Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Daily Herald Calls Dan Seals On Misleading Attack Ad Against Mark Kirk

As we noted previously, Dan Seals (OK, technically the DCCC) takes old quotes out of context from the Daily Herald to support a new attack ad against Mark Kirk that leaves the viewer with the incorrect impression that the Herald endorsed Seals, not Kirk.

The Daily Herald's "Animal Farm" blog has taken note and sets the record straight:

"Just for the record, the ad quotes the Daily Herald as if it is an endorsement of Seals. The Daily Herald endorsed Kirk and below the ad is what the editorial said in full..."

You can see the full editorial and the Seals ad at the Daily Herald blog here.

I think it's pretty telling that since Seals did not get the endorsement of even ONE major print outlet in IL-10, the DCCC has taken to misrepresenting the position of the Herald.

Whether it's the DCCC going maverick or not, Seals is abdicating his responsibility as a candidate if he does not respond to the Herald's criticism of the misleading ad and demand that the DCCC pull it.


Anonymous said...

Come on, TA, are you really thinking that the pup or anyone within his campaign would do the right thing? The DCCC is really alienating 10th district voters and that's great. Many are angry at the attempt to discredit what Mark Kirk has earned with a clean sweep of every single paper in the greater Chicago area. Sour grapes, for sure, but Seals is such a dishonest thug that this just gives us more reason to be rid of him and his ilk forever. Now get over to the KFC office and try to find an empty phone to use. Most are in use until late each night. Tuesday, November 4 can't come soon enough. Seals needs to leave, take his Bob Creamer trained goons with him and get out and find a job.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. Talk about uneducated voters. Neighbor has a Seals sign up. Talked to her and asked her why -- know her husband is a D. She said she didn't even know who Seals was running against. Of course my property has many MSK signs. I reminded her she had met MSK at my home several years ago, that Seals didn't live in 10th, hadn't had a job in three years, was running outright lies against MSK. She was shocked. Talk about voters who don't know what they are doing. Anon 11:57 is right on. Please go over to KFC and help, help, help. I do.

Anonymous said...

On the earlier post about our voters waiting to show up.

A true sign of a really bad ground game and field director who's not doing her job is a strategy that involves having their voters wait until election day. Good campaigns have their people voting as soon as possible and spend the summer getting their people to lockin their votes.

Magnuson did an incredible job with this, and this year with a lot of republicans depressed and the possibility of long lines and weather it seems stupid to pursue a strategy that involves waiting.

The crains story today was also not helpful and if you need anymore motivation realize that if Mark goes down on tuesday the two IL GOP Reps will be Roskam, a nutjob, and Biggert who is overdue for retirement.

Not Good.

Anonymous said...

Also TA, you get the award for best volunteer of the decade, this blog is one of the best things going right now in GOP politics everywhere and we are grateful for your hard work.

Team America said...

Aw, shucks. ;-)

Thanks- I just want our guys to win.

Everyone get out there and bring this home!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:39,

How's it feeling over at the DCCC? Feeling scared that you need to come on a GOP blog and try to psych people out? Maybe it's because Seals' DC consultants leaked to the press that Kirk is leading pretty solidly in the latest Seals internal poll. Given that the DCCC hasn't released a poll either, Kirk must be leading in yours too. That's too bad -- better luck next cycle.

Anonymous said...

445 you've obviously never worked on a campaign above student council level. It's generally a good practice to get your voters to vote early and often-why take the chance something could go wrong, or maybe that the national democratic party decides to drop 1,000,000 in advertising against your congressman?

National democrats aren't idiots, they obviously see something, which is why they nuked Mark.

As for your contention that there's something wrong with questioning dear leader, I submit to you that if we had had a little less of your Hastert/McKenna kool-aid we wouldn't be headed into a long term wilderness trip.

Anonymous said...

5:08, did somebody hit a nerve? Don't shoot the pollster when the poll shows Kirk winning. Just suck it up and admit you're losing to the leader of the moderates who is endorsed by every newspaper in Chicago. Next time don't pick a bad candidate from another district who can't event give away gas without screwing up.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the bigger question is how nervous Seals' campaign manager is right now.

I don't know how you look into a candidate's eyes and say you lost. Again. For the fourth time (lest we not forget Cegalis I and II).

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Oberweis of Illinois campaign workers.

Anonymous said...

No one in a tight race sits on polls with them ahead at this point.

If Mark had them he'd have put them out to scare away the democrats. He didn't and so they unloaded on him.

Also for years Mark and Andy McKenna have ignored serious party rebuilding here as Mark thought he could coast. It's disgraceful that Mark has let the New Trier Republican Organization, once a HUGE national force fall into total disrepair.

Anonymous said...

Now that New Trier got rid of TK and DG, the rebuilding can begin. Those ladies were disasters.

Anonymous said...

It's not them, Mark just needs to invest in a better political and communications operation so that we don't get to this point every 2 years.

The D.C. and fundraising staff do an incredible job it's just a matter of getting more McGovern's and From's here to hold up the back side better.

Anonymous said...

New Trier is so much stronger without the TK/DG crew. It will be interesting to see how Duffy does. I hear his internals show him down.

Anonymous said...

You miss the point, New Trier used to be safe Republican territory from which local politicians became serious U.S. presidential contenders.

If Mark goes down a major place for the blame will be a stunningly incompetent political/communications operation. It's nice to have kids around, but you want seasoned pros.

Next tuesday watch what happens with Susan Collins, a moderate member of congress that also succeeded her boss. She will win going away in blue maine, because she got it done with the voters and didn't neglect the chance to grow local gop organizations.

Anonymous said...

everyone needs to keep their pants on -- Seals is losing.

Anonymous said...

It should not be this close. Most of the other members of congress in the same position as mark are there because they haven't worked anywhere near as hard as he has. It's a terribly weak operation that has him severely under performing.

Some of the blame lies with him for trying to coast politically locally, but the staff in the next congress if we get that far will have to be overhauled big time, and you have to think redistricting is going to target him in a big big way.

Anonymous said...

Are you people kidding me? Who attacks their own side in the middle of a battle? Everything external that could happen to Kirk did - huge money from the DCCC, an angry electorate, a favored Illinois son at the top of the ticket, massive voter anger, a tanking economy, the dems even got top billing on the ballot. The fact that Mark is still in this thing and still winning is because both he and his staff are working their butts off. I spent the weekend at his campaign office and saw a lot of young, energized campaign workers that were energized by Mark and his staff. Maybe instead of complaining about a perceived slight to the local gop powers-that-be you should be doing everything you can to encourage these young people and get Mark a bigger margin of victory.