Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Real Dan Seals on Iraq

In the midst of a recession, with stocks falling and consumers panicking, Dan Seals wants to talk about...Iraq!

How about that -- the pup knows the economy is a bad issue for him (see Dan dancing on the bailout and more about his work that led to this economic crisis), so all he can do is talk about the war in Iraq.

The problem? As Mark Kirk pointed out in today's Daily Herald, "Things have gone much better in Iraq in the last 12 months." That's a fact. And it means Dan Seals is going to lose big if he thinks he can just talk about the war in the midst of economic panic.

But since the pup wants to talk about Iraq, let's talk about the pup's record on Iraq. Today, I'm unveiling the Real Deal Seals: Dan on Iraq.

When Dan Seals speaks to Democratic audiences, he strongly supports an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. But when he talks to more moderate audiences, his position begins to look very similar to Congressman Kirk's.

It is interesting to note that he told the Daily Herald yesterday he "supports a timeline for withdrawal." That wasn't his position just a couple months ago. Dan, what happened to your April 13th "phased draw down," or your December 2007 willingness to "adjust it as conditions on the ground change?"


Publia said...

I like your new website, but I would take issue with the verbiage "His Record." It should be Dan Seals on the Record, or The Record. Dan Seals has NO record because he has never been elected to anything. We wouldn't want you to confuse anybody. Yes, this is nitpicky so appologies because it is great information and I thank you for it and the work.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work on providing info on Dan Seals. I am sure Seals doesn't want to discuss the economy for a few reasons.
1. He worked for GE and was either a Director at GE or Director of marketing (depends on which bio he uses). Either way GE had one of the largest subprime lending companies named WMC that is part of this whole bailout mess and Dan Seals was marketing those products (loans)to folks.

2. The other time Dan Seals tried to highlight an issue relating to the economy he tried to talk about how high gas prices are and assign sole blame to Congressman Kirk, as everyone knows Dan's attempt to communicate that issue backfired and cost him over $2,000 and a lot of upset motorist in lincolnshire as well as the Village of Lincolnshire leadership. Oh and Dan not sure if you have noticed, but gas prices in the district have been coming down.

3. Dan knows that not having a steady job for three years himself makes it difficult for him to talk to others about the economy who are grinding out every day and trying to make ends meet.

4. Dan hasn't got the new economy talkers from the DCCC or ACORN yet.

Lone Wolf a.k.a. RPT said...

I gave your site to every person that I know with a Dan Seals sign in their yard. Hope they have the sense to check it out, but not sure since they didn't have the sense to put up a Kirk sign in their yard to begin with!

Anonymous said...


Is there a way to make the Real Deal Seals link more prominent? Like a big button?

Anonymous said...

Dan Seals is an unemployed carpetbagger with less on his resume than two years ago. He friends are liars and criminals like Terry Link and his top donor, Charles Rangel.

After multiple FEC investigations and campaign training by convicted felon Robert Creamer of his staff, it now appears that this two-bit empty suit's 15 minutes are up.

Anonymous said...

As a proud anti-war Kossack, I am appalled that Dan Seals would abandon us like this. I just gave him $25 last night at Hell to Pay -- and I wake up to see a friend email me this. Seals and Kirk are the same on Iraq -- at least Kirk doesn't fake being anti-war. I'll still come out to vote for Barack but I'm skipping the congressional line.

Anonymous said...

Seals flip flopped on the bailout.

Seals flip flopped on the capital gains tax.

Seals flip flopped on support for Israel against Iran.

Seals flip flopped on Iraq timetables.

Seals flip flopped on amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Seals flip flopped on oil drilling.

If Kirk was smart, he'd start passing out Seals Flip Flops.

Rusty said...

Because $10 billion / month in Iraq has nothing to do with the recession or the economic health of the nation.

P.S. Cross posting this part because I'm sure the anon idiots who responded to my last post won't see it: no, I'm not part of the Democratic Party -- in fact, I share credit/blame for Kirk being in office, having voted for him numerous times in the past including his sole close race versus Lauren Beth Gash. I merely remember when Republicans stood for fiscal responsibility (i.e., before the year 2000). And after witnessing the GOP response to George Ryan, I don't think the cowards who stayed mute, like Kirk, deserve being rewarded. If a Seals election teaches you cheap dates that much needed lesson, fine with me. If not, I look forward to his next poll of the district to see if we prefer the roses at the Botanical Gardens to the violets.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to investigate the anti-Kirk push-polls going on over the last few days.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing too investigate, Kirk's charade of being a "moderate" is over. The man who voted against S-CHIP, in favor of tax breaks to big oil, in favor of Iraq and against proposals to leave Iraq with honor is finally being exposed for what he is. Honestly, our choices this November are far from phenominal. Jay Footlik was a better, more qualified candidate then either of these men, but his campaign team was very poorly run and couldn't spread a message to save their lives, thus we are stuck with 2 choices: bad or worse. I'm tired of having "small government" Republicans like Kirk rack up huge deficits, give money to the rich while neglecting the middle class, and try to accuse the Democrats of being the big spenders.

The polls don't lie, people are starting to smarten up in the 10th.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:12, why don't you spout your rhetoric where it belongs - on that catwoman's blog - not here. Mark Kirk did NOT VOTE AGAINST S Chip. You know nothing, mean nothing, contribute nothing. Get your facts straight. He voted on the second Bill that kept Seniors receiving what your buddy, Seals would have stopped. People in this district know who's real and who's not. TA gives you the right to spew your garbage. Now go and play in traffic someplace in the 9th district with your buddies.

Anonymous said...

Apparently anon 6:12 wanted to cut Medicare and take away wheelchairs, oxygen and dialysis from seniors....kinda like Dan.

Anonymous said...

Doing errands this weekend on the north shore you see some obama-seals, some kirk-mccain, and a lot of may-kirk or obama kirk or shoenberg kirk signs up, but none going the other way.

Team America said...

Anon 6:12, Rusty, my other friends- I think everyone needs to relax a little, or certain people are not going to last through the election without a stroke.

Rusty, better schedule an appointment at the day spa and get your nails done or something.

Anonymous said...

rusty talks a big game but he's too chicken to put on a uniform...he likes sitting in his comfy chair at the DCCC, eagerly awaiting to update with more wounded so he can pump out updates to candidates like Dan Seals and help discourage our brave young men and women on the battlefield.

rusty, can you really be for the troops when you oppose their mission and disrespect their sacrifice?

Anonymous said...

Today's Snn Times endorsement of Mark Kirk is outstanding. Read it. Then be sure that those who try talking about why that other guy should be the choice read it as well. The Sun Times recognizes many of the initiatives, INCLUDING MARK KIRK'S COMMITMENT TO VETERANS, that make the choice, as they say, easy to endorse him to return to Congress. Every newspaper has endorsed Mark Kirk. Each day more organizations stand in strong support of his re-election. Financial support keeps coming into the campaign in unprecendented numbers. As the Sun Times said, they hope that Dan finds something else to do. Now that's a plan and a great idea.