Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chicago Tribune Rounds Out Lake County Legislative Endorsements; Only ONE Democrat Makes The Cut

This morning the Chicago Tribune added to its endorsements with GOP incumbents Sid Mathias and JoAnn Osmond in the 53rd and 61st Districts, respectively, and challengers Tim Stratton and Bill Anderson in the 51st and 60th Districts.

The Trib called Sid Mathias "a terrific legislator, an independent thinker and a perfect fit for this district." And, no surprise that the Trib glowingly endorsed former GOP County Chairman JoAnn Osmond, saying "JoAnn Osmond has been an effective, energetic representative. She's a very independent voice, a hard worker and a leader on insurance issues. She's one of the best legislators in Springfield."

In the 58th District, the Trib said that newcomer Tim Stratton "is a sharp young business guy who has been active in Glencoe municipal affairs. He is endorsed over Democratic Rep. Karen May, who is too intensely partisan."

In the 60th, the Tribune notes that incumbent Eddie Washington angered the Lake County Dem establishment (a/k/a Terry Link), but still managed to eke out a victory, and that Bill Anderson is picking up some Democratic support. The Tribune said of Anderson: "He is a lawyer, member of the Waukegan public school board and president of the library board. He is knowledgeable on budget matters and would focus on school funding reform. Anderson is endorsed."

Finally, an honorable mention goes to GOP challenger Dan Sugrue, a great guy and extraordinarily hard worker who has a tough job against incumbent Dem Kathy Ryg in the 59th District. The Trib gave a favorable mention to Sugrue, even though it went with Ryg, stating that Sugrue is "a smart, principled attorney." While I like Kathy Ryg as a person, I think the Trib gave her a little too much credit for "reaching across the aisle," and find her way too supportive of the Democratic agenda in Springfield. She would also do well to disassociate herself from Terry Link, but I figure she's banking too much on being able to step into his shoes at some point in the relatively near future (and after seeing what Link does to Dems that don't bow and scape--just look at what happened to Eddie Washington when he fell from favor); thus, Ryg continues to pin her hopes on linking with Link.

We should also note that the Trib previously endorsed GOP incumbents Ed Sullivan, Jr. (51st Dist.), and Mark Beaubien (52nd Dist). The Trib noted that Sullivan Jr "is very knowledgeable about property tax and business issues. (He's the Fremont Township assessor.)" and that Beaubien "is a passionate, hard-working legislator and brings an intelligent approach to pension reform issues. " Sandy Cole (62nd Dist.) did not receive an endorsement, but that's because her opponent was knocked out due to Terry Link's screw-up with Cole's opponent's nomination papers, and therefore it's not a contested race.

For anyone keeping count, between the legislative district endorsements and the senate endorsements (which were given to Dan Duffy, Matt Murphy and Keith Gray), only ONE Democrat (Ryg) received endorsement from the Tribune. As we noted previously, the Lake County News-Sun didn't even give the nod to Ryg, and encouraged a "GOP Sweep" of the Lake County legislative delegation to remove the political cobwebs out of Springfield.

People nationwide may be hungry for change, but the desire of Illinoisans to clean up Springfield may come as a rude awakening to some Dem legislators next week. We can only hope.


Anonymous said...

Obama is asking for "change" this election season... let's show him some change by ousting Terry Link and his boyz (and grrls)!

Anonymous said...

Why is this news? Historically, the Trib is a Republican paper.

The most important--and most surprising--endorsement the Trib has made this year has been for Obama. The Trib for Obama?! It is the first Democrat they have ever endorsed for President.

Team America said...

Anon 10:11- and why is the Obama endorsement news? The entire MSM is in the tank for Obama. Maybe you should ask the tough questions like why the LA Times (owned by the Tribune) is protecting Obama by refusing to release the video of Obama toasting Rashid Khalidi.

Anonymous said...

TA, you are more than right. Obama, 'Mr Teflon' can do no wrong. At least not yet. Nothing sticks to him or to Biden. The MSM has annointed him the messiah, is covering up everything about his past, disregarding all of his associations of long standing with really questionable people. And we hear nothing about his wife who was able to talk about her disdain for this country and still get rave reviews. Am I counting on a miracle on 11/4? Not really. I am only counting on Mark Kirk holding this seat because he is clearly head and shoulders over his opponent. We have a lot of work to do to get out the vote in places where it truly counts. Whatever time anyone can spare, I'm encouraging you to call the KFC office, 847 498-0300, and just do it. We know about the irregular 'votes' already cast in Lake County. Can you just imagine what's going on in Cook county. Call and join the team.

Anonymous said...

We are dropping the tribune after this election as the content is now barely above the homeless paper they give out on the streets. That obama endorsement was hideous and flagrantly wrong.

Karen May, Ryg, Garrett, Jeff Schoenberg, Nekritz, they are all bereft of ideas, energy and independence and horribly wrong for us. The democrats are headed off a cliff and I can't wait to see these folks political careers crash.

Anonymous said...

Now, we must not be too upset with "This is No Longer Col. McCormick's Chicago Tribune" and their endorsement of The One and their logic of even though they know he is extreme left they have the gut feeling that he will govern as a centrist while spreading everyone's wealth around that would sound more hilarious if it were a skit on SNL.

Even Biden says that our country will be severely tested by outside forces and enemies if The One is elected.

Me, I voted for the battle tested one who proved his mettle with his 5 year stay at the Hanoi Hilton and his years in Congress doing the right thing. I voted for the best Congressman in the country and voted for Tim Stratton before his wonderful endorsement by the Tribune.

In terms of hiding the toast of Rashid Khalidi, the local and national MSM has hidden the Rezko connection with Obama even visiting the man he barely knew and spending vacation time with him at Rezko's Lake Geneva Home, and the MSM ignoring that Obama wrote a dustcover endorsement blurb of Ayer's (just another terrorist in the neighborhood) last book where he affirmed he was an unrepetent terrorist. Keeping all those records under lock and key at the UIC concerning Ayers and his various foundations that Obama was involved with didn't interest the MSM at all. Now that Rezko is "singing in the pen" and Federal Subpoenas are flying as to all of his various strange bank dealings, who knows? Khalidi? Giannoulias? Those sweetheart rentals which the state has been voiding the past two years?

All those answers we are looking for will pop up after this election. That's the Illinois way.

Reminds me of the Rod Blagojevich "reformer" campaigns for Governor and his "I will rock Springfield" campaigns, which the MSM ignored various the warning signs of as well. $25,000 buys you what? Where? With whom? Funny how that so-called coincidental figure keeps popping up now.

Keep ringing doorbells, calling friends and getting them out to vote. Tell the goldfish, parakeets and pet cats the Democratic groups registered that they can't vote.

Don't wait for the MSM to do its job.

We have a first class Congressman who is being portrayed falsely as a Bush clone by a bunch of unscrupulous Democrats who will say anything and do anything to win a seat, and a group of State Representative and State Senate candidates and office holders that we can take pride in.

Now is the time we show them how proud we are of them by supporting them all the rest of the way.

Louis G. Atsaves