Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let's Get Back to the Issues in IL-10: How About Dan Seals and the Subprime Mortgage Market Mess

I'm tired of debating the poll numbers with the left-wing nutcases. Let's get back to the issues, considering the economy is in the tank and we're wondering how it all happened. This may be one piece of the puzzle:

Read more about this here.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight.

Dan Seals was a "Marketing Director for Commercial Real Estate" at GE Capital and those commerical loans are worthless.

...and now Seals wants to be our Congressman?

Anonymous said...

Make this an ad that more than TA, Lou, me, and 4 of mark's high school interns will see and make it hit dan in the groin.

Team America said...

Well, I don't disagree, Anon 10:26, but you might be interested to know that we've had around 250 hits today, which is average, and we're right about 40,000 hits since we started in October 2007. Given that traffic always picks up closer to the election, I am hopeful we'll hit 50,000 by election day.

So, I'd like to think we're helping get the message out, but again, you are right that this kind of stuff needs to get out to the masses, which means TV.

Anonymous said...

TA, as I have said you are a growing force in chicagoland politics, but after last night, I feel like things are slipping away from the mac attack, and Mark has to do better than web ads.

He has to treat each of the next 27 days like they are his last in public service and I'm not sure his pollsters left wing stuff is going to work for people seeing their 401k's killed and their houses taken away.

He's smarter than dan, so why not have a press conference with some big experts from downtown-he is on the financial services committe and then attack dan.

otherwise, I felt better about the campaign against gash.

Anonymous said...

Gash was a Jewish woman elected State Rep. She should have won. That election was a squeaker.

anyone who says they "felt better" in 2000 is either smoking something, a DCCC/Seals hack trying to stir up trouble, or a jealous person who is no longer in a position of influence at Team Kirk.

Anonymous said...

There is no comparison between the 2000 campaign and this cycle. None. Get over it. Gash thought it was her seat for the taking, took this district for granted. She totally underestimated Mark Kirk. Then there was the endorsement of John Porter for Mark Kirk. Let's forget 2000 and let's just concentrate on this election in 26 days. When last I checked, clocks, life and time all move forward.

Mark Kirk is on the Appropriations Committee not Financial Services. Having Seminars, Round Tables, etc. right now would not help a whole lot. What will help is getting out the vote, making sure that every possible voter gets the positive Kirk message. We can help in that project.

I have a lot of faith in the team that our Congressman has in place to bring in a win on 11/4. Let's not second guess what is in place. I'll say it again: let's get off the couch, off the computers and get over to KFC and make calls, do whatever we can to help guarantee this win for Mark Kirk. What's needed now are lots of "Indians" since I know we have all the Chiefs working overtime to come out on top. Call right now to volunteer - even an hour will be appreciated and very helpful.
847 498-0300. Let's just GRD - Get R Done.

Anonymous said...

Leave the kool-aid at the grocery store. 5 million dollars, 8 years of incumbency, and 97 percent chance of 2time candidates losing, it shouldn't be close. Dan closed a 30 point gap last time to within 7, 8% of the country things we are on the right track, Obama is opening things up, and this is the center of the storm.

Anonymous said...

not sure who's drinking the kool-aid after watching that cult kids video...

...but Lauren Beth Gash lost by 2%. Dan lost by nearly 7%. When Sarkozy won with 53%, the New York Times called it a "dominant" victory.

The fact is that this district is close -- known that since 2000. And Dan Seals spent more money in 2006 than Gash spent in 2000 -- and still did worse.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:08 I don't think anyone is drinking Kool Aid. This IS going to be close. No, it shouldn't be. Deal with reality. Deal with the economy, deal with this being the center of the damn storm. A win will be a win. Who the hell cares what the percent of the win will be as long as it's a win. Let's all stop pontificating and get the hell off the soap box and start helping to get that win in our column.

Anonymous said...

My friend, it's the people like me who have been Indians for decades-didn't see you at the 1972 convention in Miami, who are hearing from our neighbors that they want to know what's happening to their 401k and why tomorrow is going to be any better than today.

Mark is on financial services approps subcommittee, has a staffer in d.c., and a spokesman presuming they aren't out here doing gotv. No one ever lost an election by responding to an economic crises using a little free media, their staff, their great ideas, and a few experts.

You might also read politico or some other publication and see that mac is struggling with the attack largely because he has no economic message.

Elections for congress aren't supposed to be close, by this point in rumsfelds career he was moving to the white house, hiring some guy named cheney, Porter was a dominant force and all was good.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:21 I'm not going to argue with you. I am one of the Indians, believe me. I'm out doing what I can do for Mark Kirk each day. I hear you. People here are scared to death about what is happening to their today and their tomorrow. Should Mark be on TV trying to calm the storm? That's not for me to say. I know that his team that's here has a plan, is working that plan. Why don't you call and talk to the guy in charge and voice your concerns. That's a statement, not a question. I wish someone did have some answers to how this is going to be solved. One thing I do know - we need everyone's help in every area of this campaign.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:39,

Don't bother responding or engaging the poster. He/she is a plant from the Democrat Party sent to foment doubt and criticism among Kirk's base. This is a classic pyschological operation. Just move on. Kirk is leading in every credible poll -- even DailyKos. Seals' number in August according to the DCCC was 39; his number a month later in the Kos poll was 38.

That means that after a month of network TV, disgusting attack mail and DCCC cable attack TV ads, Dan Seals went down a point -- and that's EVEN WITH THE ECONOMY as it is.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:06 I think you're right. I KNOW you're right. Mark Kirk and his team are doing an outstanding job in this cycle. Mark is out and about at minimum 14 hours a day. If that poster has something to offer, then do it. The credible polls can't all be wrong. Let's just keep on moving forward.

Anonymous said...

What makes Mark Kirk think the bailout bill will work?? Buying crappy mortgages at market prices from banks does nothing to actually solve our financial problems, because at those prices the banks are still wiped out.

Anonymous said...

I've been an Indian longer than you've been a chief so save it for someone who's never been around the bend. Under 50 after 4 terms when 97 percent of reps get re-elected and have raised 5 million, you got a problem.

We're in the worst political environment for a Republican since 1964,with a Congressman who was caught asleep at the wheel last time. It's not a bad idea to tell people losing their life savings how you are going to help them. You can't introduce legislation January 6,2009 if you don't win Nov 4, 2008.

Anonymous said...

While everyone is debating 2000 and what we should do, did anyone notice that Seals’ house is not only for sale, but worth less than the value of his three mortgages, two of which he took out in 2007 to put his home under water?

Is he stupid, clueless, or does he still believe all the stuff he was selling others while at GE? I sure don’t want a representative who is financially reckless. We have to get out the vote for Mark Kirk.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, full force to destroy dan, but no harm in using d.c. staff to respond to a crisis. Need to show people you care and give door walkers and phone callers ammo to tell people what we are doing on the economic crisis of the century thus far.

Ellen now moderates comments so her pravda rag has soviet content to go along with soviet censorship.

Dan apparently didn't get the lowdown from Chuck Rangel on how to unethically have a home. Darn.

Publia said...

Anon at 9:15, re
"worth less than the value of his three mortgages, two of which he took out in 2007 to put his home under water?"

Is there any website where this information can be found or are you using a private database? Would make a very enlightening blog post. A guy in financial trouble is trouble in office.