Saturday, October 25, 2008

Seals Campaigns with Blagojevich Treasurer Despite Ties to Mob and Illegal Gun Ring

How can you stand for change when you stand with the rampant corruption of Millerod Blagojevich's administration?

TA readers remember the last time Dan Seals campaigned with a Blagojevich representative – they ended up breaking the law.

Today, Seals held a "rally for change" with another representative of the more-of-the-same pay to play corrupt Blagojevich politics – State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.

We all remember how Alexi was the banker for the Chicago mob.

But did you know he also helped finance one of the largest illegal gun rings in the Chicago area?

As Crain's Chicago Business reported, Broadway Bank – run by State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias and his family – made a series of mortgage loans for as much as $400,000 to Ugur "Mike" Yildiz at the Bell's Gun & Sports address. Giannoulias helped finance Yildiz's gun shop despite a previous suit by the City of Chicago in 1998 alleging hundreds of Yildiz's firearms ended up in the hands of Chicago gang members.

In June, the U.S. Attorney charged Yildiz with illegally transporting weapons to Ontario. Yildiz owned Bell's Gun & Sports Shop in Franklin Park and, after losing his federal firearms license in 2005, transferred ownership of his remaining 207 firearms into his name. Since June 2006, Canadian law enforcement traced approximately 80 weapons registered to Mr. Yildiz, many discovered in the execution of search warrants in connection with drug and violent crime investigations. Fifteen guns registered to Yildiz also were found in a dumpster in the Detroit area.

Why would Dan Seals campaign with the banker who financed the biggest illegal gun ring in the suburbs? Washington needs strong independent leaders. How can you stand for change when you stand by a corrupt Blagojevich administration?


Anonymous said...

Dan Seals teaming up with Rod Blagojevich's treasurer. Wow.

I went to watch this train wreck. Only campaign staffers there and about 15 Kirk spies. Loved how Rep. Elaine Nekritz trashed Rep. Melissa Bean (D).

She cries for 'bipartisanship' except when it happen.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but when a candidate who is dead broke has a rally for change it only begs (pun intended) the question of whether it's for money or for something else.

Anonymous said...

Was our senior senator at that Rally in Arlington Heights? I'd like to know if anyone saw him and find out what he said about Mark. Can anyone give that info?

Mr. Wolf said...

The bigger question is why is Dan Seals working with someone who lends illegal gun dealers money. Clearly Seals does not know much about the company he keeps, perhaps it is as he told jack conaty last sunday on Chicago FOX, "I am not sure what my staff knew about him". I guess that quote seems to apply to many people in Dan's Web.

Dan at some point you need to know something about anything including the people in your ads, about legislation you claim to support (and remember you can't vote for only a portion of a bill) and you need to know that you can't continue to call yourself a professor or lecturer when you haven't taught a class since June and NU will not have you back.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Tribune's Endorsement of Tim Stratton this morning has already made my day! Karen May, as they indicate, is just too partisan. At last. She is one of the most pointless State Reps in Springfield. I know this is an uphill battle for Tim, but today's Trib endorsement might help a bit.

Anonymous said...

I proudly voted for Tim, and was really happy to see Beth Coulsen get the endorsement over nutrooter Daniel Biss. What a sleaze.