Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Memo to DCCC: IL-10 Print Media Unanimously Endorsed Mark Kirk

In a sign of desperation, perhaps, the DCCC's latest TV attack ad on Mark Kirk takes print media quotes out of context to give one the impression that the newspapers are down on Mark Kirk, when in fact they have unanimously endorsed him.

Unincorprated Middle has a great analysis.

We won't dignify the ad by placing it here, but if you are really curious, it's up at Capitol Fax Blog.

Can we please end this and send the DCCC back to DC and Seals back to the 9th District?


Anonymous said...

Looks like some Seals staffers may be in legal trouble

Lone Wolf a.k.a. RPT said...

I would not like to send the DCCC back to DC at all, I won't get into where they should really go! IMHO, Dan Seals is grasping at straws right now and doesn't know where to turn to.

In other news, keep getting calls from Freedom Watch for Kirk and they are positive. I hope that we can repeat what happened in 06.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Obama factor and the thousands of people early voting. We cannot let up for one second. Our Congressman MUST be sent back to do the people's business in DC. He's the only one we can believe in and trust after election day so please, please, everyone think good thoughts, work hard and pray.

Anonymous said...

Terry Link looked like a corpse on NBC tonight

Anonymous said...

Dan needs to call off this ad and the anti-Israel smears against Mark. The anti-Israel folks that first emerged up here during the Iraq war debate and stayed to support Dan have really been disgusting and underhanded and it's time for Dan to show that he's a step above this crap.

The Daily Herald if it exists next year and those reporters still have jobs needs to get more pro-Mark. This bush thing is really sad and they should know better than to buy the DCCC talking points in bulk.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:31 - how is that different from normal?

He always reminds me of "Mr. Burns" from The Simpsons

Anonymous said...

It's quite simple 7 days from now do you want to be represented by Congressman Daniel Catwoman Schakowsky or Congressman Mark Kirk.

If you want the latter let's phone bank, door knock and 72 hours our asses off!!!

If you need any motivation watch this video and ask yourself how does this not look like the man I want representing me in Congress.


Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to go out and walk their precinct or one assigned by the Kirk campaign. This race is going to come down to the last few precincts like 2000. In addition, take November 4th off and work as a poll watcher for Mark. We can't let the DCCC take the 10th. Did anyone see the Daily Herald article on the Illinois/LC GOP suit against all the illegal voters? Go Mark and go Willard!!!

Anonymous said...

McKenna needs to be a champ, pull as many people as he can out of the staffs of the rest of the illinois gop congressional delegation and volunteers from campaigns that aren't going to win(ozinga, greenburg et al) and plant them on the north shore to save mark. Outside of this race there is nothing within this state this year that is remotely competitive and worth time.

Buck up and beat the PUP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Although Mark Kirk is outraising Seals by a huge margin, the outcome next Tuesday is not about the money. It IS about what many posters are suggesting. Every voter must be encouraged to get to the polls, even if it requires all of us getting in our cars and getting them to the voting booths for Mark to win. We know that the other team has many more volunteers out on the street.
Please show your support by calling the Kirk campaign office at 847 498-0300 to offer even 2 hours of your time to help keep Mark in Congress. We need to cover those parts of this district where voters haven't early voted.
The DCCC has thrown everything they have at Mark and then have thrown more. To have bastardized the endorsements of all the media pieces is not yet the last straw.
Let's not whine, let's not sit back and wring our hands. Let's ring the phones of those we need to talk to and get them to the polls one week from today.
And please find a couple of hours each day to help Mark Kirk win.
The heavy handedness of the DCCC against Mark is disgusting and nothing short of disgraceful. Let's get the job done so we can get rid of these people forever.

Anonymous said...

The national democrats have officially decided to fire a nuclear weapon at Mark which means for the next 6 days every program we watch on t.v. will tell us Mark W. Bush is our Congressman.

For the record, that's about half of what Dan spent on his ENTIRE campaign in 2006 when he lost by 6 points without Obama.

IL-10 DCCC 28-Oct Media Buy $929,279.24

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:46 I know you're right. I have just seen that DCCC distorted attack piece 4 times in one hour on Channel 7. 10th District voters will quickly see that this comes to us from those swine in DC. Yes, Mark has the financial strength to buy some media in these closing days of this long and protracted campaign. We do know that the early voting numbers are far outpacing what election day counts have been in past years. Many voters have already voted. What we also know is that our base voters, those who will strongly support Mark Kirk have not made it to the polls. I also know that to be true from the calls we've been making to our base of support. We will not let the lies thrown at Mark by the disgusting media hits from the DCCC defeat us. We have the abiliity to turn this around. Our message is clear: call the Kirk campaign and step up and help when it really counts. Do it now.

Anonymous said...

Voters aren't smart enough to put 2 and 2 together and there are fewer smart college grads than you think on the north shore that took poli sci 101 or can spell van hollen for that matter.

Early voters are pissed off democrats, dead goldfish voting for democrats and illegal aliens coerced into voting for democrats-true story so unlikely high times for team kfc.