Friday, October 10, 2008

Video: Dan Seals Dances on Bailout

I'm warning everyone, Seals flips and flops so fast in this video from his interview with the Tribune editorial board that I got dizzy. Wanna bet as to whether this earns him the Trib endorsement?

ALSO- for more flip-flops, BackyardConservative has the latest dance by Obama on domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.


Anonymous said...

This guy took six different positions on the rescue bill in six minutes!

Rusty said...

I dunno -- this election strikes me as a continuation of 2006 "teach the GOP a lesson" as much as who is offering better policies.

I've been irked by Kirk's lack of seriousness. He emails me polls seeking "the districts opinion" on inanities rather than the major issues of the day. For example, after Charles Rangell made his ludicrous "bring back the draft" proposal, Kirk said he needed to know how the district felt about that. He's never asked how the district feels about the Iraq war itself!!! He also flies under the radar: all these years in office and nobody outside of Chicago knows who he is. What does he boats of in his ads? Strengthening child predator laws? Is Dan Seals really going to be a boon to child predators? Zeesh.

And where was Kirk in fighting the corruption in the state GOP during the Ryan era? I'm sure the same can be said about Seals, but the point I'm making is that Kirk has done little to win voter loyalty. If Seals wins, it will be because a pro-Obama/change and anti-McCain/GOP wave overtook the district and carried Seals with him.

Anonymous said...

Rusty I don't know if you saw your 401k but we need people right now in congress that get it and get how to fix the issues confronting our country.

This is not 2006, the democrats have power and have done nothing with it, which is why the media is in large part blaming them for promising change and not delivering.

Congressmen who were not if office when Governors screwed around are not responisble for their behavior.

Dan is however responisble for the behavior of the donors he has that evade taxes and have been jailed.

Anonymous said...

I stayed up late Wednesday and watched the Kirk/Seals debate on the Tribune site. I replayed the Seals answers several times and couldn't figure out his response other than he wasn't about to vote for any "bailout" even though he supported the concept of a bailout.

At one point several interviewers tried to pin him down and were unable to do so. You can tell they gave up on him on that issue and then moved to another question.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

I feel that the DCCC has to re-think their financial commitment to this guy Seals. I mean, he proved again that he simply is not qualified to run in this district.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rusty. How are things at the DCCC today? Is the weather nice in DC? It is here in Chicago...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon 3:16. Perhaps Rusty should park his comments where they belong. Old Ms. Shrill is missing one of her stooges. TA has always allowed everyone to voice their opinions. Rusty's opinion has been duly noted and now he should just take himself back to where he belongs. Now.

Anonymous said...

echo echo echo

The uselessness of blogs as a forum for real discussion continues to be apparant. I won't be voting for Seals, but Rusty makes at least one decent point. I also get Kirk's ridiculous e-mail surveys, and they always have obvious answers. For example:

"Should we protect our children from online predators, or should we encourage pedophilia? I'll tell you where I stand after you answer."

I would also like to know how the United States will "win" in Iraq and how short-cycling military personnel through tour after combat tour equates to supporting them.

I predict a Kirk victory because Seals is a dishonest idiot, and Kirk is the evil we know. I wonder if enlightenment thinkers had this scenario in mind when they wrote about democracy.

Anonymous said...

Potential seminar topics for Dan after he loses.

1. Voters don't believe job creation plans from candidates that don't have them.

2. People vote for people from their communities.

3. Nationalizing an election doesn't work if you have nothing to say.

4. Blogging TA's can TKO your campaign.

5. South Lake Forest is not the South Side and Highland Park is not Hyde Park.

6. Jan does not make you the man.

7. 6 positions on 1 issue won't get you 6 votes, or was it 7?

8. Never mess with Eric Elk.

9. A team of Astaves's beats a team of Ellen's anyday.

10. Extra credit if you help me find a job.

8thDistrictCommitteeman said...

I know this is a bit off topic but Melissa Bean will be finally appearing on stage with Steve Greenberg tomorrow at the Schaumburg League of Women voters forum.

Could be real big for Steve.

Publia said...

Has anyone seen that hateful new Dan Seals ad done by some former soldier? Makes me livid every time I see it.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, Publia. I saw that disgustingly outrageous Seals attack on our Congressman quite late last night. It was authorized by Seals, not the DCCC. I hope that our Vets band together to discredit Seals and that 'vet' in the attack ad. I have never gone through an election cycle this slimy, this attack-filled, dirty politics. It's no wonder that the averge voter is sickened by all of it. November 4 can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the ad twice this morning. When is Kirk going to respond? This is the worst ad I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see something on both main channels, 2,5,7.9. Fox local and all the cable networks totally exposing the filth of that Seals attack. This guy is one angry, nasty, out of control person with no moral standing. Veterans should be outraged and damn angry. Add this one to the other vile crap that they're sending and it just makes me want to work harder to rid ourselves of Seals forever.

Publia said...

Could someone do some fact finding on the underlying legislation and that ad? I don't know how to do that, but I think there may be some staffer types around. I am capable of reading bills. You can find my email on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Mark needs to call a press conference, put on the veteran hat, gather members of the vfw, and slam dan for this outrageous and ugly smear politics. Total gutter politics going on here and for it to come from an intern attacking a guy who flew missions is such garbage.

Also DCCC ran a new ad last night on mark with W.

Anonymous said...

Publia, I'm sure someone in the KFC campaign is doing that or that it is already completed. It mirrors what that slimy 527 group tried with the breast cancer screening piece. Totally untrue. But Seals and his goons don't deal with truth anymore than the catwoman would deal with the real truth on issues and legislation. It is, always will be, their version of the same. But Publia, let's stay on this issue so that the Kirk campaign gets out and answers the Seals hate filled attack. Today would be a great time to start.

Rusty said...

To the endless string of "anons"

First, idiots, I've voted for Mark Kirk at least four times -- I don't recall how long he's been in office but I voted for him over Lauren Beth Gash and even signed his petition to get on the ballot (he was there in person on the platform of the Deerfield Train Station).

As for the bailout, the Dems struck me as having the more logical solution of directly infusing the $700 billion into the credit banking industry, rather than "trickling it down" via buying up bad mortgages. I notice today that President Bush seems to be moving to this approach. I don't put all the blame for this crisis on the GOP, but sheesh, man up and admit your share of it (or was that pre-September record federal deficit run up under Bill Clinton and I just missed it?)

Second, ten effin billion dollars a month in Iraq. Who authorized that? Who continues to support it? Republicans, who used to stand for "accountability" have conveniently forgotten who has been in power (all 3 branches) for the majority of this century. If you think it's only Democrats who take notice of that, you'll get what's coming to you.

Third, I notice not a single person responded to the substance of what I wrote about Kirk's polls and what they say about his character.

Anonymous said...

Rusty I've worked with but not for team Kirk on capitol hill, and I honestly have to say that there is nothing nefarious about the guy or his intentions.

At the end of the day what you've got is a guy with Kirk that realizes every election he is likely to lose his job if he doesn't work his ass off and chart a middle course and so he does so. Most members of both parties spend their time bloviating for special interest groups, do nothing, plot their move to k street or plot their move somewhere else. Kirk actually does his job. The sun-times today called him a hardworking moderate and the only people in this area that don't agree are stirred up by some bitter losers upset they didn't win or didn't get their extreme left wing bad for business agenda.