Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tribune Picks Dan Duffy for 26th Senate; Lying Opponent Bill Gentes Not Trustworthy

The Chicago Tribune today endorsed one of the GOP’s young up-and-comers, Barrington businessman Dan Duffy, in the hotly-contested race to replace retiring long-time Senator Bill Peterson in the 26th Senate District. The Tribune stated:

Duffy is a smart, solid guy who has excellent real-world experience. He is troubled by the state's anti-business climate and wants to hold the line on taxes.

On the other hand, the Tribune explicitly noted that opponent Bill Gentes had given voters a reason to mistrust him, due to his admitted blatant lie regarding his employment status.

Gentes has been a successful mayor, but he's given voters a reason not to trust him. He said he was on a leave of absence from his job—but later admitted he had been fired. Duffy is endorsed.

Read more about Gentes’ woes here.

The Tribune also endorsed GOP Senator Matt Murphy in the 27th Senate District, which includes a tiny portion of Lake County.

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Anonymous said...

I saw that great endorsement today, TA and was sitting here and smiling. Let's hope that both Duffy and Murphy can prevail. In today's all-knowing information age it just seems ignorantly stupid to lie about one's work.