Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Democratic Senate Candidate Bill Gentes Admits 'Outright Lie'

Well, you just may be able to put a fork in Bill Gentes, because I think he's about done. After controversy was swirling around him this week due to allegations of a conflict of interest with his wife's real estate firm and doing business with the Village of Round Lake, where Gentes is mayor, and baseless misrepresentations of his opponent Dan Duffy's stance on abortion, Gentes admitted (after being confronted) that he lied to the Daily Herald editorial board about being employed.

I don’t see how Gentes can even face the voters in his district after this. If he was too ashamed to admit he was unemployed, he could have at least called himself something that can’t be easily disproved, like a “self employed business consultant,” a la Dan Seals.

There shouldn’t be anything shameful about losing one’s job, especially in this economy. But lying about it to the voters (especially in an editorial board interview) shows, at best, a monumental lack of judgment/stupidity and will undoubtedly call his honesty into question.

Bye bye, Bill.

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Anonymous said...

He's had lack of judgment ever since he entered office in Round Lake--he just happened to get caught this time.