Monday, October 6, 2008

Lake County Dems: A Classless Bunch at Best

Well, this is the typical stuff you get in Lake County when Dem County Chairman Terry Link is at the helm. This particular race is for the 2nd Judicial Sub circuit, which by the way, was created through legislation promoted by Terry Link just so he could finagle a way to get more Democratic judges elected in Lake County.

The candidates in this race are current judge Valerie Ceckowski on the GOP ticket, and attorney David Weinstein for the Dems. You can see by the picture that Weinstein's minions have little class or respect for his opponent, or even just common decency. Put up your signs, folks, but have some basic respect for your opponent, huh?

I don't know much about Weinstein, having met him only on one occasion, which was when I dared to show up to a meeting of the Warren Township Democrats a few months ago (they said all were welcome, after all) to find out why Lauren Beth Gash thought Lake County was turning from "red to blue." At that meeting, I was rather appalled to hear Weinstein state publicly that the current associate judges he was appearing in front of had all of a sudden all become very nice to him, to which Weinstein attributed the notion that they all thought Weinstein was going to win the election and be their boss as a full circuit judge. I almost left at that point, as Weinstein's inflated puffing was kinda sucking all the air out of the room. Well, I wonder how the associate judges felt about Weinstein after that comment (which I made sure a bunch of judges heard about).

In any event, you can learn more about Judge Ceckowski's qualifications on her campaign website. She is the only candidate with judicial experience, and if you prefer experience over ego (as well as someone with some basic common decency), I would strongly consider voting for her, if you live in the 2nd Subcircuit.

By the way, check out this picture of David Weinstein. I think he bears an uncanny resemblance to "Zoltar", the mechanical fortune-teller. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Since the “sign cover up” in question is directly across the street from Mr. Weinstein’s house he must have full knowledge of the deed.

A handful of friends in the 2nd Subcircuit tell me Mr. Weinstein’s signs have also been randomly appearing in their neighborhoods on lawns without the home owner’s approval or consent.

This is the character of a person that considers himself qualified to be a Judge?

Mr. Weinstein has claimed he is running for Circuit Judge because he would never be appointed Associate Judge as a Democrat. What he fails to mention are previous appointments of Democrats as Associate Judges currently serving on the 19th Judicial Circuit. How is it they have been appointed? Maybe qualities like experience, intellect, community, demeanor, patience, compassion and respect…… Maybe character!

As for a resemblance to Zoltar, all he needs is a towel, ruby ring and a cardboard box and his Halloween costume is ready to go!

Anonymous said...

yah, like this isn't a repub doing the guy would have that happen across the street gfrom himself....jeesh he isn't ignorant or stupid like most gutter wallowing repubs are.....your party will be banished to permanent minority status...oh the irony of your Rove.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 12:21PM

Right... and they came from behind the grassy knoll.....

Unbridled arrogance enables ignorant and stupid behavior.

Anonymous said...

He's basically a carpet bagger to subcircuit 2. Originally from Highland Park, he spent time in Florida after law school and lived in Grayslake. He moved to Gurnee recently as Terry Link was finishing gerrymandering the Lake County judicial subcircuits in Springfield.

Ego does appear to be a huge part of his composition and does not bode well for the citizens of Lake County and the 19th.

Anonymous said...

Character and experience are perhaps the two most important qualities I seek in any elected position. Judge Ceckowski possesses both. Mr. Weinstein possesses neither. I'm a Dem voting for Ceckowski!