completely got it wrong. You would think they would try to get their facts straight first.

Unless, of course, they think they are running for the Cook County Board? : -)

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

In 6 years of reading the hallucinations of a bitter badly educated lonely liberal I don't think I've ever seen her go bold red font, so doom and gloom must be finally setting in. First no more W in 2 weeks then no more Dan. You really wonder what she is going to write about.

Also TA, would be interested to know from you whether or not you sense this blog is heavily read or discussed by the opposition. I suspect it is.

Team America said...

Anon 10:47- the word I get is the dems read it almost as much as the local GOP to find out what is really happening in their own party, especially as to Link. I suspect the Seals camp is here all the time. On the national level, the Democratic national Headquarters pops up regularly on my sitemeter, as well as a lot of computers, but no way to tell if they are "friendly" or not.

Anonymous said...

TA, could Pete Koukos perhaps shed some light on our Lake County tax mess? Pete is a reasoned and seasoned guy whose advice might be very valuable. As the Assessor out here I would be very interested in his take on all of this.
And to Anon 10:47, the rantings of the catwoman have reached a point that's truly scary. Only her mom and hawkeye can comment. All others are deleted. She needs to get a grip before she's committed someplace. Can you just imagine what she would have been like had TA remained on that blog? Way too much for me to contemplate right now.

Anonymous said...

Too much Jan Schakowsky koolaid and you start to hate Israel, marry convicts, and love high taxes, oh wait.

Got a GREAT mailer from Tim Stratton today telling me Karen May was still my state rep which is funny because I thought she worked for the state democratic party. We hear so little about her actual work but see too many of those hideous signs.

13 days until Dan has to get a job!