Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mark Kirk to Clean Up Waukegan Harbor with Federal Funds

Well, the last time Congressman Mark Kirk came up with tens of millions of dollars in federal funding to clean up the PCBs in the sediments of Waukegan Harbor, the project failed because the City of Waukegan wouldn't pony up its share.

Now, Kirk has taken matters into his own hands and secured enough federal funding to do the job without the City. The City, of course, is pleased (so it says), although its long-term plan to force out industries from the lakefront and go condo is no doubt intact.

See stories from the Daily Herald here and the News-Sun here.

Just take this as another example of "decisive" action (something Dan Seals appears to criticize) by our Congressman. Having no real energy plan of his own (except traffic-snarling gas give-aways), Seals is no doubt simply pacing his office hoping the Barack-star can bring him over the finish line this time.

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